Strength and Beauty !

You have seen your own strength,  you have seen your own beauty… why do you still worry? Rumi

carpet of leaves

During our first walk of the day about 7:30 am, the wood dark with moisture from a gentle rain sometime during the night. The steel grey sky, causing the leaves and trees to have different look to them, rich, deep color. Water droplets teetering on the edged of red-gold-green-brown leaves, naked branches, only  few birds sing now, the chick a dee have come to take the place of others, they flitter about in the bushes almost invisible, like little faeries. The cardinals make them selfs hurt and in this distance, the sound of geese chattering as they fly over head. The ground is carpeted with leaves now, in shades competing with a crayon box. Yellow brown, red/pink on yellow/green, making the walk silent almost except the dry moist movement underfoot.

a different path?

I glanced up once peeking into one the path, the thought came to me being in nature is like being in a marriage, something you always know is there, sometimes taken for granted, yet grateful when you notice how wondrously beautiful it is. Always offering you breath, a fresh breeze, a song, an amazing sight. It lingers there waiting for you to notice, silently grateful when you do, for in saying thank nature with offer you more as a relationship will.

captured drops

Seen from the gift of gratitude, allowing all the senses to be overwhelmed to the point of awesomeness even when you have awakened to the same person, walked in the same paths, gone to the same work, accomplishing the same everyday task, being thankful will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eye, a warmth to your heart. With that warmth of heart you can shine on the world.

shine on your path

I was listening to the amazing CD as I started this Lovedrunk by Shahram Shiva, a CD of music to the poetry of Rumi!  It is a touching beautiful expression of someone who is passionate about what he has found in Rumi poetry.

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog, to view the photography, and for responding.

Growth Question: Have you captured the beauty of the ordinary today?

I am Love, Jeff



10 thoughts on “Strength and Beauty !”

  1. Beautiful photographs! I live in the San Fransisco Bay Area, where it is now mid November and in the sunny 70s…not as much fall color here, so I love to see pictures of more seasonal looking places. So thanks for sharing. I actually wrote a post about how excited I was just to find some color on one plant! (Autumn Bliss, Rediscovered if you want to find it on my blog).

  2. Jeff – I love the word picture you painted: “nature is like being in a marriage” (and then went on to explain). I’ve never thought about it like that, and I like it. I like it a lot!

    Growth question: Have you captured the beauty of the ordinary today?

    Yes, it’s an even-numbered day in the month so I posted on my blog, as usual. An ordinary day like. Much to my surprise and delight, I found out that I’ve been “Freshly Pressed” by WordPress.

    1. Laurie,

      I was not going to use the word “marriage” it would convey that I know what being in a marriage is, I do not! Not personally any way. I wished to express the beauty in the every day…

      Congratulations on your “Freshly Pressed” !!! Good for you!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. hmmm . . . there is the “grateful” word in there and today Laurie’s blog was about gratitude. I feel double-teamed. Okay, okay. I am so grateful to have this wonderful picture blog to visit. The photos are always amazing, and I am entertained by your captions for each. Photos convey a message and I just love that you capture their message to you in just a few words.

    1. Yes, Barbara, I caught Laurie’s energy wave while writing. Yet the original thoughts floated up from the forest floor.
      Nature has been a wonderful muse in the last few days, I am grateful that you have enjoyed the photographic journey!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. “We have seen our own strength, we have seen our own beauty…why do we worry?” As I look at your photographs I contemplate that Nature doesn’t worry. Nature accepts its brilliance, its beauty, its strength, its challenges, its death, its life–without worry. Yet we humans fuss and carry on and growl and wail. My prayer for you, for me, for all of us…is that we see our own beauty and cease to worry. Thank you, Jeff.

  5. Jeff,
    Okay, I have to agree, beauty in nature is a great lesson made.
    I hear the words grateful, and I hear people worring. I think it is the season that brings these to sentiments out at this time.
    I know you are here writting your thoughts on a live journal. We come in and sneak a peek and comment and hopefully encourage.
    I think your are brave to bare yourself like this. I think we are the ones who are lucky to have such an honest and loving spirit to visit.
    I have come to hear the words of Laurie, Barbara, Sandi, Kathy, and I wish that we all lived close enough to meet and hang out now and than.
    Gratitude, is a beautiful thing. Being Thankful is a awesome way to show love. I think you are truly one with nature and I am grateful to come to your site and see the beauty in your photos. I live in the desert No Trees. No real fall colors. So I am also thankful for your artwork.
    Have you captured the beauty of the ordinary today?
    I love the ordinary day.

    1. Jean,

      I am grateful that you have come by to view the words and photographs. Being brave and naked has not been so easy as of late. I am not sure why but this too shall pass.
      I a thrilled that you as well as the others have found some value and light here amongst the words and pictures!

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