A form of therapy

Writing is a form of therapy,” English author Graham Greene wrote in his autobiography, Ways of Escape. “Sometimes I wonder how all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage to escape the madness, the melancholia, the panic fear that is inherent in the human situation.”

Red waving !

I found this yesterday on link, and shared it on my facebook page, it is a blog, or piece about writing a journal as therapy, which resonated with me, for I had for years wrote long hand journals before recovery as well as after. The below paragraphs where wrote on Sunday morning and I have not gone back to read them, yet once again they are calling to be published. The reason they did not get finished on Sunday was that Linda had called  and we where getting together to go to the Berlin Farmers Market, Flea Market, within the next hour… so the blog was left. So in order not to have words just stored here in a draft I am sending the off…


I keep being pulled in to this space yet I have no concept of what I wish to write. Whether I will just post photographs, or that I have something to say? Who knows? I will find some music that fit the moment, gently ease my mind and spirit to vibrate into a level of creativity.

I realized yesterday, as Muffin, Riley, and I went for an afternoon walk, that I had not taken the camera with me

in over a week. That is a long time for me not to have taken any photographs, I realized too, that I have to left the house other then to walk the dogs in that time either. Is this a set back or a resting place before moving forward in the ever evolving landscape of who I am as a creative being. The time has not all been wasted for sure, but if asked, what would I say that I have been up too? One of the guys at Easton Mt, Harry, use to begin conversations with something like “if  your life were to be a headline, what would it say”?  Hmm??? Photographer Jeff Stroud, has been missing! Has he taken time off, or is he gearing up for new inspiration? Follow the artist here in the next few days for exciting new works and offerings.

Well do I have new offerings? I have been working on a featured photographer section for Candid Photography group on Redbubble, in which I am a co-host. I think it is great way to be inspired, a form of artist dates, to interview and feature candid work of the many marvelous candid photographs in this group. I have not worked out all the details as of yet, but have been asking around, checking other links that offer this type of connection, to work and artist.

I have been completely distracted by an online game City of Wonder which as occupied much to much of my time… I just have to say that. and I knew beginning this game, I would be pulled in once again. Oy Vey!

The good silver

So here I sit, staring at the page, wondering what is next, my thought is to write about a situation I had with a woman who was offering The Artist’s Way on meetup.com, yet I am a bit embrassed by my behavior, somewhat. Here is the situation. I received the message from http://www.meetup.com that The Artist’s Way group was beginning in Philly, I signed on, yet there was no information where or when the meeting would be. A day later a message appears on meetup, for more information please email me at… I was like what is this about, the site offers all of that information, why do we need to email her? I messaged back on meetup, asking why the information just was not provided? The woman said that is how she does it. Oh yes there was not photograph of the person who was the moderator of this group, I question that as well. I went to her website and found out she was L.S.W. and offered sessions at her office in the city, yet said nothing about her being an artist. I questioned her on that too. I finally emailed her, and the message I received back was that she felt we were a bad fit and would not get along. she dismissed me. I messaged her back and said I was sorry for following my intuition, that I was honestly concerned and truthfully asking questions. No response from her again. I went back to the site and messaged other people who were interested in attending my concerns and that I was shut out by the moderator, I never heard from anyone again… Hmm?

A collection in Blue!

The process just did not feel right to me. Yet my behavior felt a bit out of step as well. So I will just put into action the group I discussed a month ago.


6 thoughts on “A form of therapy”

  1. First off, RED WAVING is amazing!

    You said, “Is this a set back or a resting place before moving forward in the ever evolving landscape of who I am as a creative being.”

    Your choices/decisions will determine which way the pendulum will swing. I vote for moving forward – whoohoo!

    The story you shared sure does sound like something’s out of place. It might well be best that you’re not part of whatever is going on.

    1. Laurie,

      I almost knew you would like “Red Waving”! Was taking yesterday!

      Yes the choices will determine the swing or vibration of my life path…

      Sharing that story at least gets in out of my system, I had not shared it anywhere before, so it let’s it go!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Hi, Jeff — I think anytime there is a lull in your activity or your external processing of life, that you have gone inward and are letting the past few days or months sort of congeal and come together and settle. A good builder knows when to let a foundation sit for a spell and settle into the earth before he begins attaching a structure.

    Interesting development on meetup.com! I thinkyou were wise to trust your intuition. I don’t know that I would attend something where I had to hunt around or e-mail anyone I didn’t know for specific instructions on who, what, when, and where. It should all just be made public, if there is nothing to hide. You are indeed a bad fit for that woman and should be glad you are! If she was being honest, she would welcome the challenge and meet it. She could not and instead, dismissed you because you wouldn’t play by her rules which did not fit for you. Hasta la vista, baby.

    I am thinking of visiting City of Wonder but hesitate because I can be one of those people who gets hooked, too . . .

    1. Barbara,

      Yes you are correct letting the foundation settle a bit for continue to build…

      There must have been other plans for me rather than attend someone else’s group, concerning the meetup.com group…

      well stop on by City of Wonder anytime!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. A good builder knows when to let a foundation sit for a spell and settle into the earth before he begins attaching a structure.

    I like this explanation Barbara!

    Letting things settle for a bit seems to be a good thing, but not for too long….

    Jeff, Hows the Life Harmony going…I started reading the whole thing over again, I am sure I missed a lot the first time around….basically because I was at the time in awe of the material, not really really taking it to heart as much as I should….I am journeying forward…..

  4. These photos Jeff are outstanding. I passionately connect with all three for different reasons. Releasing your story on the winds of all communication that gives us a choice and a chance to move forward.

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