Freeing the energy

“People who have come out feel themselves full of something that they never experienced before: as sense of power. The power is caused, in part, by freeing the energy that we have previously been using to deny and disguise ourselves.” Richard A Isay

This blog is the companion piece to yesterdays blog Acknowledged and Lovingly embraced! It is a process of being visual, seen and heard. One of the affirmation in the Artist way that resonated with me I am willing to be of service through my creativity. Using my blog, using my words, and visuals through my photography I am not only able to witness events that support and encourage me, and the GLBT community, I am also able to document those events, while they are happening. Much of my younger gay life I experienced as a taker, my ego rule the day. I did not much think about or even know about the men and women who were risking their lives to step out to march, to protest, to create the GLBT community that we have today. Many who have died due to the ravishes of HIV and AIDS, gone way to early, yet the few who have survived left legacy’s through stories, photographs, art, fashion, political advancements.  These pioneers, risk takes, inspired many young people to follow their footstep, inspired many GLBT people to come out and be proud, come out and stand up for their rights, their human rights!


Mayor Nutter, Gloria Casarez


Those rights, those risk lead to what happened on Wednesday afternoon in the city of Philadelphia Pa, the Rainbow Flag Raising Ceremony at City Hall. The flag was raised to honor GLBT community during this month and will fly for the entire month next to the American flag in Dillworth Plaza on the north side of city hall.

I have come to realize that my talent as a photographer is not just to photograph the beauty of nature, for the muse has offered me just as exciting opportunities to photograph these moments, these witnessing of events the support the evolution of humankind, even while we are told in the news media about all the destruction in the world, creativity is ever present, even shinning its light in the darkness. Proudly we stand

I was thrilled to be among the men and women who took their lunch hours to be present the this historic event! I was among friends, many I know, more I did not, yet proud of them for being present to lift the energy while still honoring the lives of the young people who have taken their own lives because of bully, and hate, misunderstanding, confusion, and lack of consciousness.


Youth out and proud!


I was extremely proud to see Gloria Casarez, a woman I have known for years when she was in college, I have watched her step into herself as she steps out to make the GLBT Community more safe and vibrant in the city.  Gloria is the Director of the Office of LGBT Affairs. Her office brought together with the Mayor to create this event. ( please see the link above) .

This visual symbol of an afternoon crowd of LGBT people,  supporting and encouraging others to come out, be proud, Be yourself, is a statement of courage and Love for their brothers and sisters. A statement we are here, we not only talk, but we act we not only act, we listen, we not only listen, we create, a better place, a safer place to live, grow, to Love!

Growth Question: How are you using your creativity to Be the Change you wish to see in the world?

I am Love, Jeff

PSSS!!! I am in the video on the link above as well as in the Photograph at the end of the piece.  Here is a photograph of me taken by my friend Russ with his cell phone, when I first got to the Flag Ceremony:


Oy Vey !




10 thoughts on “Freeing the energy”

  1. Freeing the energy is always good. I love the pic of the people with hands over their hearts. Am I using my creativity to be the change I want to see in the world? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. (You expected that answer, didn’t you?) I so often use my creativity to show people how to be more fully alive & participatory in the minute, in the now. But at other times it doesn’t feel like I am quite being the full authentic self. Which is the change I want to see in the world.

    1. Kathy,

      Yes the photo of the mayor and others looking up at the rainbow flag while the gay mens group sung the star spangled banner was very touching!

      Yes, I know how you give and receive… it is a beautiful experience to be part of and observe !

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Jeff – You’ve delivered another clear, concise, and articulate piece that is positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing. My hat is off to you!

    I did, indeed, spot you in a burgundy/maroon shirt in the video clip!

    Growth Question: How are you using your creativity to Be the Change you wish to see in the world? To teach — eaither by formal “class” and/or sessions, through articles, and by role modeling — the way I live.

  3. Laurie,

    My heart smiled to read your words of affirmation once again. This blog wrote itself much more comfortably than the first. I am glad that it spoke!

    Yes, Laurie you are an example of how to Be the change you wish to see in the world!

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Spotted you in the video!

    It does take a lot of energy to deny and disguise, doesn’t it? And now the energy is free to teach people with your creativity. Jeff, I’m so happy you are photographing these moments so all of us can witness these events spurring on and supporting the evolution of humankind. Your energy, enthusiasm and passion are contagious!

  5. Yeah, I was going to say “great hair” as well. Your growth question really got to me. I don’t know that I am using my creativity to change the world and I know I can. I just gots to get brave enough to do it! Or, just cave in to my primal needs. This is a wonderful post, Jeff. I never thought much about GLBT although I have a number of friends who are gay. I just don’t think anything different about them than I do other friends (i.e., nonissue). Reading about your life, your rights, and the struggle for space and acceptance is very much opening my eyes.

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for the “great hair” comment! Ha! The whole Idea behind the growth questions are for us to stop and think, to contemplate how we show up in the world.
      I think your are being the change with the education you are giving yourself, by your writing your blog, by your intention to write.

      Thing is Barbara, I did not much think of what it meant to be Gay in the world either for a long time, yet I seek too now, I seek to learn gay “history” seek to be in the present moment of how and what effects the life around me.

      I am Love, Jeff

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