Pursuit of change

Human beings are so uncomfortable with change because at some deep level, on some cellular level, the bigger the change, the greater the opportunity for loss of survival. Neale Donald Walsch

Butterfly's are free

I keep trying to put this off, distracting myself with other things some productive some not so much! So what is it about blogging, writing my pages that causes me to stop in my tracks? Some days I can’t wait to get here, to write, to share, to visualize, to play, to reflect on my progress, if there is any, and there usually is progress, some of it small, some risk taking, going beyond the norm, what has become a norm. I even had the thought when I first got up and sat down at the computer that the first thing I do today is write my blog/pages. Several hours later I am finally here!

Yesterday I message my friend Chris Bartlett Excutive director of the William Way GLBT center in Philly about the up coming Blue Ball, to see whether I could be the official photographer, or not so official for the center or the Radical Faeries who are attending this major fund raising event, which the proceeds go to the center this year. Chris messaged back to come on over. To my surprise and delight! I also had ask him about a project that has been coming up for me emotionally and spiritually, a photographic journal of Transgender people. After I had read a piece on line from the Philadelphia Gay Calendar about a trans woman who had been attacked by some young men in our own gayborhood. I realized we need to place a face on transgendered people, we need to hear and see more of their stories. This theme has not completely fleshed it self out yet, and I was approaching Chris for some of his wisdom and advise on directions, he suggested we talk soon.

a change in color

Once I received his return message I was thrilled and then I was frightened, what the heck have I just committed myself too? Yet I was following spirit, I have been looking for new creative ways to approach my work, to add new energy to my art, and this seem to be a new direction, stepping out of my comfort zone. Breathe! Breathe!

This all did come about as well from my being with faeries in Sorbet Heart Circle/pot luck Sunday evening, and a discussion on the way home with a couple of guys, discussing the evening, the emotional, trusting space that we opened and allowed our heart to speak. Each person came from a deep place, allowing them selves to be truly open. My biggest statement was that I am done victimizing myself, that I am reaching out, I am trusting in the circle of Loving Faeries that I have found companions allow the path to continue to heal, and to grow emotionally, spiritually, and creatively !!!

texture and light!

So I jumped off, I ask an have received affirmation that I was being supported and encouraged!

Received a message from the Salem County Art League that Beans Coffee shop has approached the league to exhibit again. So that exhibit will be Nov 4th 6-8 pm, this will run through Dec. Along with the leagues exhibit at the Pennsville Library from Oct 3  to Oct 16th. Than there is the Philly Photo Society exhibit which I believe is the middle of next month.

Last night another friend David, offered to contact a person he knows about Photographing at the AIDS Walk Oct 17, and to photograph Gay Bingo, gay bingo has been a Philly happening for many years, I have never been. My thoughts around photographing these events is to get a fresh look at functions that may have become too common place, and could use some new life.

How is that for progress?

Growth Question: Do you pursue change? Is it comfortable


14 thoughts on “Pursuit of change”

  1. Jeff – WOWEE KAZOWEE! You are a man on the move. No….. you are a MOVER and a SHAKER! Just look at you GO!

    I am so darned proud of you that I’m inside-out with joy!

    Growth Question: Do you pursue change? Is it comfortable?

    Yes, because I am well aware that if I’m not changing, I’m either dying, or dead. Is it always comfortable? Heck no! But then again, growing pains never are 🙂

  2. Hello, Jeff! Yep, you are a mover and shaker, just what Laurie said!

    What an incredible opportunity. I know you will move smoothly past fear and throw yourself into your project.

    Your growth question about change: The answer is Yes and No. Sometimes I pursue change vigorously. Other times, I hide myself in old routines and habits. Sigh. I am having a hard afternoon today…just ate an entire bag of microwave popcorn…not throwing myself into change at all!

    1. Kathy,

      Is it me that is a mover and shaker or the universe ? Yes, I am moving through the fear, asking questions, envisioning the way !

      Yes, change is like that sometimes we are totally part of it other times we are kicking and screaming!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Jeff I am thrilled that you are taking on these new projects. To capture these events and community with your humble regard and appreciation for all life is a gift I am willing to wait to receive. Congratulations on stepping out and up from your comfort zone.

    Growth question… it is routine I must learn to stay with… change is the comfortable place.

    1. Terrill,

      Thank you for popping over here! You were already aware of these happenings in my creative life, and have added your encouragement and support! I am most grateful!!!

      Change is comfortable for me when I am conscious that I have created the opportunity for change to be present!

      I am Love, Jeff

    1. Jenn,

      You can call me John if you want to ? as long as I don’t get confused about who I am!
      Thank you so much for stopping by!
      With knowledge and understanding moving forward is a beautiful experience!
      The Leaves are going on exhibit in two weeks, right now they are hanging on the landing wall! Thank you!!!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. I am very much humbled that youare growing in your own way, as you find the places you want to be…..

    Change…..I actually wel,come change, and am considered a change agent in my profession…Just today I had to write up a department that needs to get its act together and reorganize its whole concepts of doibg things as they have always ,done, as they threaten OSHA, Compliance, and Quality of what they do…..Change hurts, it is hard, does not come easy, and always has a boomarang attached that just might shoot you back to where you started if you ,don;t find ways to hold it in its place…..

    Kudos to you Jeff….

    1. Kim,

      The opportunities have been there all along I just was not ready, I was still healing, yet one has to get to the point of either moving forward or being left behind.

      Yes I see your work is a place of change for to create for others, what is the place of change for yourself?

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. I welcome change, love to change the furniture, try new things, seek challenging things, however I find iit is the others that are in my life do not want to share in that enthusiasm, so I would say I hold back as not to get past someone or make myself shine…..sad i know…..I do shine very loud, but others soem how tent to be offending, jealous, and downright nasty about seeing someone be happy and love what they do…kind of sad to be held back from being yourself….

    1. Margo,

      Wow! Thank you so much for stopping by the reluctant bloger! To heal and evolve one must be brave and creative! I grateful the opportunity to share this experience !

      I am Love, Jeff

      Did you get here through Lisa’s new FB page, Zaia or whatever it is being called?

  5. I love the butterfly, Jeff, but the “a change in color” is dazzling!

    You’re making great progress! Pretty soon you will be so busy and in demand that you won’t have time to think about anything, let alone the time to write all your ideas into your blog!

    Growth Question: Do you pursue change? Is it comfortable?
    I don’t pursue change, but I’ve learned that nothing lasts forever and so I accept it and try to look at it as an opportunity. Sometimes I welcome it with open arms. It seems whenever we “lose” something we “gain” something else. And vice versa. Even “good” changes involve the loss of something else. It’s the same balance we find in nature.

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