Logic brain, Artist Brain

Logic brain is our Censor, our second (and third and fourth) thoughts. Artist brain is our inventor, our child, our very own personal absent-minded professor. The Artist’s Way

acorn eclipse

Oh gosh how empty and blank this page is, how difficult to find things to write about some mornings and those mornings the pages/blog doesn’t get written. I distract myself with email, and Facebook. Both forms of communication yet not as meditative as writing my pages/blog!

A quote my present itself before the end of writing, at the moment nothing is resonating.

Thursday evening I left the house to go to Philly without my camera, instead carrying a bag with a lighter shorts and t-shirt and Yoga mat. Yes, I joined the faeries at yoga for the first time. I have know about this practice since I connecting to the Faeries in Philly, yet only had attended the after yoga pot luck once this summer. So I step out of my comfort zone, placed my mat on the floor, and got to it. Well first of all, I was late, and the men were already sitting in mediation, Sherwood, graciously welcomed me, with his smiling face.  I changed into comfortable shorts and dark blue T that I brought, found a place on the edge to the floor to set in the few remaining moments of meditation, that moved to a more suitable space to practice the movements of yoga. Wow, I had not moved my body in such a way in a long long time. Parts where difficult, yet rewarding to know I could get into position or it would not take my body much to get stretched out again, but not on this first night.

Tree yoga instructor was truly instructive and constantly accessing, gently reminding us what each pose/posture was about as well as it is effects on our body, mind and spirit. The experience was certainly one of the best I have had in sometime. I was a bit light-headed and my body felt extremely impacted. As I walked down the stairs to go the store next door to purchase items for the pot luck, I felt I had sea legs, that I had to feel the steps under my feet and the impact on my legs. I have to say my body is still a bit sore but I know it was for a good reason.

Forest Floor

Pot Luck is always a clamours time of getting food items set out, dishes set up, people coming and going, the hustle and bushel of preparing a meal, the greetings of the guys, catching up, calming down, easing in to the evening meal.  Which we first gather in a circle around the kitchen, hand and linked, some with arms around shoulders, very comradery… this is the time introduce ourselves, to make announcements about the evenings time, clean up process, general rules of the honoring the space. The other announcements are about what is going on, events, exhibits, heart circles, fundraiser, asking for assistance in some matter.

It was truly great to be in that space to be with men, gay, to catch up with some, to meet others for the first time, to share events, while sharing a meal, sitting mostly on the floor around a big low wooden table, the whole atmosphere is laid back and relaxed. Men are lounging this way and that leaning on each other, sitting between legs of others sitting on the sofas.

There is a part of my that still does not feel comfortable in that presence, I feel a sense of neediness from deep within me, the desire to be acknowledged, I had a feeling I was doing too much talking about myself, yet I made a conscious effort to ask about what was going for them as well. I am still an outsider in many ways because I am not around all that much, yet I am making my way.  All in all it was a wise and wondrous evening of yoga and fellowship/comradery ! It was a great treat to my spirit.

Drying and dying

Friday was a day of rest, when I got home Thursday evening, took a walk with the dogs, it was 11 pm, greeted the Moon in all her glory shinning on the field as we made our way around, no skunks this time.  At home I sat with the dogs for a while until they settled down again, I on the computer until after 12 am… brings me back to the next day Friday, a day of resting my sore muscles, catching up on sleep, etc. The censor in my head going on and on about the sketch clubs juried art show submissions. The censor saying your not a member of the sketch club, my artist saying, ‘the information does not say anything about having to be an member’, as well as call them an ask before go over there with your work.’ Plus there is a line about “clipped frames” I am not sure what they mean by clipped frames, so another reason to call. If the first questions is a yes, you need not worry or you can chose other frames and work. So I did not make the call. I plan to this morning, the submission time is 1-5 pm and I was planning on going to the Gairad Fest on the other side of town that I would have to drive to anyway. So I didn’t have to make two trips to Philly.

Growth question: How often to you let logic talk you out of doing creative fun things?

I am Love, Jeff


8 thoughts on “Logic brain, Artist Brain”

  1. Love “acorn eclipse” and “forest floor” and “drying and dying”! Peaceful nature-in-autumn reflections!

    I know what you mean about parts of Yoga being difficult but rewarding. Tried a Yoga DVD and was astonished at how difficult it was for me, especially balancing. Sadly, I’ve let the years and illness take a toll on my body. I switched to a DVD I got for Tim, Yoga for inflexible people, and was able to keep up with most of it. Baby steps… Now if only I would do it routinely… I bet having a class makes a difference, feeling part of a community. It sounds wonderful.

    Here’s a quote for you, similar to yours:
    “The metaphoric mind includes rationality, linearity, and logic – for it created them. But like some children, the rational mind often seems embarrassed by the presence of its parents.”
    ~ Bob Samples

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for Loving my “peaceful nature-in autumn reflections”! Wonderful language to express those photographs!

      Yes it is all about being part of my chosen community! The practice of yoga and the sharing of a meal is deeper experience of community than the everyday events.

      I like to quote, it fits!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Jeff, I sure do love this:

    “… yet I am making my way. All in all it was a wise and wondrous evening of yoga and fellowship/comradery ! It was a great treat to my spirit.”

    Growth question: How often to you let logic talk you out of doing creative fun things?

    After I earned my PhD I said, “Self, there’s a time and place for logic, but it doesn’t always need to be in the driver’s seat. In fact, in can ride shotgun most of the time.”

  3. I tried to respond to this last night, Jeff, but Miss Princess January (granddaughter) is visiting. She is self-occupied right now, though. Congratulations on joining the yoga group. I attend one every Wednesday (Kundalini). Sometimes, the instructor brings in a huge gong and we get to do gong meditation — it really brings up some interesting stuff. I am curious about your reaction to your need for acknowledgement. We all need acknowledgement from ourselves and from others. You spend so much time alone that when given the opportunity and proper space, you discover that part of you wants to connect with others in a very big way. I would hang with that for a while and indulge that part of me (I can’t speak for you but NUDGE NUDGE).

    My logic voice is a great companion for me getting things done in a linear, cohesive fashion. However, life is not always linear or cohesive, so I gotta access that right brain and get creative. My most dangerous time is like you: first thing in the morning when I sit down to write. I tell myself stories like: that topic is not ripe yet, this one is too obscure, that one needs more work, I have too much to say in one writing, I don’t have enough to say in one writing, I should be doing the writing that is part of my school work, I should be working on my novel, I should be working on my blog . . . it doesn’t matter where I am, the logic voice always has a voice to excuse me from where I am. But, I am making peace with it and learning to write anyway.

    1. Barbara,

      I think you are correct about the acknowledgement, I mentioned it at the circle on Sunday, in which I did not have the same sense of neediness, in some way the whole group was reaching out to each other, sharing their needs and wants, accomplishment and joys, so it felt and was very healing!

  4. Great photos! Question: what is “Tree” yoga? How is it different from other kinds of yoga? Your fairie gathering sounds lovely. When do I allow logic to talk me out of doing fun creative things? You know, it’s not usually logic that talks me out of doing fun creative things. It’s comforting routines and habits and time-wasting things that often fill up the space of possibility and don’t provide incentive to do the creative things. I think.

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