Creation out of Desire!

Desire is the beginning of all creation. It is first thought. It is a grand feeling within the soul. It is God, choosing what to next to create. CwG Bk 1 pg. 65.

Does desire and thought dance together, in the form of mating to bring us to a place of creation? Mating with soul, co-joining with spirit to place a creation in the forefront of Being. Or is it a need to change, a movement toward evolving that causes something to be created? I am getting myself in a box here. The thoughts not clear enough to follow this through. As profound as I desired to be the creation of clear thought has not arrived.

I did not write yesterday because I was whisked away to a Gallery in Hammonton NJ to view art by members of Philadelphia Dumpster Divers at the Noyes Museum of Art. Kathleen chased me around facebook and email until we connected enough to make plans to meet and drive the 20 miles to take in this collection and meet some of the members of this mix-media artist group.

Bottle Caps

This collection as a fun artistic example of how to be creative with found object, recycled items from home or dumpsters. From giant mobiles made of strung together plastic bottle caps, to old soda creates made into storage units with plexiglass fronts and pulls made of tiny spoons, there was a large piece made with pennies and colored tiles in to a mosaic Lincoln. Just to mention a few of the pieces, that where inspiring and thoughtful.

Get that shot!

When we reached our destination of Hammonton and the Gallery we were informed that the town was having  Green Day, a street festival, to gather together the groups and organizations that are helping to improve on the way we interact with mother earth. So Kath an I walked the two blocks over, all the while commenting on the state of the town, that on Sunday morning it was peaceful, the streets were clean, the percentage of buildings well-kept.

The Green Day Fair was a nice little event, we spoke to a few people, I took some photos, and we went back to the gallery to meet some of the artist, they did wander in, chatted, and they chose to go the Green Fair too, thinking more guest would arrive. So we moved on, walked on the main street, Bellview ave, coffee shops, pastry shops, upscale restaurants, a few pizza and chinese, among the other assorted stores one would find in a downtown. The most awesome place was a corner block storefront that has be renovated and well-kept in is glory. I found some other little treasures to photograph on our stroll.

Bellview Ave Store

That is my tour for the day, be back tomorrow to keep you all informed.

Growth Question: How do you reuse, recycle, reinterpret found objects?

I am Love, Jeff


9 thoughts on “Creation out of Desire!”

  1. Jeff – I’m so glad you were kidnapped off to enjoy a cool art exhibit by Dumpster Divers, nonetheless! This was fun – thank you for taking us along!

    Growth Question: How do you reuse, recycle, reinterpret found objects?

    I use things until they’re basically non-fuctional any longer. For example, our Volvo has just about 250,000 miles on it and is still running strong. We don’t change things out because “style” dictates that we do so (including clothes).

    You know that Len reuses and reuses and reuses brown beer bottles in his home brewing hobby.

    If we no longer have a use for something that’s in perfectly good condition, we donate it to “The Sparrow’s Nest” a resale shop where the proceeds go to domestically abused women and their children.

    Seeds from this year’s garden will be used to plant next year’s garden.

    I read off a Kindle to save trees from being used in the book-making process.

    1. Laurie,

      I was glad I allowed myself to be kidnapped as well! Thank you for taking the journey with me!

      Yes I see that you are a very good example of reuse, recycle, repurpose items and life!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. I think desire and thought do get together and create that third system of energy that makes things happen. We just have to agree to get on board with that energy and follow through. I am not as good at recycling stuff as Laurie is. I know that I hardly ever buy anything new, though. I am still wearing clothes I have had for over ten years. If I can take old furniture off of someone’s hands to furnish my house, I’d rather do that. I still have the same set of dishes, silverware, and pots and pans that I have had for about 20 years.

    I am not one of those consumers who buys just to buy.

    1. I like this ” We just have to agree to get on board with that energy and follow through.” Yes I believe you are correct! Barbara, once again it is about conscious intuitive choices.

      Thank you for sharing about you recycle, reuse, practice. I too shop in thrift stores, or yard sales, I have cloths that I have had for years too.

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Oh Barbara, I’m so glad to know you wear clothes forever. I have shoes that are older than Eoghan. I buiy most (not all) of my clothes at a resale shop. We’ve had the same furniture for 31 years (and have Eoghan’s teething marks on the coffee table to prove it). Lawdy, Lawdy — there’s no reason to replace all of this stuff just ’cause a wee bit of time has gone by.

    1. I used buy brand new clothers for my kids at the resale shops…..They say I had the best dressed kids on the block…..I have found a few favorite whops for myself, but none as of yet here in Chicago..

      We recycle a lot of things. My husband is great at it …I might throw something out, and he picks it out of the trach and it shows up later and I wonder “didn’t I throw that out????
      We have a resale shop at our church that we give to, and also the Goodwill…..

      I love to go to resale shops just to browse and find fun things,,,,,don;t get there as much as I used too….

      1. Kim, I know what I have donated in the past and it has been some pretty good stuff. I have found brand new clothes at second-hand shops because people (like me) buy something and for whatever reason, it never gets worn.

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