Conscious Choices

The first step in changing anything is to know and accept that you have chosen it to be what it is. CwG Book 1

Tiny fungi

This the quote that met my eye when I open Conversations with God Book 1 to find a quote to open with, it was on a folded page, the middle of the page is underlined to remind me, to stand out for a reason. Just like the work in 12 Step Recovery work, admitting the fact that you made the choice and accept that choice so that it can be changed, before that there was no conscious choice only the routine of ordinary everyday doing, not in the choose to Be present. To be present one must show up, one much see and know who they are, flaws and all. Showing up in the glory of our divine selves, being grateful for each moment, the first morning pee, the smell of fresh coffee brewing, the tangy taste of green tea. Grateful for having awakened today, to greet the day with a smile and a thank you.

The path in the woods this morning was chilly it was in the mid 50s, long pants and light jacket to keep me warm as Muffin and Riley scurried here and there, doing their business, chasing Squirrels up trees, while I silent follow behind with camera and silent prayers on my lips, springing from my heart, to do God/Divines will today.

light dappled path

The was a moment the other day that I realized that I was following the directions of the Life Harmony program with reading as well as incorporating practices from 8 Weeks to Optimum Health yet unclear exactly why I was doing it, what the Vitamin supplements C, mixed carotenes, E, and selenium where to do for me, how they worked together as an antioxidant, what the purpose of each vitamin had. Yes I read the reason, and bought the product and begun taking them with the thought of healing, yet still unconscious in a way, if some one asked me what these supplements where for I would not have been able to answer them.

So I went back to the book, I read and underlined each Vitamin as well as it effect on my health. “Vitamin C to build strong connective tissue, including the linings of coronary arteries, and to allow the healing system to to repair wounds” Dr Weil states.  1000 to 2000 milligrams two to three times a day a total of 2000 to 6000 mils. Adding Beta-carotene to the C adds to the antioxidant power, these  effect the health in the reduction of risk of prostrate cancer as well as to help an maybe enhance vision. Beta-carotene protects from the toxic damage and the effects of aging.

The vitamin E and trace mineral Selenium work together to enhance each other absorption rate. E is useful to protect the body in blocking oxidation of LDL cholesterol .

My researching and writing places another level of understanding and consciousness to the reason for starting the process, not just because someone wrote that it was a good thing to do. Having the research, understand the purpose for what I put into my body is healing in its self. Creating awareness of what I eat, when I eat, how I eat, as well as breathe, and exercise offers me a deeper connection to who I am, and how my body, mind, and spirit combine to work together as a team, in effective healing ways.

Texture and Light

I just confirmed Dates for Conversations with God Study group to begin: Sept 27, Oct  13th and 27th, Weds evenings. At Jodi’s studio in Glassboro NJ. I am so excited to be getting this off the ground again! It is thrilling and scary at the same time…. Jodi is going to use her client list and the to spread the word! Now I have to create a mission statement about the group, what to expect, what to bring, etc!

In the next few days I am going to continue to dive into the choices I have made, what effect they have or have not on my life, the harmony or otherwise. Being truly aware of how the choices effect my mind, body, and Spirit!

Growth Question:  Are you choices conscious choice?

I am Love, Jeff


3 thoughts on “Conscious Choices”

  1. Jeff, I am so excited to hear about your Conversations with God study group — WHOOHOO! That’s wonderful.

    The tiny fungi photograph is my favorite today — I think it’s because the red jumped out and grabbed my heart strings.

    Growth Question: Are your choices conscious choices?

    I make a lot of intuitive choices (not quite conscious, and not quite unconscious — somewhere in-between) if that makes sense.

  2. Jeff, this is such a lovely reflection of your life, your integration, your becoming. I absolutely love your photos. I can’t wait for the 365-day photo calendar to come out. I am envious of your Conversations with God study group. What a wonderful idea and way to come together in spirit. If I lived closer, I would come!

    I believe that all that exists is because we choose it to be. If we want change on an individual level, we must choose to change. If we want change on a global level, we need to get some critical mass together and choose to change. All of my choices are conscious choices. I may not be entirely aware that I have made a choice, but I take responsibility just the same.

  3. Jeff, I followed along your path, but got diverted by chasing squirrels. Back breathless from that beautiful sun-dappled path to say – sounds like Laurie’s choices are like that – intuitive, at the edge of awareness, and Barbara’s words about taking responsibility for the choices. Both responses resonate.
    I am conscious that what happens in my life results from choices I make at the edge of awareness. In moments of stillness I can see the threads of some of those choices.
    Lovely question with those images!

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