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I am not sure what is going to show up on this page, I just need to be on the page, do the practice, practice makes you perfect, well I best do much more practice. I get a great sense of relief when I allow myself to write my morning pages/blog, so why does it take me all of this mental masturbation to accomplish this goal on days when it seems like nothing is very important to write about or I rather distract myself with other forms of distractions?

Farmers Market

Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way chapter 3 which I have been stubbornly drifting around in for a while now, even though I have not discussed it here.  In the section Growth Miss Cameron states, “Very often, a week of insights will be followed by a week of sluggishness. The morning pages will seem pointless. They are not. What you are learning to do, writing them even when you are tired and they seem dull, is to rest on the page.”  Rest on the page, not rest on your laurels, or your backside, watching tv, which I haven’t, what I have been doing is, some chores, and hangin on Facebook. After my whirlwind of activity for me last week, which ended with the Farmers Market Saturday morning with my friend Linda who I had not seen in a couple of weeks. So we shop the market, eat a free apple, shared part of a bran peach muffin, chatting,catching up along the way. The we were off the to health food store, I had to restock my vitamins. Buy oatmeal, green tea, and Dr Bronner’s Peppermint soap, to help with Muffin’s still being skunky, it really didn’t help much.


Than Linda and I went for coffee, of course we had to stop and chat with her friend Nancy who own a christian book store, and met the own and chef of a newly open restaurant on the avenue call That’s Amore! He was very friendly, the dinning space at great energy of comfort and enjoy decorated with an old world charm in warm painted wall of green, orange-red, with accents of gold and black.

So at the GroundGroove we both ordered our beverages, she a cappuccino, me a decaf moca Latte, and sat out on the side of the shop catching up some more, going through the Mind, Body, Spirit catalogue, which I have Volunteered to work, so I can get to see some of the speaks, spend time with the folks that well have tables and booths set up over the weekend. Discussing our lives in the past few weeks, our reflections on Linda emotional, spiritual, physical melt down last year went she was no longer able to afford her Holistic antidepressants, yet her life had begun to spin out of control before that. So it has just been a year, in the past few months she has regain her sense of self and well-being to function in the world.  (lost my thoughts)…

After I got home that afternoon, I began to feel uncomfortable, gaseous and began to get a headache , that lasted until the midday the next day… so Sunday was shot, I read and slept, communicated on Facebook. Staying out of the way of my sister and hubby having some time together at home.

Yesterday catching up with chores, laundry, the laundry is a chore because the washer is in the basement,  and the bedrooms are two flights up, so you get a workout. I made Veggie Bolognese Sauce, with veggie sausage, green peppers, mushroom, garlic, red onion, can of tomatoes (chopped) , dash of red wine, served over cheese ravioli.

So we are here today in the yard, enjoying the breeze, dog sitting my mothers friends dog, who is whinneing for his dad, mine are trying to figure out what the heck is going. My intention is to attend a second gathering of men about the Man Kind Project (MKP.Org) and the new warrior training adventure . Which is at the end of Sept. Yet at the moment I feel a bit like pulling out of this meeting.

Simple White

10 thoughts on “Bla bla bla”

  1. Jeff – You got your pages written, with photographs to boot! I’d say that’s a nice accomplishment right there. And then your description of the meal you made simply put it over the top — man that sounds delicious! I think that “abundance” is my favorite photograph (your food description made me hungry).

    1. Laurie,

      Thank you! By the time I got to the end of writing which arrived all of a sudden, I was like boy or boy is this boring? But as you say I got the pages written and matters not what is written, just that the practice was accomplished!
      I am glad the “meal” made you hungry, I add basil, and maybe Cumin, I forgot those ingredants!


  2. I like the idea of “resting on the page” to write. I know that there are days when my thoughts are random and putting words on paper is an effort. You would think with all the mind chatter going on in my head, writing would not be a problem. It is when I start arguing with myself about which chatter to ramble on about that I get a little worried.

    And your meals read so deliciously, too.

    1. Barbara,

      I am glad I have support and encouragement in my, as Kathy below calls, ‘sluggishness’ ! It is helpful to know, I walk not alone.

      I am grateful your comments and visit to the Reluctant Bloger!!! Bless you!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. I always love it to see when you post, Jeff. (although don’t make it over here every day…) Remember Diving Deeper on Gaia? It was one of the things that made me realize that I could write even when the Mind said–in no uncertain terms–that there was nothing to say.

    I don’t trust the sluggishness of our minds. Although maybe I should. Am of two minds about this, actually. #1: the sluggishness is part of the yin/yang cycle and should be respected. #2: the sluggishness is the Mind’s attempt to convince us of things that aren’t even true.

    And then it gets even more confusing because the heart often obeys the Mind’s promptings. I think there is a difference between “heart” and “feelings”. Maybe it’s the feelings that obey the Mind’s promptings…but the heart is something deeper which shows us the way we know we must follow.

    Blessings, dear Jeff! I am so happy that you are in my life.

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you so much for you words and thoughts. This blog/pages did not write its self like many have done, I struggled with every word, and thought, just get it on the page. to have accomplished practice. And yet here it is two days later and I have not wrote again, of course the night is not over so the pages still may stream forth?

      “Maybe it’s the feelings that obey the Mind’s promptings…but the heart is something deeper which shows us the way we know we must follow.”
      I must agree with you on this statement, as Laurie states “follow the heart”!

      I am Love, Jeff

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