Continue creativity by being creative…

We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves. Basic Principle 4, The Artist’s Way.

For some reason each time I read the Basic Principles which is each morning, unless I am distracted by other pleasures that the ego wishes to wallow around in, this principle capture for me the essence of the creative recovery/discovery process. The creative process can be anything if it is conscious and coming from a place of love. Yes I know the world has created many things out of the place of fear, but it was fear due to a sense of protection of wanting to preserve that which a community or nation may love in some form or another?

Yet here in this blog/morning pages creativity is a spiritual connection, arriving from that place to the heart, from the of desire to share with the world beauty. “to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.” brings the process full circle.

Last evening I attended the Delaware Valley Mixed Media Artist first meet up. Created by my new friend Kathleen Dallara Pennell a creative artist in mix-media. We met up stairs at Wegmans supermarket in Cherry Hill. I mention this because this shopping center is a work of suburban art, creative in store placement, architecture that is sort of old fashion chic, yet the parking lot is not just a huge parking lot, it is landscaped with patches of grass, trees, large boulders surrounded by flowers, and sidewalks and walk ways for people to get from store to store which is spread out for effect. I was very impressed, if one can be impressed with a shopping center?

mixed media group

The meeting was a gathering of six women and three men which includes myself, there was a bit of structure but mostly get to know you kind of event, sharing about our work, what our needs and wants where, what type of studio, or gallery space that we use or know of. The visuals where many books and magazines brought by Kathleen, to stimulate, and inspire, bringing mix-media work  into a delicious colorful banquet for the soul and the eyes. There was a few books I was very interested in the Artist Journal book, which had idea and wondrous photographs of artist journals packed with drawings, photographs, printed words as well as written. Some had small paintings, some had found object stuck between the pages. It was brilliant. I recall a collection of books a few years back that told a story with much of the same form of art. I have no idea what the title was at this time.

So all it all it was a good start for the gathering of local artist. I look forward to the continued involvement. It has inspired me to look at different forms of art from a new perspective. I was not trained in the art world so I have much to learn, much to please the eye and allow the senses to take in.

When I got home last evening at 9:30/10:00 pm, I took the dogs for their late night walk, and I like to be in nature, feel the trees, grass and dirt under me after I have been elsewhere. So we where enjoying the nights fresh air, fragrance of the woods, when I see Riley run after something, at first I thought it was a cat, but it didn’t run off , so as I am looking and calling Riley, Muffin as to go investigate too! By then it was too late, I realized it was a skunk, and Muffin got a good dose right in her face, Riley being a little more worldly wise, and escape mostly, just a hint on his back end.  Poor Muffin was snorting and running to roll in the grass. The skunk just went on with its business…

Muffin at play

Getting home I had to leave  the dogs in the yard, I had to go through the house to find stuff to wash them with, I was most likely smelly myself since Muffin wanted to rub up against me! The evening was spend with bathing them with Tecnu the orignal outdoor skin cleanser, doggy shampoo, Muffin three of four times, until I figured she had enough and did not smell completely awful, Riley twice, because he was not so bad. I figure another good washing today, hoping it warms up a bit more.


Well we spend the night in the yard, under in the tent cabana, me with lounge chair cushion on the ground, sleeping bag and indian blanket, three pillows, and my lap top, so I could read before bed time. We three cozied up together, the ground lumpy and slopping to the down to the right. The night cooling down to the high 50’s, sleep was a bit difficult but I had a few hours, the dogs are watch full, yet I they slept as well.

We have been up since 6 am, walked twice, still out side enjoying the arriving day and gearing up for a few more baths and hopefully a nap in my bed before too long. My intention is to go to an exhibit opening this evening at the William Way Center, an exhibit of black and white photographs of New Orleans after Katrina, by C. Molieri who in 2007 while working with Common Ground capture the rebuilding of parts of the 9th Ward. Yet day has not completely unfolded and much to do before than. All in a days adventure.

Hidden Color

Growth Question:  Be Creative!

I am Love, Jeff


10 thoughts on “Continue creativity by being creative…”

  1. Yikes! Poor Muffin! I hope she will remember the lesson the skunk delivered in no uncertain terms! Still, it must have been nice sleeping under the stars with your canine friends. It’s funny how things can change in a moment… Happy to hear you’re making even more connections in the world of art.

    1. Barbara,

      I am weeks behind here, so sorry! Thank you so much for adding to the sense of family!

      Yes connecting to the art world is a big part of my evolution as a artist!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Oh Muffin! Goodness, gracious. Here is a LINK that will take you to a site that talks about cutting the smell of skunk with Massengill douche. I’ve heard about this “remedy” many, many times and googled it. This is the first response that came up — there are many others.

    Growth Question: Be Creative!

    I echo that sentiment. Unleashed, Unlimited Potential and Possibility!

    1. Laurie,

      I know I read these, and Muffin is still a little smelly still but livable! Thank you for the link! Yes I know I am two week behind here!

      Being Creative!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. I like the quote, “We are, ourselves, creations. And we, in turn, are meant to continue creativity by being creative ourselves.” I sometimes struggle with this, but then I remind myself that creativity does come in many forms. Sometimes, when I pick up my flute and play for a few minutes or tinker with my website design or come up with a teaching idea, I might think I’m procrastinating doing some other task. But actually, I’m creating in that moment. And when I remind myself of that, I’m much happier.

    I’m glad you joined the group, Jeff. Sounds great…and I think it will be a positive experience. Best of luck to you there in and in all of your creative endeavors!

    1. Hey,

      Lisa, I am so glad you stopped by, Sorry I did not see your comment before!
      In truth if you really look deep we are always in the state of creation unless we are in the state of destruction!

      Thank you for support and encouragement !
      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Happy to hear about your creative group…what a wonderful opportunity to share with other artists. Also admiring your night sleeping outside. Whether skunk or no, the opportunity to sleep outside is a great one. All those creative ideas up there in the stars can gleam like fireflies around your closed eyes and dive into your dreams…

  5. Skunk Muffin. Sounds like a tasty treat. And to sleep outside with the moon and stars sounds, well, heavenly :-). It was great to read about creativity today because the thought occurred to me during an EFT treatment that I could fill with creativity as I let go of my sadness.

    1. Barbara,

      Sleeping outside was an interesting experience ! Not a whole lot of sleep, maybe I should do it some more!

      yes creativity would be very helpful to let go!
      Much behind here in my responding, playing catch up!

      I am Love, Jeff

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