I express myself truthfully

I am clear, concise and articulate

I voice my choice

I live creatively

I keep my word to myself and others

I am organized and planful

I am a good listener

I am honest

I give benefit to the doubt

I embrace personal expression

I nurture my inner resources

I function from a place of original thought


I am creativity

I am Self -Expression

These are the opening words and/or affirmations to the next path of self growth and/or awareness within the Life Harmony program, created by Laurie Buchanan at HolEssence . I wrote this because it give it a depth to the action words and affirmation when I write ideas and thoughts that have meaning to me. It allows me to have another relationship with the words, in a sense giving them new life and energy within me or for me. The process of writing causes me to look at the words, read the meaning, add meaning, as well as question whether these are self-expression are true for me.

Am I those expression of self ? Honestly not always but that is why I am in the process to re-discovering myself, my true self. The journey is ever continuing, moving forward and sometimes backward, it is like a waltz, the dance usually gets you back where you started, if you have practiced and allowed yourself to enter the music of life.

Wooded Creature

On Tuesday evening I met with the mens group to get a feel of what that is all about. There were four men two in their 60s, one in his 50’s, one in mid 30’s! I was welcomed even though late, I got lost, but I was a man about it and asked for directions. The process of the meeting was explained to me, the sense of what it is is a heart circle based on native american ritual, as well as non-violent communication processes. These men all had partaken of the Warrior weekend and it was a support system and well as a way for the men to stay connected. The meeting was open so that I could experience and witness some of the effects the warrior training had on their lives. Of course this was sacred space and what was share there stays there.

They would not really discussion what the warrior weekend training was like because they don’t wish to muddy the experience by preconceived ideas or notions of what to expect or not to expect! Understandable.

While we went through the evening and the different pieces of the process of sharing, my thoughts wandered to Easton and our weekly community meeting, if it had been set up in this manner, personalities and ego would not have had the same control, personal issues could and would have had a venue to be worked through in healthy, peaceful manner. I was honored to be part of these mens process, and they sought to make me as much a part of the circle as they could, explaining each step. I think there may have been a bit of a concern with me present, that sharing did not happen completely. I think some held back.

Caught in the Light!

Yesterday evening I went Starting Point to discuss with Vince a space/office to begin my private Reiki practice. I was greeted warmly, yet I left disappointed and looking into how to bring my vision to fruition. Vince explained to me the Reiki was not a big draw, that three or four people already offer the practice as part of their other counseling. The rooms are either rented for the day or depending on need, I would have to have a regular client list to afford the space at this times. So we agreed that I would offer first a discussion on Conversations with God during their meet the counslor evenings, as well as one on Reiki in the next few months. I could begin the CwG study group within the next few weeks, most likely the first of Oct.

So I have to organize and plan my gathering of Reiki clients, set my mind to offering the study group and hopefully create clients from that space as well. The first step in activating the creation of my practice is on the move. It is a positive direction, full of promise and possibilities. I hear my ego saying “we told you this wouldn’t work? ” Not so say I, this is just the beginning of gathering of energy to create and make real my vision.

Tonight I have a meet up gathering of mix-media artist, sort of a Salon to gather artist together to discuss art, support and encourage art and artist ! I am looking forward to this.

I have been attending more social, intellectual, artistic gatherings in the past week then I have in months, I have ventured out of my shell for the first time in a long time. It is good, I knew these opportunities where there and I had made attempts to attend but I had not for whatever reasons, each one an excuse for not showing up, not being present in my life. Not anymore, I will show up, I will be present, I will partake in the gifts and opportunities to create abundance!

Growth Questions: Β Do you find your self, self expressing and what does that look and feel like to you?

I am Love, Jeff


3 thoughts on “Self-Expression”

  1. Jeff – Beautiful photographs – my favorite is the first one (clover?). I enjoyed your writing as well, I particularly love this sentence: “I hear my ego saying ‘we told you this wouldn’t work?’ Not so say I, this is just the beginning of gathering of energy to create and make real my vision.”

    Growth Questions: Do you find your self, self expressing and what does that look and feel like to you?

    It changes, but today (a protected, at-home day for writing) it feels close in and gathered up (taut)– ready to pounce, as I’ve got a deadline to meet.

  2. I like the wooded creature! Sort of a cross between and a dragon and a horse. Or an Airedale Terrier… without his ears.

    Sounds like your plans are coming along. As my grandfather used to say, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Persistence pays off eventually and you seem to be enjoying the process.

    Growth question: I guess I was always allowed to express myself, so it feels natural to me. My family of origin was full of very different personalities with strong opinions on everything imaginable, but they had a “live and let live” sort of philosophy. You do your thing, I’ll do mine, with mutual respect. I’ll listen to what you have to say and I know you’ll listen to me when it’s my turn to say something about how I feel. There’s more than one way to live a life. That’s the message I got, along with a sense of personal responsibility for the choices we make.

  3. Sounds like a lot of small goals are bringing new ideas,clients, outcomes and dances! Good for you!

    As for the growth question, although I have grown in being able to express myself there are times when I am just not present, mentally, emotionally,or physically. Sort of checking out,as not embracing opportunities, meeting new people, doing new things etc…..I think there times when I allow others to dictate this to me as well.

    It is my work in progress to make this better, minute by minute. I can think of one last weekend, I had a meeting for the SSND Associates….The unknown took over and as you say the ego talked me into something more important than going to a meeting picnic I had said I was going to…Things lile”its too far away or I am not going to know anyone, I hate small talk whn others act like they are interested but not quite….


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