Treat Yourself

Always leave enough time in  your life to do something that makes you happy, satisfied, even joyous. That has more of an effect on economic well-being than any other single factor. Paul Hawken


A few things that come up for me this morning are there seems to be a need to with drawl when I share/write the way I did yesterday. As the energy has been distributed I seem to flatten out for a while.

It is now 7:43 PM I wrote the two opening lines this morning around 9 am, I lost connection, even outside, and Mom, wanted to go to the Amish Market to pick up goodies, and to a farm stand to buy apples as well as visit my sister-in-law at her book store. So it was off to that. At the farm stand we bought apples and peace  and a cantaloupe the size of a basket ball, when I got home I had to cut it all up, some went in the freezer, some sliced, more went into making a melon smoothie to have with red Beans and rice dinner.

At the Amish Market we got spices, cumin, nutmeg, black pepper corns, arrowroot, and smoked paprika all this to add to the cupboard to make some delicious meals. Found bags of grains, steel-cut oat meal, wheat groat, quinoa, for breakfast as well a move away from pasta. Of course their snack collection is just out of this world, with nuts, and candies, bags of veggies chips, dark chocolate cover nuts, dried cranberries found their way into my cart, and oh yeah fresh peanut butter… and then we had lunch.  While writing this I realized I could have been taking photographs of all of this but alas I did not.

captured balance

I wish to say thank you to all the people who read my blog/morning pages. In the past week two or three people have come forward on Facebook and have informed me the read the blog regularly! Thank you, thank you! It is great to know that you are all out there and that the words, and thoughts have an expression beyond these pages!

I treated my self to the latest Barbra Streisand CD “Love is the Answer” yesterday while at Barnes and Noble, when I first went in, I was meeting Jodi there, she had not arrived yet, so I went to the record department to look for an older CD which I don’t own, imagine that? The Barbra Joan Streisand CD recorded in the 70’s in which sings with duet with herself for the first time performing one of the most wondrous performance ever, One Less Bell to Answer/A House is not a home! Well Barnes and Noble only had a few selections of the many many CD of Barbra’s and three of them where different packaging of Love is the Answer. I walked away to meet with Jodi, she and I sat and chatted for about an hour and half, getting to know each other, connecting in ways I have not connected with a person in a long time. I was great having spent the time together and I look forward to sharing more in the near future.

roughing it!

I could not leave the store with out the CD so I bought the double set which has the trio recording as well as the orchestrated version. So that has been my sound track for the last day or so…

I am  sorry that my time with Jodi was only a footnote in this blog, I am sure in a day or so I will have more to write about our time together.

and I think this is the end of this blog as well, I wanted to make sure I wrote today no matter what I had to say. It is dark outside and I can’t really see the keys on the laptop, the air is shifting and the breeze is cooling off the day, and bit ago the moon was there above the trees but it has moved out of sight from where I am…

Growth Question: When was the last time you treated yourself?

I am Love, Jeff


5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself”

  1. Jeff – I so enjoyed this blog (the shopping description made me feel like I was with you), and the photographs — most especially “captured balance.”

    Growth Question: When was the last time you treated yourself?

    Today. Oh yes, definitely today.

  2. Jeff — you didn’t need to take pictures of the food and goodies. I could picture them and nearly taste them as well. Such a lovely way to spoil yourself with a trip to the market, visit with a friend, and then good music to carry the mood forward into the coming days. How do I treat myself? Lately, splurging on a new tennis racquet and making space to use it regularly.

    1. Barbara,

      Aahhh! Good I am glad the word journey filled your senses !

      I can see you now splurging away on a new tennis racquet… does it help with your game?

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Good morning, Jeff. Your blog is always so lovely to read. The openness and honesty of your processing is refreshing. Have never been to an Amish market where you could by spices. That sounds like a fascinating experience.

    Isn’t it lovely when people are thoughtful and tell us that they are reading our blogs? Makes us feel good, I know. I find it a little challenging to keep up with so many blogs…but am being patient and trying to be steady visiting all the favorites.

    I have been treating myself with Joy lately. Being very aware of where I am emotionally and giving myself treats of Joy…reconnecting to center. It feels so good.

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