Divinity in Action

“Love, of course, being the source of the energy that informs and offers infinite possibilities to continuously dance around the spiral of life.” Jeff Stroud


I use this quote to start with today because as Laurie commented on yesterday’s blog she was going to use my blog for our Mid-week check for Life Harmony program work. Laurie would like to know why I choose the word spiral instead of another descriptor?  Because I have come to understand that we are never in the same place even through we may sometimes feel like we are. Our experiences of a situation or thing will be different due to our knowledge of time spend going around. I first came upon the word spiral when reading and working on Co-dependent issues through Melody Beattie’s work . Later when working with Barbara Marx Hubbard with the Gateway to Consciousness she uses the work of  spiral patterns to express how we shift as we evolve that we are never in the same space twice. That we are always moving up or back to the center, even if we feel we have fallen back. Yet we will not say there as long in the sameness, we will have learned how to use new tools, speak a new language, express ourselves from a Higher Vibration.

Divinity in action

Another question based on my writing yesterday is ” I realize that my sadness or sense of depression is the letting go of old parts of me …”
Will you please tell me what these parts are? Those parts are my comfortableness with sadness, another part is allowing myself to experience what I know, use my knowledge and wisdom on a more purposeful scale. In light of that I stop yesterday at Starting Point, the 12 Step Center I used to work at to ask about an office to do my Reiki practice, offer Conversations with God study group and maybe even The Artist’s Way group.  I had been to unsure of myself and what my gifts meant. When I was gifted with my first Reiki attunement my teachers gave this to me for free and said to me “use this gift to heal and to inspire the world around”.  I had not fully taken that gift to its full potential, I am ready know. I am meeting with Jodi, the Reiki master/healer I met last week, this afternoon to chat, to be in her wisdom. Bringing the abundance to another level. I had know about Jodi for over a year yet I had not been able to get myself to a share or even to meet her. For a few reason and they are excuses, I did not want to travel that far, not sure how far it is but about 20 minuet ride, plus that fact that she was a woman. My intention was to do work with Gay men, not that my experience of gay men healers has been all that rewarding, but I desired to be in that energy if I could find it and hold it. I have not. Not yet…

The next question for the Mid-week check is: You said, “… giving us permission to move beyond who we were, to who we truly are, Divinity in action.”
How close to, or far away from, do you think/feel you are from who you were? I am not sure if I can answer this clearly. But heck I will give it ago. There are times that I have felt very close to the divine in action, yet many times it was confused with my spiritual superiority, my ego, my wanting to fix everyone. Now the clarity is more in the sense of being an example which I thought I was, yet my anger and frustration placed a block in being and example of anything positive.

On the heels of that question, how close to, or far away from, you think/feel you are from Divinity in Action? I am a breath away from Divinity in Action. Joel S. Goldsmith once wrote that “God is closer than Breathing.” One of the most powerful expression I have ever read or felt! I am Divinity in Action. Yet sometimes I forget.

just a breath

I know there is not “right” or “wrong” answers to these questions yet ego wants to know it did well while spirit just allows the thoughts to evolve into words to try to explain something that is sometimes unexplainable because Being in the action of the Divine, just is.

Growth Question: Is our growth really measurable after a certain point?

I am Love, Jeff


9 thoughts on “Divinity in Action”

  1. Jeff I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of your responses to Laurie’s questions. I am off for a long walk along the trails at the side of the sea with a friend. I think I will take your question with me:)

  2. Jeff – I’m just minutes away from my first client of the day, but I wanted to take the opportunity to say that your answers were like sweet, cool water in a well this morning — refreshing and uplifting.

    Growth Question: Is our growth really measurable after a certain point?

    After a certain point I don’t think it really matters. Like a well-established tree, really big and shady, is really big and shady.

  3. Jeff, thank you for taking us along on your spiritual healing and growth experience here. You have a blatant honesty that is comforting in its openness. I don’t have to guess who you are — you have both told and shown me. I want you to know that I spoke with and exchanged a few e-mails with Vince DiPasquale at The Starting Point. He sent me a whole bunch of literature and his CDs, which I love. I am going to start writing the article about using the 12-steps as the basis for therapy and self-growth (regardless of addiction) and have actually found some research that says people who work the 12-steps are more likely to stay in recovery than people who just attend meetings. My article will be based on the premise that any behavior can be an addiction and like othre addictions, when it causes a person problems, they need to work on it.

    1. Barbara,
      Thank you for sharing the journey in words with me! I am honored to have your presence along the path…
      I am thrilled to see you have had correspondance with Vince, that you are moving forward with your article !!!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. As always I love the way uyou share these difficult questions.

    Laurie will attest to the fact I usually would get the question and answer right away, as if right then and there I need to let thoughts out, I really could not move forward and do anything else unless I finished the thoughts that had built up during the week.

    Take baby steps, the comfortable seems good and right, however does it help us go beyond and stretch ourselves in new avenues…..


    1. Kim,

      Thank you!
      I understand the “need” to get to the questions, there is an energy and healing to answer them…

      I think there are points in our lives that we move or do an emotional or spiritual jump, as time moves on we seem to flow like a stream or a river down and around whatever is there for us…

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. P.S
    The Lady Bug picture TUGS at my heart, my true North, as Laurie would say, is my maternal grandmother and she was a Official LadyBug of the Official Order of The Lady Bugs….You could probably Google this…It was a Ladiies service organization to the ?eterans Hospitals in .innesota and all over the US in the fifties and sixties….

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