Paying attention to the Now!

…pain is what it took to teach me to pay attention. In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. In the exact now, we are all, always, all right. I am breathing in and out. Realizing this, I began to notice that each moment was not without its beauty. Julia Cameron


I had to use this above quote for I had just read in The Artist’s Way and when I open the weekly newsletter from my friend Joe Monkman there is was again grabbing for my attention, for attention is what I seek when I sit here in the yard among the trees, drying grass, still not real rain, the whistle of the locust, the light chatter of neighbors talking, while feeling the breeze blow, catch the sun ripple through the pine needles on the trees in my line of vision. All of this to get a sense of where I am, a sense of being present, a sense of I am not my thoughts that do not serve me. For the past two days I have not actually awakened with the feeling of depression but it has come upon me while walking our morning walk, sometime a fleeting thing, coming out of nowhere to linger, to capture something missed, something forgotten, I don’t know?

Shine on

I have not written in two days because the mind seems to have been blank, the body needed rest, I found myself taking longer naps, yesterday afternoon I slept for a few hours when all I wanted to do is read yet reading on lasted a few moments and off I went.  Heck of a way to spend my Birthday! I had thought of going to a Heart Circle/Pot Luck for it would have been a great space to celebrate yet I could not gather myself up to go. One situation is that while walking at the ponds and lake the other day, we must have come upon sand flees, at first I thought it was some kind of poison, ivy or such but it did not look like that, and I had individual marks rather than a rash other places than my ankles which is where it manifested first, so wearing shoes has become an itching situation.  Other wise I would have been at the Heart Circle drinking in the juice of healing energy, and sparklely fun!

Magic ( Luna Moth)

I also have come to realize I have not paid much attention to my photography, I have taken a few photographs in the past week or so down loaded them and have not really viewed them. I have only been on redbubble for short amounts of time and have not really added new work or view much of others work in the past week.  I need to fill the well creatively, with sights and sounds that inspire, the infuse the artist in me.

Writing my morning pages/blog helps in many ways it allows me to see where I have been and where I think I need to be going, but also allows be to be in the moment of telling on myself.

I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful Happy Birthday wishes and blessing I received on Facebook ! I have been truly blessed, from far and wide, from people I have met and others who are old Gaia friends and new Facebook  friends.

Growth Question: How do you pay attention?

I am Love, Jeff


7 thoughts on “Paying attention to the Now!”

  1. happy, Happy, HAPPY belated birthday Jeff!

    Growth Question: How do you pay attention?

    I’ve learned that clearing internal clutter (emotional baggage) creates room for JOY. And when I’m joyful, I pay avid attention to the present moment. I don’t look back. I don’t look forward. I just look now.

  2. Again, Jeff, Happy Birthday! It’s good to celebrate your life here and elsewhere, although we haven’t yet celebrated in person.

    How do I pay attention? Usually with a wide-angle lens. Large focus, the Big Picture, the infinite interplay. HOWEVER, getting stronger all the time, is the urge to pay attention more to sensuous details, to the way the wind feels against the cheek. The smell of cilantro in the garden. The actual feel of the keyboard beneath the fingers. I want to pay more attention with my body and senses. That is a deep soul-felt desire these days.

    thank you for this question and blog.

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you again for the Birthday wishes!!! ((Hugs))

      I think your attention is very clear and I believe if you re-read some of your blogs from another perspective you will see that you have achieved much sensual attention already.

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Good morning, birthday boy! (gotta stretch it for a week or two, you know.) You know I have achieved much of that attention already. You are so right. But my desire is to sink even more into it.

  3. Yes! Happy Birthday!

    When it comes to paying attention, I think that my attentive ways have evolved and I tend to use different senses and methods than I once used. For example, one would think that paying attention to my writing means to be writing, rewriting, editing, rereading, and all that. But I am discovering that marketing my work and doing a walking meditation about an idea I have are also paying attention to my writing.

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for the Birthday greeting !!! (((Hugs)))

      Yes I can see where your attention would be toward your writing and what makes that flow. From my understanding writers need to be better observers than most, so your attention would be focused around you, and inward.

      I am Love, Jeff

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