Extraordinary Moments

All healing occurs by bringing whatever  the issue is into the heart. Within the heart an issue be seen for what it really is. Richard Ellis


As I walked in the wood this morning I felt more in touch, more interwoven into the nature I see and experience everyday than I have in some time. I treated my artist to a Reiki Share last evening, it was one of the most healing experiences I have had in ages. It has refreshed my spirit, open my heart and senses. I have known about this Reiki share for over a year and had not allowed myself to attend for one reason or another. It was time, this was about accepting who I am as a healer, who I am with sharing my gifts as a healer or a source for healing. Healing of self and the assistance of helping others to heal whatever parts of them that need healing attention.

There where two other participants, my friend Lou, we shared the ride, Julie, and Jodie the Reiki master. We sat in a circle to share were we where coming from in our practice and our intentions for the evening. Breathing into the space to center ourselves bringing earth and sky together on the second floor Reiki space. We each would get 7 minuets a piece of hands on healing, it does not seem like much time but with three people with hope hearts and clear intentions of bringing healing to the space and each other, it was a powerful experience.

On the path

Personally once I was on the table, after working on all the others, I was not as relaxed as I thought I would be, my whole mid-section and back was extremely tense, I had to bring my feet up, to relieve the uncomfortableness. The energy was great, I felt the warmth and Loving enter and expand as the healing progressed.  Those 7 minuets where extremely moving. The light headedness of he session last for quiet some time. Which brings me back to this morning and walking with a much more open sense of space and energy.

I also realize that Jodie may perhaps be the healer I have been unconsciously seeking in the past few years, since returning to NJ. She is trained in many modalities, that have been in my path for sometime. Such herbs and essential oils, she is also of native descent ! She seem to be a wealth of sources in one place. She seems interested in what I have to offer as well! Wow! How powerful is that?

The path has been there all this time and I have refused to walk it, or I was just not ready and now I am. The journey has begun once again.  I have plans to attend the Shamanic Circle next monday as well, something I have put off for over a year too. It is truly time to embrace these energies, more fully and to share them in practice and ways of living. They can only infuse my life with more harmony and abundance, if I allow them and I intent too fully.

These gifts are part of my creativity, they are part of what infuses my work as a photographer, they are the reason I began to photograph and continue to do so!

opening up

Growth Questions: How did you gift present themselves?

I am Love, Jeff


13 thoughts on “Extraordinary Moments”

  1. It’s strange, isn’t it, how hard it can be as a healer to accept healing, or even to do self-healing. My Reiki and Pranic Healing teachers both made regular self-healing part of what I was required to do as I learned, and it soon became obvious why: If I wasn’t told to do it, I usually wouldn’t put aside those few minutes for myself. It’s so important, but so few of us care for ourselves as we should.

    1. Metta,

      It is strange, that we don’t do it more often, the healing of self that is, yet the whole purpose of my blog/morning pages, whole foods diet, seeking healers and guides is about self healing.
      When I was first attuned in Reiki, I was told to practice on myself, and I did for the first year almost everyday, yet know it seems I do it less!

      Thank you for commenting!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. I like the quote about healing – so true… That’s a beautiful shot of the fiddle-head fern (?)!

    The experience you describe at the Reiki share nudges me, Jeff. Your group sounds smaller and more intimate than the one I went to, where, although I found it healing, it was overwhelming because there were so many people in the circle. I’m too easily overstimulated by large groups of people, even if the excitement and energy is positive!

    How did my gifts present themselves? The day I went to my first Reiki class I drew an “energy healing” card and since then a few have expressed appreciation for the Reiki sessions I “gave” them. But like you, I seem to be resisting following the Reiki path.

    I’m so happy for you that all this healing energy and creativity are coming together for you! Wishing you all the best on this leg of your spiritual journey!

    1. Barbara,

      All I gifts are there for us to open our hearts to! I was given the gift a Reiki by my master at not cost to me, other than to share it with myself and others. I need to honor that gift more fully.

      Yes I understand the overstimulation of large groups, usually not felt by me until after, what I call social hangover.
      I am grateful you have found a source of light here in my writing and I hope it helps you to follow your path, as you have helped me to open my up!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Jeff – I’ve come back to re-read your post several times today, and to drink in the beauty of your photographs.

    The Reiki Share you attended last evening sounds phenomenal – I’m so glad that you went. It does, indeed, sound like it was a powerful experience.

    Please keep me posted as you continue to work with Jodie, she sounds like one terrific person to get to know.

    And now you’ve got plans to attend the Shamanic Circle next Monday — whoohoo!

    Growth Question: How did your gifts present themselves?

    They started showing up when I was quite young. And I had a wonderful mother who supported, nurtured, encouraged, and all but watered and fertilized me to grow, Grow, GROW!

    1. Laurie,

      I am honored your where drawn to re-read my post several times, and have the photographs hydrate your spirit!

      After writing about the Reiki share experience I felt that I had not really captured the experience has it was but has I was now perceiving it, so I am glad my words did capture some of it!

      We are honored by you Mother to have this wonderful gift of who you are today!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Reiki healing! I have had Reiki several times and it is one of the healing practices that can send me into this “blank” space. The woman who does it for me once had to start rubbing my feet to get me to come back within the time alloted for our session. She said “I don’t know where you went but it was way far from here!” I am attending a Shamanic dreamwork workshop the weekend of August 21-22. I wish I could connect with more people who practice Shamanism on a regular basis. It would definitely enhance my practice.

    Growth question: how did my gifts present themselves? My writing made its debut when I was in the 7th grade; unfortunately, I did not get nor did I know how to get the support I needed to continue it so it fell by the wayside for many years. Fortunately, I have found it again and nurture it a whole lot more now.

  5. Barbara,

    Your Reiki experience look like powerful moments for you! How wondrous!
    Ah I look forward to reading about your experience of the Shamanic dreamwork workshop when you return. I am contemplating a trip to DC to visit another Gaia friend sometime before the end of the month I will keep you posted.

    Writing seems to found its way back to your consciousness and am thrilled to know that you are nurturing that muse !

    I am Love, Jeff

  6. Coming here is a refreshing start to my day. I am reluctant to leave the unfolding in these beautiful woods. You are so gifted, Jeff and I’m fortunate that you share your photographs.

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