Ever-expanding continuum

Tiny wonders
Tiny wonders

Spirit is the distillation arising from the rich and bubbly brew in the pot, out of which new possibilities keep emerging. The world of spirit is made up of an ever-expanding continuum that finds new ways to touch and enhance the human world. Harry Hay

In ever-expanding search for self the possibilities are endless. I was once again drawn to Gay Soul: Finding the Heart of Gay Spirit and Nature. I find thoughts and ideas that inform me as gay man, a gay man of spirit, a gay man who has sought more from his life that the endless round of bars and dysfunctional lover relationship or ever surface relationships with other gay men. Which lead me to Easton Mt Retreat Center and Radical Faeries . This journey has led my along many paths, paths filled with gifts beyond imagining, as well as gifts of dancing with the shadow. Fighting the demons, journeying to underground places to restore parts of me that had been lost in addiction, broken hearts, seemingly wrong choices. Yet all choices led me to where I am today. Some choices where conscious, some where unconscious and unclear, even conscious choices sometimes seem to be unclear, until I can look back on why such a choice was made.


I have attracted these gifts and blessing to me to create or awaken within me more of spirit, more of the Divine that sings and shines within as well as stands aside when the choices I make are not of the best interest to spirit but ego. Allowing the gift of confusion, pain, to inform me of where the work is that I may need to do, to evolve into the Being I wish to be.

One of my spiritual mentor Andrew Harvey shares this about the nature of the world using the Buddhists sense of Samsara,” is the endless, unending round of birth and death, and everything in samsara is designed to break and be inadequate: we are not  meant to be comforted or safe in anything. The only safety is in the realization of our divine nature, a condition of complete simplicity that cost us not less the everything.”

I have recently wrote about what Julia Cameron writes about as Virtue Trap, that trap of doing something out of service but with the wrong mind-set. For without taking care of ourselves first, finding our own space, to write, to create, to pray, meditate, learning to love ourselves service is a tool for resentment, it is a block to creativity and block of our spirit to infuse ourselves to be fully present in the world. Julia ask us to create a list of activities that would seem crazy to others but playful, joyful events for our spirit and maybe ego. Those opportunities that I wrote about yesterday of Reiki sharing, Shaman Circle, other photograph groups and events, even just socializing more to create friendships, and maybe more.  In the past few days I have had to opportunity to chat with some young men who are seeking their path. Friends of the heart have shared here of their own Virtue Traps, and I am grateful for their feeling safe to share those self-destructive patterns, for in writing them allows the light to shine on blocks, even if we don’t see or feel the shift just yet how to get out, the moment is coming, the opportunities will keep presenting themselves until taken or completely ignored.

Start small

Two of the Basic Principles share this : Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God.

The Refusal to be creative is self-will and is counter to our nature.

In those principles I find guidance and strength, I find purpose to continue to allow spirit to inform me, to create with me and for me as I evolve into the being I truly am.

Growth Question: Make a list of activities that you may think are crazy in other peoples minds.

I am Love, Jeff


12 thoughts on “Ever-expanding continuum”

  1. Jeff your post spoke powerfully to me. I am just about finished reading “hand wash cold: care instructions for an ordinary life” by Karen Maezen Miller. It fits somehow with the theme of your post.

    The Growth Question: Make a list of activities that you may think are crazy in other peoples minds? What an interesting question. I have never given much thought as to what others may think about my activities…. hummmm.

    dancing naked with damp earth splashing around my feet in a hot summer rain

    eating my salad with my fingers (I don’t like salad dressing so it is dry salad)

    cleaning my house within an inch of its life before company comes

    wanting to walk alone when I am sad, angery, happy… oh heck – I like to walk alone

    leaving a three day conference for hours at a time no matter what it costs me because I find the environment overwhelming

    keeping red licorice in the dry goods bin… that way I always know where to find it (don’t tell Laurie though)

    crying when I use to watch my children play sports

    not liking to dress up except for very, very special occassions (weddings, funerals and art openings)

    Well, I think that is a good start anyway. Thank you Jeff:)

    1. Terrill,

      Looks like a great list of crazy things ! Laurie says she knows where you keep the licorice!

      I am so grateful for your visit and comments, Thank you so much!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Hi —

    I looked at the question and immediately thought that it can be read two different ways — and that both might be valuable questions to ask:

    1. Make a list of things other people do/think that you think are crazy.
    2. Make a list of activities that you do/think that others might think are crazy.

    Where the lists touch each other could be interesting ground to explore.

  3. Things that I do that seem crazy to others:

    1.Moved away from all my family for many years, Minnesota.

    2 I collect spoons and thimbles from wherever I have traveled.

    3 My hubby has slept in the basement for almost 17 years.
    Crazy thing that reminds him of his childhood sleeping in a dark cool basement, plus he has always snored extremely well.

    4 I get up at 4:25 am every day for work.

    5. I like to get to the new jar of peanut butter when it is really fresh and take a spoonful before anyone else!

    6 I keep in contact with my elementary school teachers…nuns in their eighties and am becoming an associate of their order.

    7 That I actually go to mass every chance I get and love my deep personal faith and the mystery.

    8 I love sleeping with my dog, he does not snore!

    9 I love to travel for business, its a getaway to see new places, risk a bit, think outside the box.

    10 I have watched the same soap for 40 years…All My Children!

    11.I always have 1 or two goldfish in a bowl in the kitchen. Pisces??

    12 We have our AC on most of the summer for comfort,and also Mike has Asthma.

    13 My heros are Helen Keller and St Therese

    14 If they knew we spend 30,000 a year for HS and college tuitions, room and board for the kids.

    15 That I love to play the Game of Life and Jeopardy.

    Ok that’s enough – could go on and on …LOL


  4. Jeff – I’ll just answer your growth question here as I’m using portions of your post today, for tomorrow morning’s mid-week check in 🙂

    Growth Question: Make a list of activities that you may think are crazy in other peoples minds.

    I throw or give “stuff” away. I don’t like having “things” – I prefer empty space.

    With the few things I do have … I like “a place for every thing, and every thing in its place.”

    I enjoy serving company on dishes that don’t match – it makes for a much more colorful affair.

    Weather permitting, I enjoy being sky-clad under the full moon.

    I like to clean.

    I like closets and drawers that are neat and tidy.

    I prefer a paper planner to an electronic one.

    I haven’t had a cell phone in over a year and I’m alive to tell about it.

    [psssst, don’t tell Terrill, but I know where she hides her red licorice]…

  5. Hi, Jeff — this is a very timely post for me, especially the part about taking care of ourselves first. I was raised with the Virtue Trap (i.e., sacrificing myself so that others could have what they wanted) and it took a long time for me to realize that there was only one Jesus and he had a lot more connection than I do! It made my parents’ lives easier for me to sacrifice and that’s about all it did. I definitely appreciate your wisdom in seeking what makes us glow inside, finding other peculiar souls in the universe and coming to call some of them friends. My crazy list is a little long, so here a few excerpts:

    I don’t watch television at all, except sometimes the Tennis Channel
    I never read newspapers
    I never use paper towels, only cloth
    I have a compost bin under my kitchen sink
    I love the band Explosions in the Sky
    I only write on the computer, but I edit and rewrite in hard copy

    1. Laurie,

      I think your whole way of life may cause many people to think your activities are crazy!

      Yes I got your message this morning for mid-week check-in. I think will be my blog tomorrow, for it would be good to explore those questions and answer in that manner.
      Thank you for your list! Great stuff!
      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Barbara,

        I am glad the force was with you! for the timeliness of this blog. Yes learning where we are co-dependent and learning to be interdependent is a wondrous reward.
        Gifted ourselves with Higher Selves is a creative gift that keeps on giving.

        Thank you for your list, you are very eco-friendly!

        I am Love, Jeff

  6. Jeff
    I guess I would say that these things are decisions that I have decided are impassioned priorities just to me, however others may think I was or am crazy for doing them.

    Here is another one…I love my work and always stay very busy with it, perceptions of others run the gamet and it is interesting!

    Some say and ask me how I do it all, I have been asked this question at least once a month for I would say 30 + years, then there are that percieve I don’t seem engaged or don’t work all day,granted I travel and come and go all the time setting my own schedule.

    Tonight I am very disturbed by the later statement that is a down and out insult to my work ethic and integrity.

    I will get over it or just take it seriously and and think I am some kind idiot trying to just scrape by…
    Sorry I am just spouting out a little bit about a conversation with my diector today about a couple of peer comments.


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