Open Heart

An open heart is a fertile bed that allows out true nature to emerge and reveal itself. Out inner being, higher self, spirit or divine nature speaks from the heart. With an open heart our bodies become infused with love, light and truth. Richard Ellis


The above quote is from Reiki: And the Seven Chakras. I have added the study and practice of this book to my reclaiming my artist and self work which I am doing with the Life Harmony program. Even through discussion of the chakras for each self are part of the process I have felt the need to explore the balance and imbalance of each Chakras for my own healing as well as to inform my healing practice of what I sense and see within client. It will allow for a more fully encompassed healing and effective treatment.

I feel this comes about because of the quote at the end of yesterdays blog/pages from The Prophet in which I shared my feelings around my experience living and leaving the community, ย of Easton Mt Retreat . Since than I have been unraveling the bandages around my heart, trying to find trust and love in my fellow brothers, finding and trusting the love within myself to expand my life once again. These are all tools for doing just that. To take the risk each day to write this blog/morning pages to the ย public opens the door to my heart more and more each day.


There are many times I do not follow through on Social opportunities because of my lack of trust, yet I have not had a bad experience in some time. And if I did I would hope that I could stay within my pain and understand it. Richard Ellis once again shares this about opening, allowing the heart charkra to be in balance, The day that love is lost from the outside and instead of retreating we remain in our heart, allow the pain in and stay open to it to the same degree as we were to the pleasure of love, is the day we anchor ourselves in the heart.

This means to show up, take the risk, embrace the joy as well as the pain. To dance with the shadow and the light, ego and essence !

Truly Open

Mom ask my to go with her to her friends 80 birthday party because she is uncomfortable driving due to the fact she is on some type of pain medication for her neck/headache. Which makes her feel unbalanced or something. So that is later today, this morning I am going to go get my hair cut .

Don’t seem to have anything else to write or express!

Growth Question: How do you know if and when your heart is open?

I am Love, Jeff


4 thoughts on “Open Heart”

  1. Growth Question: Surprisingly I think my observable behaviour is when I am willing to make eye contact. That is really seeing and feeling the person before me. I have a habit of fleeting eye contact and body language that says I know you are there but I really am not interested in whatever is going on for you or sharing what is going on for me. In both cases I am most often smiling and engaging and friendly. However, I like the comfort of the permeable bubble or barrier I keep around myself. I am not sure if that makes any sense but when my heart is open there is less between another and me. Thanks Jeff:))))

  2. I enjoyed your post this morning, Jeff. It shows the extra-ordinary in what could accidentally be viewed as ordinary.

    Growth Question: How do you know if and when your heart is open?

    I dive in without falter, no water-wings required ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Bee-ing!

    One of the first things I learned about depression is that in our efforts to avoid pain we block out joy as well. It was an ah-ha moment for me!

    How do I know if and when my heart is open? When I’m feeling it all deeply, the joy and the sorrow, for living has an abundance of both.

    That’s such a loving thing you’re doing for mom, Jeff, driving her. Sounds like you’re helping to take a burden off her shoulders. It may seem like a little thing, but it’s probably a big deal for her.

    Here’s to staying Truly Open!

  4. Hi, Jeff — the sentence “I have been unraveling the bandages around my heart, trying to find trust and love in my fellow brothers, finding and trusting the love within myself to expand my life once again” is a worthy endeavor. I feel that once we completely love and trust ourselves, it does not matter what anyone else feels about us because we are secure with our own self-acceptance. And the picture “truly open” is simply magnficent. I am allowing my heart to open through discovering, being with, and loving my own existence. First, I must love me before I can truly give and receive love.

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