In Harmony

You cannot progress from surviving to thriving without acknowledging your ideal life and creating a plan to realize those ideals. Julie Murphy Casserly

In Harmony

I have taken the chance of coming outside to write and low and behold I have been able to connect to someone’s wireless connection! Sitting in the cabana, the breezes blowing the fragrance of grass and herbs from the garden, the dogs under the magnolia bush, keeping cool and sleeping soundly after our second walk of the day. Not much to photograph but the camera is always hanging off my shoulder, and ever ready for the moment something may present itself for posing.

The reason for being outside are to be able to write with out the ear buds, listening to music to drown out the sound of the television coming from behind me. Most of the time that works, there are moments that the sounds just clash with my thoughts, the ever on going stress of hectic voice beneath the melody of music, even new age music is a bit distracting! To sit here in the yard also has a grounding effect that sitting in the dinning room has never had. The option of being among the birds to write, to read, even to mediate is comforting and energizing.


The readings today from The Emotion Behind Money, Life Harmony program, Self-Acceptance, The Artist’s Way all guiding me toward creating list or visualization of what I want/desire from the life. In that way we have some goals as ideas to go toward rather than blindly walking into the future. For walking unconscious into the future I won’t know when I get there, that I am where I wish to be.  Not that I have not done this law of attraction before. In mid to late 90’s, I had come ‘home’ and was living in with my grandmother in her trailer.  I had gotten a job almost right away in at the Warwick Hotel restaurant, and on the way home I would stop off in this coffee shop where I became friendly with the barista and one day, one of the guys says to me, I am going to more back to San Francisco, do you want my apartment? I knew the apartment, for I had been there a few times, so I was like thrilled to be asked for it was right in the center of town. Yet I had no savings as of yet, I had no out put really, the car payment, and odds and ends. So the guy says to me, “if you really want this apartment, make it happen. You can do this!” So I put it my mind that I would live in this apartment. I saved my money and when the moment came, I was ready, I had saved for the down payments and the gas and electric. That was a big moment in my life having a center city apartment, walking to work, having friends and meetings at distances that was reasonable and manageable. I suppose the fact that I have photographs on exhibit, that I have won juried art show, that I sell work, that I have also created the energy around attracting that as well. Imagine that! So where does the fear come from? What has clouded my view, what has stopped my attraction of other harmonic directions in my life?

Nothing other then my self, my perceived ideals of what my life should or should not look and be like. A part of me stopped caring, stopped trusting, rebuilding the trust, recovering the creative juices to attract those things in my life that would give my life more harmony is the whole purpose for the work I am going in my life. To offer me the freedom to be creative, as well as effective in being the divine source of abundance for myself and those around me.


In Power Behind Money Julia Murphy Casserly writes, “remember thoughts become facts. The energy you put out attracts like energy… Trust your intuition. Sense the energetic pull. No matter what don’t waste another minute of your life wondering if you’ll have enough (money) to live your dreams. State your intentions for your money, (life, desires, job, friends {my add}) clearly and positively.”

What keeps coming to up for me is, a few years ago I read James Arthur Ray’s Book Harmonic Wealth after viewing his video twice, and read the book twice, or rather once through and to go back and do the work that is suggested. What I kept running into was anger and frustration, I could not figure out how all of this worked, it all became pretty words, and actions that did not seem to fit into me life. Yet here I am still seeking gain this knowledge, life in the action of creating harmonic life.

Growth Question: Do you witness the attraction of the positive things in your life? How so?

I am Love, Jeff


6 thoughts on “In Harmony”

  1. Jeff – I appreciated reading your blog post today. Thank you for stepping outside to work and letting it roll out of your head, down your arms, through your fingers, and onto the screen.

    The sequence of photographs is beautiful. I’m grateful for the beauty that you bring into my life through my eyes.

    Do you witness the attraction of the positive things in your life? How so?

    Yes. It’s because — by intent — I move through life with an eye to the positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing. Whether it’s thoughts, words, or actions, I try to view life through “God Lenses” — which means, the eyes of love.

    1. Laurie,

      Yes I recall the flow! Thank you for commenting and being supportive! I am grateful to share the beauty with you! and the world!

      yes I see and perceive that you do view life through the “Lens of God” Eyes of Love!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. This writing sings to me, Jeff. I am well aware of the Law of Attraction and I think I sort-of-kinda get it. Our thoughts are energy and energy vibrates. According to the Law of Attraction, like energies attract each other. To test it with yourself, all you have to do is imagine terrible things and suddenly you start feeling terrible. Likewise with thinking positive thoughts and imagining wonderful things. The trouble with this “thinking” is that most people stop there, believing that life will magically hand them the life they want. They don’t realize (as you do) that some action is also required. I am drafting an essay called “Magical doing: the antidote to magical thinking” which I will probably post on my blog in a day or two. You did the work required to make your apartment happen. I believe that when we set an intent to have something in our lives, life will bring us the opportunities to make that happen. What we need to do is recognize the opportunity and grab it. I set an intent a long time ago to get out of debt and become financially secure. That is happening for me right now. I took the opportunity to sell my condo when the tenant vacated, rented her my townhouse, and moved in with my boyfriend. I went from having 2100 square feet all to myself to having about 200 square feet all to myself. I share this place with him and his two sons. I am making it work. My other big intent is to be a published writer. While I write all the time, I don’t do a whole lot of work on marketing. So, that is where I need to focus. You found a way to write in solitude and delight by going outside and leaving the noise and distraction inside. Outside has always been there for you. You just had to recognize the opportunity and grab it.

    1. Barbara,

      Yes I believe you are so correct with the Law of attraction experience, once we attract a positive event or opportunity to us we have to find a way to make it “real” to function in our lives.
      It looks as if you have taken the role of abundance and danced with it! even while downsizing!
      Sorry I have not responded to your blogs as of Late. I seem to still be playing catch up with myself!
      I am Love, Jeff

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