Joy and happiness


For the past few days I have been unable to wrap my mind and or spirit around writing a word let a lone a whole blog. It seems I had to regroup, repurpose after the artist reception. Regain some footing to shine light on new ventures, new opportunities, to gradually move from one place to another instead of crashing head long into a space I was not emotionally or spiritually centered to enter. Have I used this time wisely, most likely not, or maybe so. Some words from Julia Cameron in chapter/week 3 Recovering the Sense of Power (The Artist’s Way) suggest “life is what we make of it. Whether we conceive of an inner god or an other, outer God, doesn’t matter. Relying on that force does.” So relying on the force to invite me, to embrace me, to allow it to speak its wisdom and knowledge by quite or whatever activity informs me in the process.

Sunny side up

I had the wondrous opportunity to listen/watch a video of Elizabeth Gilbert on Ted in which she speaks about creativity and the force or spirit that informs, guides, takes the force of our egos and allows us to use the excuse that we showed up where the spirits, where was the inspiration?  That experience was in some ways my artist date, my filling the well so to speak. There is also video  of Amy Tan who speaks of creativity as well which I will watch to gleam more juice to proceed on my journey artistically !

I also have just received the next installment of Life Harmony program which I am so ready to dive into and have read once through already and has been on my thoughts in the days since first reading.  There was a question from Sonia, which states at first “What makes you happy?” Yet upon opening the email/blog the question reads as, “What, recently, has brought joy in your life?” I immediately had a thought that there was a difference to these words Happy and Joy and I had read something about it somewhere?  Oh my mind finally said in your new installment, self-acceptance. Here Laurie explains the difference between happiness and joy. Happiness being a feeling, Joy is a state of Being. Laurie writes “the feeling that we refer to as “happiness” is a feeling that come and goes based on  external circumstances — it is temporary – fleeting at best. However, when our perspective is governed from inside out, the external pressures fall away and we experience joy. Rather than a feeling, joy is a state of being. It is inexplicable peace. It is abiding. Cultivating and maintaining joy eases the struggle that exists along life’s path. Joy leads to grace – the immediate presence of Spirit.”

wrapped up

Joy the immediate presence of Spirit, now there is a state of being worth creating within ourselves. It would eliminate craving for more, it would allow of gratitude to be another state of being to guide me through the day, through the circumstances of life that desire to push the buttons, rewind old tapes, bring up sponsoring thoughts (CWG) that keep me behind the veil of uncertainty, the haven that fear creates out of not accepting self, not showing up, not being as authentic as one truly is. Joy would bring me forth, joy would allow creativeness to inform and embolden my journey.

I have to say writing this blog/pages is a struggle, my sugar is crashing again, the dogs didn’t want to stay outside and I kept getting up to tend to them finally bringing them in. The computer wants to be slow so finding the links to people, places and things is getting on my nerves because of the sugar crash.

I think I will give up now, let go of the fight! allow the flow to stream around whatever rocks wish to be lodge in the middle of this stream.


8 thoughts on “Joy and happiness”

  1. Jeff – Your blog post today is precisely what the doctor ordered. I have just sent a link to it to another person who needed to hear exactly what you had to say today. Thank you!

    1. laurie,

      Thank you! Even though it is not finished, not a finished as I would have liked. Yahoo, is not coming up so I posted this just incase I lost it all. The reason there is not photographs as well.

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Jeff – I have lost so many things, so many times, that I finally started typing everything in Notepad first, and then I cut-and-paste it into whatever I’m working in (WordPress, Gaia, etc). To find “Notepad” on your computer (I think it would be the same as mine?), simply click on “start” in the bottom, left-hand corner of your computer screen. “Notepad” is then a choice I can select from the column on the left side. You may want to give it a whirl. I can tell you from personal experience that’s it’s saved me from a lot of unnecessary frustration.

    1. Yes I know what you mean, I have done that a few times, and it seems that word press save a draft if you remember to save it as a draft.
      Yet my emotions were getting the best of me so I had to give it up.
      I did post photos! yeah, I am connected through face book, yahoo still won’t open…

  3. The words “woe is me!” come to mind, Jeff. A little bit of a rough time of it are you having (channelling Yoda). I love the TED talks. I use it in my women’s health class and anytime I teach a writing class. I assign Amy Tan’s talk on creativity and a few from Dan Gilbert on happiness. I absolutely adore Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Powerful Stroke of Insight.” Oh, and by the way, I write EVERYTHING in Microsoft Word first and save it to my hard drive, then I copy and paste into e-mail, WordPress, and other places. I still want to put all of your photos into a daily calendar/journal/inspirational saying. The names you create for them are wonderful and always inspiring.

    1. Barbara,

      I have just recently become aware of Ted Talks and not always connecting, but Ms Gilbert’s talk was just want I need to hear! I will check out the others as well in time.
      Yes, I can write on text edit on my mac. I had word but I changed something and I couldn’t up date it.
      I will be working calendars soon, book of photos and saying before christmas I hope. I know these creative ventures are on my goal list to accomplish in the near future!
      Some times the names are there sometimes they take some thinking/inspiration !
      Than you for coming by and commenting! Always great to see you!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Hi Jeff…just had to drop by and see how you were doing for just a few short minutes before turning off the computer. I want to see how Terrill is doing, too, but…must sit for coffee with my daughter. I am always interested about our rhythms of doing & not doing, creating and incubating. As well as the difference between joy & happiness. In fact, am going to think about that deeper this morning. That joy which underlies everything–which is being–is exquisite. It seems to be awareness itself. Ooops, gotta run! Love you!

    1. Thank you for stopping by on your busy day. Right now I could use some of both happiness and joy! I am glad you found this blog thought provoking !!

      I am Love, Jeff

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