A sense of it all

“Like an ability or a muscle, hearing your inner wisdom is strengthened by doing it.” Robbie Gass

different views

Is there something more I am supposed to feel after and or during an event like the Artist Reception which was held on Friday July 16, 2010, for my self and the work of two other photographers Elke Muller, and Kathy McLean. From what I could tell it was a well attended, and critical success!

I had my Mom with me and my best friend Linda who is one of my strongest supportive people of my art work and the path that I am on. Linda is always getting the sense of the crowd, her energy and curiosity allows for information to flow her way. So I can always get a sense of what was going on from her perspective. Chris Bartlett a Radical Faerie friend and new Executive Director to the William Way Center was on hand, it was great to introduce him to my Mom and Linda. As well as have his support and encouragement. It was his first full day in his new position and official capacity to over see the Artist Reception.

full crowd

I received some great feed back as watch and stood behind people as they viewed my work, some people I was introduced to by Chris Bartlett, as was grateful to have the opportunity to get people thoughts and ideas of my work. All reports were good, complimentary, and useful. Some of my thoughts where it would have been nice if more of my friends had come, yet knowing the GLBT Film Festival was in full swing, that getting people to comment to another event was a bit much. So there was a sense of disappointment as well a sense of pride, sense of accomplishment and a bit of recognition. To have the vice president of the Philadelphia Photography Society show up because I ask him to earlier in the week, when I saw Morris at an art exhibit in the Plastic Club which is where the “society” meets, yet share space with other art forms. Morris, mentioned that he and Mia had come by to view the work that Sunday when I informed them of the exhibit. So their presence at the reception was more rewarding to have their support.

As I stood there observing, I notice a guy discussing a photograph of mine with his friend and then saw Candice Thompson get involved in the conversation, commenting on my work, there was a sale in progress! Dancing the Happy dance! “Face of Marriage II” sold.  A photo I really hesitated about submitting, yet earlier in the evening had some really good comments about the piece. In the sense of what are those two guys doing? The gap between them leads you to the front of the shot where a minister stands, a bit out of focus. Causing wondering, asking questions?

Taking a break

I later introduced myself to the gentleman who brought the photograph and thanked him! He was glad I had, his reason where personal, and that the photograph had caught his attention because of the minister.

So the past few days I have been catching my breath, taking in the process of what receptions do, what they are about, how to be more present or more observational during these events. I suppose most of the feedback comes from the gallery and the people from the center. A sale is a good sign that the collection is good, Elke Muller had a sale as well,  two photographs sold on the first night is a good sign of success. Or a successful reception. So keeping the artist brain and Logic Brain in balance is the process of healthy recovery, healthy creativity.

Well I was at the Farmers Market on Saturday I also went into the Perkins Art Center that sets and the end of the street, and has been on my mind to look into what they where all about. So Linda and I wander in, she in the lead, already asking questions. I got names and emails for people who accept the art works for the center gallery, as well as come to find out that the center in Morristown NJ also has a juried art show exhibit in the fall. Which I am going to look into. Linda also informed me that the coffee shop in Westmont offers wall space to local artist. So the grass is not growing under my feet. Getting the photographs exhibited, displayed and exposed to the world is the process and the next venture on my path of affirmations and recognition.

10 thoughts on “A sense of it all”

  1. Indeed, my friend, the grass is definitely not growing under your feet. I am so darned proud of you that I can’t see straight.

    And massive happy-dance for your sale!

    Was your mom beaming? Was she overwhelmed? What did she say to you after it was all said and done that evening?

  2. I am SO happy for you! (happy feet dance) You deserve the recognition, but it is truly an honor to have someone buy your work. It means that you have captured essence alive enough for people to find themselves.

    Getting your work out there for people to see is the essence of marketing (I know I should take my own advice more often, too). It is so great to see you growing in that direction.

  3. Jeff congratulations:)))) I feel like a have a personal investment in your success maybe because I have been following your journey for the last few years. Your work is amazing and I am glad you are going forward with getting it out into the world. Terrill

    1. Terrill,

      Yes you may have a personal spiritual investment in my success and I am grateful for it! (((Hugs)))! Getting the work/the art out there is the direction Myself and creativity have been journeying down the path for! The light under a basket does not shine very brightly but a light hung on a wall has the opportunity to illuminate into farther reaches!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Such great news, Jeff! I’m so happy for you that the reception went so well, that your mom came, that you sold a photograph, and for all the well-deserved recognition that you received! From your pictures it looks like there was a good-sized crowd there. Steady as you go, one thing leads to another, and you are well on your way!

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