Just meandering

that creativity is thinking up new things.

Innovation is doing new things.

Theodore Levitt

Therefore, be not only a creator, but an innovator.

Put your new ideas into motion. Place them not just

on paper, but on the ground. Neale Donald Walsch

Chinese Lanterns

Before the night passes away into another day I will write my pages/blog. There has not been much going on, I have just been relaxing, catching up on http://www.redbubble.com viewing others art, painting, photographs, multimedia creation. One of the groups I belong to Solo Exhibition offers a weekly featured exhibit of works of members of redbubble and I have been viewing the work of Elizabeth Bravo. Being inspired as well as causing myself doubts if I am really any good at photography, when I see work like this… Yet inspired is a more positive behavior, and the research is effective in challenging my creativity as well and my knowledge of what the heck I am doing. I realize I am a bit tired and should not judge my work from the view of someone else’s. Yet to create the space with in me to view and challenge myself to new creative ventures with my work. This could be just pre artist reception jitters or doubts. yet I have nothing to doubt, I would not be having an exhibit of others did not like my work, more than like, worthy of exhibition! So breathe, Jeff, Breathe!

It rain today fairly well, a good storm but not destructive, that I am aware of, and soon after the dogs and I went for a walk while the rain made stream rushed through the woods and down into the creek that runs through the wood and into Timber creek which feeds into the Delaware… The whole wood had a different look to it and a life it has not had in a while for it had been so dry, so uninteresting, not water ran down the paths, creating a pond under the big tree which I admire each time I see it. I have several photos of this space taken a different time of the year. I did not take any today because it was too wet to have the camera out…


Mom is coming home on Thursday, so tomorrow is get the house all clean up as best I can. Be ready to be assaulted by TV noise. Maybe I can get her out and about more. We go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the Late Renoir collect, the Franklin institute is having an exhibit about Cleopatra. Exhibits she would enjoy I think? I hope I can get her to come with me on Friday to the Artist Reception, she was home for the last one but declined at the last moment… Hmm?  I am not walking in those shadows…


Not much else going on, I think it maybe time for the next chapter in the Artist’s Way, it seems I have been very disconnected to the material, and the source of energy that if fueled by the work ask of us to do. My whole spiritual being feels a little out of balance, so it is time to get in touch with that.

blueberry's at last !

That is all for now, hopefully tomorrow morning will bloom a brighter blossom? and maybe I should not write when I am tried?

I am Love, Jeff


11 thoughts on “Just meandering”

  1. “Blueberry’s at last” – I can practically taste them!

    Jeff – you totally crack me up! There’s no flippin’ way anyone would allow your work to be in an exhibit if it wasn’t worth public viewing and attention. You definitely have “pre-show jitters!”

    1. Laurie,

      The blueberry I had today was just amazing! Yumm!

      You are cracking me up! You are correct “pre-show jitters”.

      And the energy in the house today has been one of static electric…

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. This muggy humidity seems to be getting to everybody… I’m dragging… Sometimes we have to be flexible and work with nature instead of struggling against it. As the Duchess D’Antan said in the movie “Impromptu,” the only sensible thing to do in this kind of weather is to take a “bromide” and go to bed…

    Jeff, could your Chinese Lanterns be related to my woodland anemones? http://ingebrita.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/thoughts-in-a-flower-bell-curled/ I’m not great at plant identification. Anyhow, your photograph of them is fantastic!

    I love “Contrast” too, it shows what the woods in its natural state. Did you get to eat any of those scrumptious looking blueberries?

    We took our kids and their cousins to the Franklin Institute many years ago… It was an amazing place. Friday is the big day? Cheering you on, Jeff! Hope the show will be air-conditioned so everyone can be comfortable and focus on your art! 🙂 It will be great!

    1. I don’t know who the “Duchess D’Antan” is but she maybe correct!
      Yes I think they are woodland anemones… not as tall as the ones in your shot…

      Yes “contrast” I have watched turn from green to brown, a branch had broken, was hanging within the tree to created this visual I could no longer pass it by.

      Thank you for the “cheer” for the show/reception!!! I will be great!

      I am Love, Jeff

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