Without Love

without love
there can be no joy or happiness
no beauty
no harmony in the world
even if hundreds of raindrops fall from the cloud
no secret pearls can be found in the sea
without the rhythms of love

~Mevlana Rumi

Owl appearance

It has been days since I blogged, wrote my pages… I don’t know where the days went or do I? The last I recall I was going to Woodstown NJ to pick up photographs from the exhibit there, we lost our exhibit space at Beans Coffee due to back payment of taxes, etc. So the Salem County Art League is scouting out new venues as well as having conversations about all of that. The drive is about a half hour south of home, not a bad ride, scouted out some places I could photograph, this area is farm land but fast beginning to see the expanding sprawl of suburbia… sad really.

I got back from that journey, I had three photographs in that exhibit, I thought only two, switch out them out to use new photographs for the exhibit, after having lunch, I have come to realize I need to eat smaller meals, yet more often, to take the edge off, to keep my sugar in it proper balance and not lost energy and half the day recovering from a crash.

I had all of the collection together by Thursday evening, Friday morning which was a relief to have made the choices and all the selections convey a sense of who I am as an artist. Ranging from beautiful Nature, to the wonderful nature of human kind, and the GLBT community, and the dark rumbled halls of the Eastern State Penitentiary. Lightness and darkness, shadow and light play their themes here, evolution, community, beauty the surrounds us yet sometimes unseen and maybe taken for granted?

Friday was more of a down day, collecting myself, my thoughts, my energy… While driving on Thursday morning I heard an announcement that, singer/song writer Shawn Colvin was to be performing at Copper River park, an outdoor free concert that the Camden County Freeholders supports in different parks around the county. I have been a fan of Shawn Colvin since her first CD, have seen her perform at last four times . So I took the opportunity to head out to the park to listen and take photographs. I was glad I did, it was a great performance, have some great shots, stage/performance photography is something I really enjoy doing, there is a different challenge to it then other forms of photography. Capturing the performer in their element, their emotion, the desire and bliss can be viewed in their performance as well as on their faces. It is an awesome experience to be in that creativity, the energy of letting the creativity flow and be shared.

The guy who opened for Shawn, Ryan something or other, I have to find out his name, a young man, looking very California beach, singer song writer, and performed a couple of songs, then shared a bit of his story to go long with the songs. What he said rung true for me and I think for many artist, he said he was at is office job always thinking about his music, missing work because he was out performing and finally realized writing/performing was his love, was where he was supposed to be.

Saturday morning I had the rude awakening that I had to wire some of the photographs, meaning I had to put eye hooks on them and find wire, which I did not think I had. I did, and there was one last piece I wanted to use, a black and white shot of night life in the city, very gritty and urban, at first the forces where not with me on this and then they shifted, and things began to flow, got that all together. By mid morning it had begun to rain, yet I had to travel to Philly to drop the collection off, I could not hold onto it any longer, it was finished. If I kept it I would begin to second guess this shot or that. So it was time… In the rain, the highway to the bridge was a wet grey journey, not a lot of traffic but enough to make things a bit slow and dangerous where it was difficult to see. I got to the center well enough found a place in front of the building parked on the street, I would only be a short time, and I was. I left the two photographs that had been on exhibit for the new collections as well.

Saturday Rain

What a relief that was to get the work to the gallery, to leave it in their capable hands, now all I had to do is show up on Friday. I got home and realized the contract was sitting on the table which I meant to take with me! Yikes… Well I was going over on Sunday, I would take it then… I  did take then, I had to remind myself to do that first as soon as I got off the train to head to the Center. My friend Doug/Marshall was tending the space and he was all excited… saying “look, look you got the whole big wall!” I was like what the photos are up already! To my grand surprise there they where all my photographs stretched across the main wall. Wow! I was not crazy about the positions of some of them and then realized one of them was missing, “Faces of Marriage” which was my center piece shot for the GLBT collection, and come to find out that it is on the post card the center had printed for the announcement and run of the show!  I was wondering what was up with that? I have a feeling that Candice has another plans of the piece, because the other photographs shot that is on the post cards was not on her wall either.

announcement card

I so sought to write everyday, yet it would not come, for some reason or other, being too tried, saturday my connection was down on my computer and I had to wait for Jim to get home and then it was dinner and the night just got away. yesterday was an afternoon in the city and other things need to be done for venturing forth. So finally getting here to write, express, and reveal the extent of the past few days, even through I know I have not captured the feeling behind all that has gone before, I think everything will come in the perspective of time, and the meditation of the moments as they unfold in silence.

Wall of exhibition

Growth Question: Do you find a question here that ask you something about the way you get things done, is there conscious feelings or emotion around them?

I am Love, Jeff


8 thoughts on “Without Love”

  1. Sounds like you have been very busy, Jeff. Maybe, though, the word “busy” is not appropriate. Instead–your life has been very full with living. I am so happy for you–that the world can see some more of your photography.

    I think we must be patient with ourselves when we can’t write. Perhaps the Universe doesn’t want to talk then. We must be very aware to see if we’re avoiding something or simply flowing in the the Yin/Yang of life. Sometimes it’s hard to decide if we should push through our resistance or flow along in the impulse of the moment.

    Hugs to you!

    1. Kathy,

      Yes “full with Living” great way of expressing the experience! Yes the world get to see more of my photography ! Wow!

      I know when not to push myself about writing or even photographing, the inspiration has to been there on it is a forced unauthentic experience, and not worth doing. Getting back in the flow is sometimes as easy as taking a fresh shower or doing some Reiki/mediation, or a walk under the trees!


      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Wow — what a ride for the past couple of days! Thanks for taking me along. We have missed you, but I knew you were probably busy with your photos and getting ready for your exhibit. The picture of Shawn Colvin is outstanding. Have you offered it to her yet? If I were her, I would pay $$$ to have a copy.

    Your growth question is very curious! Do I find a question here that asks me something about the way I get things done, is there conscious feelings or emotion around them? Now I have to go think! I know I have a manner, a way, a process of getting certain things done (for example, writing) but I have not thought about the way I might get “other” things done; for example: communication in relationship with others, making meditation space, cleaning up my well-being, and all sorts of other stuff! AARRRGGHHH! may have to blog about this . . .

    1. yes the past few day that have lead up to this one have been a bit “full of living” as Kathy above suggested! I am thrilled to have the opportunity to have these moments to create, to enjoy, to be challenged, to reflect… all part of the process of living fully…

      I am glad you found a question in my rambling post and questions, and that it has offered you a thoughtful path to maybe blog about! Made me smile!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Jeff – “Owl Appearance” is a grand photo. Wow, he/she is a big guy/gal!

    I like the way your words capture what seems to have been going on — “fragmented” or “separated” comes to mind. But the end rerveals that you’ve connected all of the dots. All of the things that have a need to get done, are getting done.

    Growth Question: Do you find a question here that asks you something about the way you get things done; is there conscious feelings or emotion around them?

    I don’t FEEL there are any questions being asked. But I do SEE that we go about things in a very different manner. Neither one “right,” — neither one “wrong.” I think it’s a matter of style. We simply take different paths to get to the same tree (so to speak).

    (I’m sorry for the late response to your post. We did two bike trails today: one was 15 miles, the other was 10. We’ve been gone most of the day).

    1. Laurie,

      I was thrilled to finally get this close, Owl was only a few feet away, I have come across him/her there a few times and usually with out the camera. So this time I was over joyed !

      I think it was more my writing that was or is “fragmented” or “separated” ? I many was i was trying to capture the past few days and not in a very coherent manner. But of course these are my pages and thoughts are to be randomly processed.

      Growth questions was a bit off the wall to, because I did not think there was a question yet created one as I asked? Yes, laurie you seem to be very organized and goal oriented, I kind of fly by the seat of my pants. yet the path all lead to the same place.

      Hey I knew you and Len were out enjoying yourselves, so I did not expect an answer first thing. It is good to see that you take the opportunities you have and live your life fully too!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Things have been a little crazy around here but wanted to quickly comment before getting some sleep. I love the sequence of photos you selected for this post. First the owl, one of your spirit guides for the journey ahead. (And what an amazing picture you got of him!!!) And then, during the concert, some time to reflect on the road taken, as you contemplate the stories of other artists. Then a physical part of the trip, in the car and in the rain. Then your name in print on the announcement card to help attract the desired audience, followed by the show itself, the “end” of this leg of your journey. What a wonderful post you created, how everything came together for you!

    1. Barbara,

      I am not sure that I consciously laid it out the way you have described it but I now ‘see’ your connection! How wonderful!
      Well ponder more deeply !!!

      I am Love, Jeff

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