Perceptive of time

“We are always doing something,  talking, reading, listening to the radio, planning what next. The mind is kept naggingly busy on some easy, unimportant external thing all day.” Brenda Ueland


Do I have a blog in me today? What is going for me? The focus is to get the Photography matted and framed. I have to go down to Woodstown to pick up two photographs that where at Beans Coffee shop. Save me the money of buying new frames, and the drive could be used as a photo opportunity even in this oppressive heat. I will go as early as I can so I am not out there in the midst of the worst part of the day.

8 Photographs are matted and framed two more to go and I may add a couple of more. I am pleased with my choices. I decided to go with one 11×14 to set a theme for three themes with two 8×10’s each. Themes being Nature, (flowers), GLBT grouping, and Eastern State Penitentiary grouping. There is one extra which is nature, shot from Easton Mt, “Misty Path” which has been hanging in my room for some time now. It is the “old” photograph I have used thus far. I will go through the my printed files and see what else I may use. But first was getting the 9 new shots printed and framed.

Speaking out!

I came to find out that if I sent the photographs via internet to the store and cropped them and check color before sending them off I would have saved half. Since I don’t have charge card, I could not send them that way. I did all the work but when I was at the store and he quoted me the price I asked about the amount that I was quoted online, and he said because he did the work it is more. Really? Shame Ritz camera is so far away now, they closed so many stores but it may be worth while to make the trip or get myself some gift cards from the bank to save a few dollars.  Learn something new everyday.

I realized through this process of gathering all the pieces for the show, I have not had much opportunity to take photographs, even through I have looked at tons, choosing, rejecting, choosing something, else, discovering new work within my on-line files, that stuns me, causes me to look twice, three times at it. I am amazed when I more away from the photographs for a while and then come back to view them from a distance of time and a new perspective that I find work that I first enjoyed does not always live up to my thoughts if it, and that I find new gems among the light and shadows. Ah ha ! Or oh Wow! I found a shot of Eastern State Penitentiary just that way, I was like where did this come from? What is with this effect around the edges? It was as if I had used a lens baby lens to blur the sides and give a look of tunnel vision when I don’t own such a lens, and was unaware of the effect before.

into the rubble

After  a few hours of matting and framing, the dinning room is sort of  a mess of photographs, frames, glass cleaner, paper towels, and other assorted equipment to accomplish my goals of getting this collection together for the exhibit. An exhibit I feel is a new direction for my art, for me creatively and socially and hopefully financially. I am truly blessed with this exhibit at the William Way Center. The exposure is greater than any exhibit I have had before, I did have work in a Barnes and Noble in Saratoga Springs NY for two months, which was really my first major public exhibit, Yet this feels different intuitively different, a sense of coming out, a sense of artistic freedom I have not allowed myself to have before. Hmm?

Thank you! I Love You!

Growth Question: Do you notice that a creative piece or relationship has a different perspective when viewed at a later time? If so, what is the effect?

I am Love, Jeff

6 thoughts on “Perceptive of time”

  1. Jeff – “Stunning” is just that — stunning! I will come back to that photograph throughout the day to let my eyes drink that in again, and again.

    I really like when you said, “… view them from a distance of time.” You are oh-so-right that time does have a way of changing our perspective, whether we’re looking at photographs, or remembering people, places, things, or events. For me it seems to soften the edges (somewhat like you described with a “baby lens” — not because I’ve forgotten, but because I’ve changed. My life experience in that space of time has changed me — changed the lens I view life through.

    Growth Question: Do you notice that a creative piece or relationship has a different perspective when viewed at a later time? If so, what is the effect?

    In having to re-create so many pieces since losing writing projects on my hard drive I’ve noticed that my relationship with the rebirthed pieces is different. Not better or worse — I don’t mean that, but different somehow — “mellow” might be a good way to try to describe the effect.

    Great blog post Jeff — thank you.

    1. Laurie,

      I have had “Stunning” on my computer screen for sometime now! Yet when I saw it framed it took my breath away! It is now hanging on the wall in the living room, for a few days. The view is always here for you to look at !

      Viewed from space and time things can look and feel different. I recall moments when I first joined AA and was reading the books and doing the steps, that through the course of days, weeks, months, and even years the meanings became clearer, the words that where always there seemed to show up like I had never seen them before! A wonderful powerful experience!

      Thank you for you visit! and comments

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Hi Jeff,
        Your doing great things with your photography. I love the pieces you pick for your blogs.
        Getting ready for an exhibit is hard work but sounds like you have it all under control.
        Growth Question: Do you notice that a creative piece or relationship has a different perspective when viewed at a later time? If so, what is the effect?
        Yes, this has happened many times for me. I live in a rural ranch and mining town. Often they do not see the vision of my work. However, now and than I will introduce myself to someone I don’t know only to have them say ” I love your work” and they know I’m an artist.
        My artwork gets more noticed and bought on line through out the world then it does where I live!!
        I have often heard it said ‘If we knew what people wanted we would all just create that.” Well we don’t so just do what you like and people will come to look and enjoy.

  2. Jeff — if you have a bank account, you can get a debit card that works just like a charge card; just make sure you specifically ask the bank for one that has the “charge” option so that you don’t have worry about putting in a PIN number all the time. Favorite photo of the day: Into the Rubble ranks numero uno! It sounds like you are tuning in so well to your exhibit. I am sending you lots of revealing energy so that the folks who visit find themselves in your work and then, of course, they will want to possess what they see.

    Now, in terms of the growth question and whether a creative piece of work or a relationship has a different perspective . . . well, now that you’ve asked, I have to admit that changing my perspective actually requires a little bit of work on my part. Time alone does not necessarily grant me the option of seeing with new eyes, which means that I am stuck for some reason in the same place I was when I created the work or was in the relationship. What an excellent revealing lesson you have taught me.

  3. Jeff, it’s so wonderful to see you happy and busy…

    Perspective does change because we’re always growing and our focus keeps changing. When I look at what I’ve written about my childhood I smile sometimes because what seemed so very important at one time later seems less important than something else that now seems much more significant.

    The effect is that when my kids are focusing on a point that may seem moot to me, I don’t overreact and try to get them to see things the way I see them now. I know they’ll inevitably get a different perspective when they need it, as time goes on.

    Looking forward to hearing about your show!

    1. Barbara,

      Happy and busy or busy being happy? Thank you, I was not aware I was showing up other wise, yet my mood this morning is not one of “happiness” I am not sure what it is. I need some perspective.
      Thank you for coming by and commenting. New blog pages coming up very soon!

      I am Love, Jeff

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