What are you agreements with self?

True Life is lived when tiny changes occur. Leo Tolstoy

tiny changes

At 2 am I was awakened by something, I thought it was thunder, and then I heard Riley’s little bark of wanting, he has different barks for different needs or wants. Really! So I came down to check on him, and both the dogs were awake, not anxious but awake. So I got the sense they wanted to go for a walk, so dressed and went out into the 79 degree humid heat of the night, not a breeze to stir the dusty leaves, it was almost silent, a few late night birds, I thought I heard the owl in the deeper part of the wood. The whoosh of traffic on the turnpike, less than a mile away, was the sound of life on the move in the darkness of the night. Nothing eventful during our sojourn around the edge of the wood in the field where you could feel the coolness in some area’s rather than in others. Back to the house, the dogs tucked in once again. I went to my room, and found a copy of The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, it has been on my mind to re-read because a Faerie friend is having a book discussion circle in which I would like to attend and having knowledge of the book once again would be helpful. I am aware of the Four Agreements

  1. Be Impeccable with Your Word.
  2. Don’t Take Anything Personally.
  3. Don’t Make Assumptions.
  4. Always Do Your Best.
holding on or letting go

Very similar to the Buddhist Noble Eight Fold Path : And the Five Precepts of Reiki:

  1. Today, feel no anger.
  2. Have no worries.
  3. Feel Gratitude.
  4. Show diligence in your undertakings.
  5. Treat others with Kindness .

Or  stated as affirmations, Just for today I release all anger. Just for today I release all worry. I show gratitude for my blessing. I earn my living with integrity. I honor every living thing.

These are great agreements or precepts or affirmations to live by, to guide one through their day and living rightly as the buddhist would say. Yet here I was in the middle of the night or early morning reading The Four Agreements being confronted by the language, the words that I was not finding impeccable, without sin, is what impeccable means. What I was experiencing with reading first 46 pages was darkness, the pain, the sadness of the worlds situation as Don Miguel was explaining the Domestication and the Dream of the Planet in chapter 1 as well as continued well into the explanation of Be Impeccable with your word in chapter two. I even begun to look for the light that was supposed to shine in this book, within these so-called impeccable words, and it was difficult for me to find. I went to the later part of the book and chapter 6 The Toltec Path to Freedom Breaking Old Agreements to find some relief and still found no peacefulness within this book!


It seems to be fighting the shadows, it seems to be breaking the behavior and even mass rebellion out of our darkness, out of our dream state that was not our own dream but the dream of those who came before us, family, friends, teachers, etc. It is so unlike, Conversations with God, so unlike The Artist’s Way and so many other more positive, humorous, Love expressed paths to finding our way along our journey of healing, of re-covery, of discovery of who we are. Spiritual Beings have a human experience, God experiencing creation through the mind of man, God experiencing creation through creating.

I awoke with this denseness in my solar plexus which I felt as we walk our first walk of the day, really our second, in the mugginess of the still dry dusty wood. I had to conscious move into that place to breathe, to heal, to honor who I am now. Through this process and a thought that I remember having earlier as I was reading, you are no longer in that place,  you know longer believe the “dream” of the collective unconsciousness of the planet. That the light shine for you and from you. You are not whole but your healing has taken your closer to your presence, closer to who you really are! The Creative being, the loving being that you are is evident in your life and in your being, through your art and through your presence.

Thank you! I Love you!

Growth Question: Is your word impeccable? Is your life a shinning example of who your are being? Please share your experience.

I am Love, Jeff

8 thoughts on “What are you agreements with self?”

  1. Jeff – I enjoyed the way you shared about your 2:00a.m. meander through the woods. Your description made me feel like I was righ there with you. My favorite photo in this group is “holding on or letting go.”

    Growth Questions:

    Is your word impeccable?
    Yes, my word is impeccable.

    Is your life a shinning example of who your are being?
    You’ve read this before on my blog, but I will share it again, here. As you know, an area of tremendous interest to me is the optical occurrence in certain gemstones such as moonstone, opal and Labradorite. It’s known as Adularescence; a distinctive shimmering or glow that appears to come from below the surface, but which is caused by diffraction of light. This phenomenon is impossible in the absence of light. The shimmering only takes place in the presence of light. It is my desire to live in a heart-based manner that radiates the presence of inner light—Divine Love.

    1. I think the experience was a meander through the woods Laurie? The woods of where I have been and the woods of where I am going!

      yes: and you are an example of how to live in a heart based manner!
      Thank you for always shinning your light!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Ruiz’s 4 Agreements are a good code of behaviour to live by. But so much of what I discover when I try to find answers in the wisdom of others is that I really have to find it in myself. Sometimes that is experienced as light shining out and around and through me. Sometimes it’s sitting in the discomfort of darkness. And both are real. Neither are permanent. Can I experience them without attachment or identifying with them? That’s the challenge for me these days.

    1. Janet,

      So wonderful to have you stop by my blog and to comment! What a gift! Thank you!

      You are correct neither are permanent the shinning light or discomfort of darkness. Learning to experience with attachment is the challenge and one very well worth taking on!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Thanks for sharing Jeff…
    My favorite photo is the drooping stem….Will it shine or not???

    I have some cards that are patterned after the book “The Four Agreements” (Thanks to Holessence) They are a great way to focus on one aspect of one of the four agreements every day.

    Laurie –Thanks for reminding us of that Divine Light

  4. Of course I must comment on The Four Agreements! That you were disturbed by the words and found no peace or solace within them essentially means that you are waking up. The world don Miguel Ruiz describes should make us feel icky — we know we are dreaming and we are just beginning to wake up. If you did not recognize the truth in his words, they would have had no impact upon you at all. The words have stirred something in you that does not want to remain domesticated and obedient.

    Growth question: is my word impeccable? Better on some days than others. I find that if I am tempted to gossip or use my word against another, I choose to remain silent. My words should serve a purpose of supporting others.

    1. Ah! Barbara, what you have written here makes things more clear to me now! Thank you!

      Great growth questions response! Yes we are still not perfect, and slip off track…
      I think you words have served a purpose here!

      I am Love, Jeff

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