In the midst of it all

Art? You just do it! Martin Ritt


Is there a blog waiting to be written, thoughts to be shared or do I just want to ignore this process? The process that helps put things in perspective. Opens the door to awareness as well as forward movement.

I received the confirmation this morning with details of the William Way Center Gallery Art show which is my prize, winning 2 second place in the annual Juried Art show, two months ago. The new show runs from July 12 to August 27 with reception on Friday July 16th. I have the option of 10/15 pieces. They request two images for post cards to announce and promote the exhibit. The work has to be in on July 11, and all most be available for sale with 35%  commission going to the center .

Do I have anything ready? Of course not! Do I know what pieces I would like to exhibit? Yes a few, as I had written before my thoughts about this exhibit should represent my art in many genera’s or express more gay themed work? Two men from the Reception desired to see more photographs from Eastern State Penitentiary which is a powerful statement of lines and shadow, darkness and light! I am being dawn to some of the shots of The Faces of Marriage that I took at the Equality Forum Out Festival in the early spring. Yet does this work represent me as an artist, or person? Or both.

Breathe Jeff, Breathe… It will all come to you! You have great art work, beautiful photography in many areas. Yes Nature should be represent too. It is your natural setting, yet not as interesting to many people yet you have some powerful views of common everyday sights. And it is the purpose of your gift to show the world the extraordinary everyday world! So choose those too! Breathe…. Aahhh! Breathe…

a different shade

The lilies shots that I posted yesterday where from a garden in Collingswood NJ, that has been a center piece on the road for years, and on my way back from the farmers market I stopped there to shoot the flowers. As I drove into the parking lot I notice a guy sitting there on the back of his truck, shirtless, ear pods in his ears, upon looking at the truck I realized he was the landscaper, he was there watering the plants, it was never set up with an in ground system so with the heat we have had manual watering was a must. He looked over when I got out of the van, I gestured to the camera, holding up, he said sure. So I went about my  creativity, it was fairly bright at 10 am, so I had to shot and a much different level, shifting the shutter to about 1000 to cut down the light and not have burn out. There was nothing in the garden much more than the different colors of lilies, the bright orange, the pale yellow-green, yellow, and the rusty read. A few other flowers where there but not in the best of shape due from natural evolution more than anything else.

On my way to leave I went over to offer the guy my business card, that is when I found out he was the landscaper and had been doing this work for over 20 years or more, he was about to be 65 and still doing his art. He talked about some of the places he had worked on and still does. He mentioned that many had cut back and that is why there were only lilies on display among the greens.


On Sunday I met with a friend for brunch in the Fairmont area of Philly, across the street from Eastern State Penitentiary. I chose to do meet Russ instead of heading to New Hope Pa and a Photo gathering that was going for the day. Russ had reached out a few weeks ago, he had found me on Facebook, we had been AA friends before I moved to NJ and up to NY. In moving I lost contact with many people who are now starting to resurface and I thought it would be nice to have some one or one time. He had followed my foot steps to Community College to get his Associates in Behavioral Health and continued on. He just received his Master in Social work. So we had that in common, plus he seems to be shining the light on a deeper spiritual journey as well his interest in the Radical Faeries.

After bunch of Vegan Wrap of cucumber, tomato, humus, and a cup of gazpacho and good honest conversations we walked down to Logan Square to but our feet in the fountain which was filled with kids of all ages splashing about, running under the sprays of water shooting from mouths of frogs, turtles, and fish. As well as the giant figures that make up the fountain center in which 40 foot sprays of water shoot into the sky and run down muscular figures into the terraced fountain at our feet.

Leap Frog?

Ahh! I feel better now! So my path for the next couple of weeks is laid out for me. Searching, choosing, printing, framing, exhibiting. Not only at the William Way Center but also at Beans Coffee Shop in Woodstown NJ, which I missed last month due to the art show. I was very surprised when I realized I had missed the Salem County Art League exchange exhibit which is a bimonthly exhibit. Much as been going on for me artistically, caught up in the rush of the Art show win and reception I lost track to Art League goings on. More than just taking photographs getting work out there, exhibited, and expressed.

Thank you ! I Love You!

Growth Question: Do you get lost in your creativity and forget other activities?

I am Love, Jeff


6 thoughts on “In the midst of it all”

  1. Jeff – Great photographs. Great, great phogotraphs! The way you described your conversation with the landscaper gentleman I almost felt like I was evesdropping.

    Growth Question: Do you get lost in your creativity and forget other activities?

    Yes – I do get lost in my creativity.

    No – I do not forget other activities? I keep a planner that tells me when I’m approaching deadlines, events, etc. It’s not just marked on the “day of” an event. Rather, It says, “You’ve got 10 days until thus-and-such.”

  2. Jeff, I clicked on the Eastern State Penitentiary link and found the “Long view of cell block” picture very striking. Such a desolate place, yet with a few pictures hanging on the wall eerily lit up by the scant sunlight… As if decorating the hallway would somehow make a difference.

    And there you go again, capturing a moment, in “Leap Frog?” Fantastic!!!

    Yep, I get lost in creativity and forget other activities all the time! My grandfather always told us if we forget to eat while we’re doing something, then that thing is our life’s work. Wonder what he would have thought of blogging…

    1. Barbara R,

      I am glad you followed the link and took a look. The Pen is an inspiring place, dark, crumbling and frightening in ways. A great place to photograph!
      I am glad Russ suggested we walk to the fountain, for it doing so I got shots I may not have by just walking by. Playing in the fountain is source of cooling off and relaxing for some.

      Yes when I am out taking photographs the time seems to stop, meals are forgotten, strength seems to come from inward spirit to move into that place. Wise Grandfather!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. This writing felt as if I was walking through the day with you, Jeff. I could hear and see you taking the photographs of the garden, having lunch with your friend, and then enjoying the splashing antics of children at play in water. By the time you were writing the closing lines, you felt calmer, clearer, and focused within yourself. For the growth question, do I get lost in my creativity? Not as much as I would like. It has been a couple of years since I have been inside a piece of writing. Thank you for reminding me.

    1. Barbara K,

      Thank you for going on the journey with me. I was an unplanned week adventure up to a point, so recapturing it in words and photographs allows me to hold its essence for future memories.

      I am Love, Jeff

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