… one spirit child can lead a hundred of the physical children out of the woods. Therefore, give freely of our ideas, our poetry, out art-in other words, our spirit children. In this way we reach out to all kinds of people, we speak in many different dimensions. We bring the world to the village.” Harry Hay

pale yellow/green

The quote above resonated with me as I read it yesterday and I did not have the time to give to writing blog/pages yet it called to me this morning once again even though I was drawn to another quote which may show here as well.

Harry Hay was and his partner John Burnside are the founding fathers of the Radical Faeries as well as Harry Hay’s continued work on redefining gender and the rights of GLBT people. Is influence is all over the modern-day gay moment, even though many are unaware of his contributions to our freedom and expression of spirituality and sexuality in a more conscious way.

I bring this forth as I begin to re-define who I am, in what defines me as a person. In Self-Definition section of the Life Harmony course Laurie Buchanan ask us to examine or make a list of the Shades of color and contrast of canvas that is our life. Which gives it depth and captures our attention, drawing us in to experience who we are from a deeper level of self, in other words from outside in, yet giving the inside the opportunity to shine the light that illuminates out being. The questions are Who are your favorite teachers and authors? Who are  your heros? What are your favorite things?

A few years ago while in workshop, I think, Body Electric a ten-day intensive erotic awareness workshop, we where ask to claim our ancestors, in two minutes, I said immediately my gay ancestors, the men and women who came before me so that I could now stand there among other gay man claiming my sexuality in wholeness and healthiness. I had a the time some knowledge of the GLBT community who came before me, but not as rich as it became later or is still unfolding. One of the reasons I went to Easton Mt Retreat center was to claim my space among those people. To learn, to hear their wisdom, to gain knowledge  about who I was as a gay man from a different perspective then bars, bath houses, back-rooms, and unconscious sexual behavior. To reach out beyond the surface to polish the gems, to open the gifts in awareness to define me as a whole being. Those who where unheard of heros, ordinary men an women who made life for the GLBT community that much more open an honest.

Rusty Swan

My favorite teachers are Fr Joe Orsini, Father Jack, Sister Barbara, later in community collage there where a hand full of men and women who ran the Behavioral Health and Human Services department who influenced my learning greatly.

Authors: Neale Donald Walsch, Wayne Dryer, Mark Thompson, Caroline Myss, Dan Millman, Anne Rice, Michael Connelly, Eckhart Toole, Andrew Harvey. And so many more…

These author and teacher and heros all define different groups I identify with as well. Spiritual community, wellness, wholeness communities, GLBT community.

Of course the photography community as well as the arts which is a newer more powerful identification than it had been before. Inspiration is all around me in all forms of life, interest expand and wane as the shifting moods. Being creative has opened new doors, new vistas of ever evolving consciousness.

Got to stop now none of this is making and sense the flow seems to have pooled somewhere.

Thank you! I Love you!

Growth Question: What colors and contrast you canvas of Life?

I am Love, Jeff


8 thoughts on “Self-Defining”

  1. Jeff, This is a juicy post; rich with vibrant photographs and thoughts — both.

    Growth Question: What colors and contrast your canvas of life?

    My intentional choices … both what I intentionally choose to do, and what I intentionally choose to refrain from doing. These “colors” give deep texture to the canvas. I was interviewed this morning by a person who is writing a book called “Delight in Living.” AT the end she asked, “What are your top three priorities in life?” I said, “I’ll answer that if I can give you four — each of them is EQUALLY important to me:

    1. To make a contribution that is positive, uplifting, constructive, and healing — daily if possible.

    2. To forgive.

    3. To let go.

    4. Simplicity.

    These are the colors I choose to paint my life’s canvas with.

  2. I love it when you don’t make sense! Off you go chasing thoughts all over the place, collecting them in this blog, and I am sure you will come back at some point and pore over them and realize they are all beginnings to somewhere. The photos are so blatant, strong, and vibrant: collossal! For the growth question: my pursuit of spiritual self-truth colors my life while my need to live as an earthly being contrasts it.

    1. Barbara K,

      Chasing all over the place, or meandering to hunt and gather sights and sound, life experiences, seeking opportunities to inform and enlighten the wisdom that is within.
      Now here are some words of expression to describe my photography, “blatant, strong, and vibrant: collossal! Wow! Thank you so much!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. I love the rusty swan… And I love the winding trail of your thoughts, not all paths are direct and focused. Sometimes you get there in spite of, or because of, the route…

    Growth Question: Blue. It attracts me like no other color. (Orange hurts my eyes, literally.) Deep blue-greens, soft grays and browns. I’m learning to like brighter colors from your photos, which seem to capture color differently than what I often see. Can’t put my finger on it. But I’ve always preferred muted and heathery shades. I prefer quiet gatherings, too, rather than loud bold affairs.

    1. Barbara R,

      Thank you for enjoying the art and my art of winding thoughts! Yes sometimes I get there and sometimes it is just a meander through the forest of my mind. Hunting and gathering up the life experience.

      I understand your shying away from bright colors and preferring more muted tones of color. I am glad that the photographs could offer you a new perspective on vibrant color!

      I am Love, Jeff

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