Synchronicity of Anger !

… “forget the past, put it all away;
Turn a brand new page, rescue your being from yesterday;
Become a child of the present age, of youth, of wisdom,
Never leave this bountiful moment, this eternal day.”

feathers and eggs

I have had that thought for a couple of days now. I noticed myself picking things up around the wood, while walking and photography, observing, breathing in the fragrance and sent of the wood, that I pick up feathers, broken bird egg-shell, and yesterday I found a whole egg, white and smooth. I realized this is something I did was a kid, foraging around in ponds and streams, catching fogs, crawfish/crayfish, gathering rocks that interested me for some reason or another. Hey guess what I still do? Many are in photograph form but many gather around the house or in my room to infuse the space with its spirit energy. I have a collection of Owl feathers, and had a face to face with the young Owl yesterday. I stood not more than ten feet away, looking right at it, breathing into the moment to be in the moment, talking to the bird to gentle it, and then stood silent with it for a few moments it never left it perch, it watch for the dogs, in an interested way, yet still never move. When Muffin came up to me I move along because she would have bark at him/her and frightened the creator off. We just gently went on our way. ( No camera)

I found some messages that where from last week in my spam box, I should check in there more often. Had a message for a guy yesterday I did not know who left a comment, and followed him to his blog. And a couple of other comments, one who was texting my blog to her list. Wow! Who knew anyone wanted to read this?

Almost raspberry's !

I got a bit distracted by a chat with my friend Sylvia, it is a good distraction. I usually trying to check in with her when I see she is on yahoo, or  Facebook. So I have sort of lost my flow here.

We finally have broken down a had to turn the air conditioner on, the night was hot and humid, without much of a breeze, so the night of sleep was broken with sweaty dreams, shifting to get comfortable. Waking up at 5:30 am to get a few hours of cool morning air, to drink my tea and read while sitting in the yard, to rive up the mind into consciousness.

Moving on the chapter 3 in “the Artist’s Way” Recovering a Sense of Power, in which I will once again look at emotions such as anger, sense of shame, dealing with criticism, learning to use synchronicity and not just comment on its presence. I think anger has already shown it head with my reaction to the ordination of someone I know. Some one I feel strongly about in his gaining this role of power in a negative way. This chapter suggests that “anger is the firestorm that signals the death of our old life. Anger is the fuel that propels us into a new one. Anger is a tool, not a master. Anger is meant to be tapped into and drawn upon. Used properly, anger is use-full. ” I find this to be a great description of anger and I don’t think I have ever use the word anger so many time in one sitting or paragraph in my life.

Green shadows and Light

It is not an emotion that  I seem to tap into very often, maybe I call it something else, maybe it presents in resentment, or withdraw which are behaviors of mine that I have used in the past. Peter’s blog Living and dying with eyes wide open, as touched on these emotions a few times, yesterday and a week ago. When he reminded me of my behavior at Easton Mt when I could not understand why people were not responsible for the own things. And it seemed I was the one left to clean it up, pick it up, etc. In Peter’s blog he offers some wise choices and suggest one stay present, by bowing, and letting go.

Finding my way through the pit falls of what I would call negative behavior and Julie Cameron is calling tools, fuel, and even an invitation to action. I the language I am seeking the more positive, creative brush strokes that will paint different picture with different hues that will color my world in joy and fabulousness !

Thank you! I love you!

Growth Question: What are your tools to expand  your creativity, to add joy and fabulousness to your world?

I am Love, Jeff


16 thoughts on “Synchronicity of Anger !”

  1. Jeff – I can’t believe you’re surprised that people want to come and read/see your blog. It’s a wonderful place to moor the boat during the day; to get a refreshing breather.

    You referred to Peter’s blog (Living and Dying with Eyes Wide Open). I am a frequent reader there as well. I agree with bowing and letting go. But before I do those two actions steps, however, I sit with “whatever it is” for a while. I examine it to see what lesson(s) I have learned from it. Once I’ve taken that step, then I can bow and let go with sincerity.

    Growth Question: What are your tools to exand your creativity, to add joy and fabulousness to your world?

    Laughter! Laughter releases a burst of endorphins into the bloodstream that pump me up for creative action. As a matter of fact, I’m in that mode right now (Thursdays are my days for writing).

    1. Laurie,

      “a freshening breather” what a wondrous expression to summarize my blogs/pages! I am honored! Truly!
      Yes I understand the sitting with the disturbance before bowing and letting go. Because other wise one maybe left with undressed and or unclear emotions about the situation.

      Laugh and the whole world laugh alone with you, or something like that the phrase goes. With all that you have been through in the past week with the “geek squad” and “hard drive” crash I am amazed and inspired by your resilience and state of Being! Of course Len may have another story to tell? Ha!

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Jeff – With 30 years of marriage under our belts, Len knows when to “get outta Dodge!” (so to speak). He’s mastered “giving Herself a wide berth,” and perfected the art of “laying low.” He’s one heck of a guy.

        Neither one of us gets our undies in a bundle very often, but when I does occur, we know what to do, and more importantly, what not to do.

        Lest we make Len out to walk on water and wear a halo … I, too, have perfected “Sheez Louise, alright already,” and “Whadda mean you bought ANOTHER tool?!” and “Oh for crying out loud!”

  2. It still surprises me a little bit to see things over the course of the day that speak directly to my spirit, even more so when I’m not sure I understand what I’m feeling myself. Things that I thought were long buried come out of the dark and stir me up, situations I believed I had long released end up tying my wrists again. For the past 3 days I have walked around fighting the urge to just scream, at what and for what reasons I really wasn’t fully aware. On a whim last week (before I’d had a chance to read any of your creative drought blogs) I bought a sketch pad, remembering that in my former life–pre-Scott & the kids–I liked to have paper and chalks. I have never been able to draw worth a crud, but I did used to enjoy putting color to paper to see what was there when I finished. Everything I’ve done so far tho has a reddish-yellowish-orangish hue. Even in non-thinking moments, I seem to be ablaze on the inside. Not quite sure it’s anger, specifically. But it does feel the way I imagine a hornet’s nest would feel when its occupants are stirred up and riled because a bird flew into it, busy and buzzing and defensive.

    When I read the direct quote you blogged, about anger being a firestorm that signals the death of the old life and pushes us forward into a new one, I remembered. I set a deadline of sorts a while back and then kind of pushed it out of my mind, saying that after I got back from Kentucky this summer, life would take a different turn. I’m looking for a job, for starters; I have all but completely closed Mom’s taxi service effective the day my “vacation” is over, opening for business only in cases of extreme necessity; as of the first sunrise after my return to Florida, Emily is on her own as apparently the bottom she has hit isn’t quite rocky enough yet; and as much as I worry about growing apart from my husband, I am going to–as you said before–put myself out there a little more because the isolation is suffocating me to death. I really had forgotten those things, or chose to ignore it for a time, one being closer to the heart of things than the other at different times. But the buzzing has quieted somewhat this morning; the defensiveness has dropped from DEFCON 4 to 2; and I’m thinking of pinks, lavenders, muted grays and light blues–the colors in the sky AFTER the sun begins to shine on another part of the world, rather than the direct blinding light it is because you’re staring into it for too long.

    I’d never considered myself a creative person because I’d carried a very narrow view of what creativity truly is. Only recently has the idea that my tossing an extra herb into the salad is creative; arranging Jake’s photos on my wall is creative–as is the understanding that the photos that usually best capture his spirit are the ones in which he is NOT looking directly at the camera; twisting my hair into a braid before I fold the laundry is creative; and blending chalks on paper is creative. I’m learning that the most valuable tool for creative expansion is my third–inner, but most people who read this blog probably knew that already–eye.

    I Love you too. 🙂

    1. Stacey,

      What a wonderful surprise to see you here! I was thrilled to see your message! WoW!
      Be not surprised be Grateful for those intuitive voice that speak to you during your day.
      Sometimes going with the scream is a good thing, lets the energy shift. Scream away baby, scream just to scream or dance or run, shift the energy in a positive way. If you chose too!

      I have seen you be very creative with your family and your growth in the past few years. Recognizing the artfulness of listening and communication, finding solutions to situations that use to baffle us, setting boundaries to gain sanity and freedom to recreate self-definition is a beautiful expression of our ability to create joy and progress in our lives.

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. That raspberry! I want to eat it! Will have to make do with the organic ones I picked up at the grocery store today. They don’t look quite so scrumptious as the one in your photo, even if it isn’t quite ready! I also love the earth tones in the first picture, the still-life. (If that’s the correct term…)

    Is owl one of your spirit guides?

    What are your tools to expand your creativity, to add joy and fabulousness to your world? Hmmm…. I guess books (for ideas) and walks in the woods (for invigoration), a change of scenery. Once I read somewhere that if you’re stuck in a rut, do something, any little thing, differently. And it works well for me. Even having iced tea in a different glass inspired me yesterday. This probably works for me because I tend to be a creature of habit. Tim calls me a hobbit. 🙂

  4. Barbara R.

    I have notice more Raspberry’s about, soon I will have them on my breakfast, and more photos to grace these pages.
    Yes the feathers and eggs would be consider a “Still Life” I suppose in some way. Thank you!
    I am thinking Owl has become a new spirit guide to me, come to think of it I my Shaman friend use to say he saw an Owl eminentating from me. I just remember that! Wow!

    Great tools or practices to expand your creativity!

    I am Love, Jeff

    1. That’s interesting that that your friend saw an owl emanating from you. The first time I received Reiki, my healer had a vision of a deer with a message for me. We had just met and she had no way of knowing about my deer connections. It was a powerful and deeply meaningful experience for me.

      1. Barbara R.

        Your Reiki practitioner was just affirming what you already knew in your case. When Joe informed me of Owl, I had never had a relationship with Owl, I did with Woodpecker and Beaver. So it was a revelation to remember his insight!

  5. Owl totem is with you strongly, Jeff! (I am catching up on my blog reading now that class is out.) So much power here in these words: anger contains much energy and the best warriors know how to channel that energy usefully and purposefully. Your writing lately has reflected a new sense of energy and flow. My tools to expand my creativity . . . hmmm: yoga, running, writing my blog, meditating, and best of all: letting go.

    1. Barbara,

      Owl was there again this morning. I almost missed it, if it had not been for one of them to have flown off I would not have seen the one closest to me. We met eye to eye for a few moments, breathing in the air around us together.
      I think channeling the energy all of our tools usefully and purposefully is a powerful creative expression of who we truly are!
      All good energetic ways to expand your creativity~

      I am Love, Jeff

  6. I enjoy your nature photos.
    Raspberries are one of my favorite things, and I was happy to see a raspberry photo here. My late grandparents lived on the coast of Washington state, and had a small farm, including a raspberry patch. There were always either fresh, frozen or dried (fruit leather) raspberries to eat, and I could never quite get my fill of those wonderful things.

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