Learn By Doing!

“We learn to do something by doing it. There is no other way.” John Holt (Educator)

Very Berry

Each morning to set out to write the blog/pages is learning to do something, learning by doing something. Facing my fears, examining my blocks, rewarding my gifts, shinning light on the path before me. The pages inform me of where I have been and where I may wish to show up in the future of Now. And that means sometimes these pages are boring, or difficult. Sometimes they may flow like a spring stream, quick, and clear, fresh and refreshing all the surrounds that flow.

Yesterday I wrought of drought, I wrote of a reaction to a situation, which I have no control over and is non of my darn business. My business is to understand why I was feeling dry, to examine where my reaction was emanating from? Those questions still have no real answers as of yet, for the answer will be revealed in time, through the continued seeking in gentle ways to shine light on these growth questions. For in these challenges is where I meet myself, the me now, to become Higher Self, the more aware conscious self.

Just in sight!

Later in the day yesterday I had the opportunity to take a walk in the woods, a low and behold what did I see along the path, a path I had walked earlier in the day. A day lily, shinning brightly, like it had just sprung there to make me wonder, and smile, guess what I did not have the camera. I made a note to bring it in the morning, which I did. Also Muffin and Riley and I took a path we had not been on for a while because it had become too overgrown with sticker bushes, and to difficult to walk through with short on. To my amazement someone had cut it back. I mentally thank that being, and traveled it, still no camera, but the walk was to be in a cooler place, to be surrounded by huge trees, making the path green shadowed, somewhat refreshing to walk. Along that path there where broken branches, and sycamore balls that make walking a bit difficult, yet slow one down enough to watch their step, view what is in front and along the paths, listening to the birds, and the slight moment of the leaves and branches, the shimmer and moan to make one know they are not alone. Mushrooms where in sight, just in few places, only a two mushroom in total in different areas yet there non the less. Since it has been so dry and in the 90’s I did not expect to see such sights!

Sunny and Bright!

Later in the day about 5:00 another walk after the dog’s dinner and before cooking the stir fry I had already prepared the dogs immediately cornered and ground-hog, playing tug a war with it, until I chased them, Muffin let go, but Riley was asserting his primal nature and maleness, continued to grapple with the creator, and fairly big guy, causing all kinds of cries, but there was no saving the poor thing once Riley has his mind-set on what he is doing. Once it was over and he took it away to leave his prize under the bushes to check on later, I looked at him and his face was bath in blood and goodness knows what else, his nose was raw where the ground-hog in its struggle gave him a swipe or something. We head to the stream to get Riley washed off as best I could to see what damage there was. He did not like my attention much but other than the raw nose, nothing else seemed to be amiss, thank goodness!

I used to be disturbed by this behavior of the dogs but I realized I had no control over their natural instinct to hunt and kill these creators. Usually I don’t get to witness the whole mess because they run off along the path sniffing them out, and later come back carrying their prize, all proud and happy. I wish they would not behave in such a way yet it helps keep the ground-hog population under control to a degree.

On Happier artistic note, Barbara R. one of my faith followers here on this blog/pages purchase 8 cards of “Capturing the Sun” which was a leading photograph on the day of Solstice! Thank you so much! Plus I had a notice from one of the groups on redbubble that “Immature Peaches” had been chosen as a feature Photograph in Berries, Seeds, and Fruit group! And that I had been a featured Artist in Eastern State Penitentiary group ! A day full of wonderful gifts! A day full of gratitude to Source to informing me that the small gift enliven the spirit with its rewards.

Deep Red

I have also have just had the wonderful acknowledgement of a budding friendship with a photographer I had met during a photo meet up in Philly a few months back. I knew there was juice there yet I was not sure how it was going to flow. I contacted him via Facebook when I got home that day because  we had discussed doing candid street photography, something I am interested in pursuing. Yet know to come to discover that there seems to be a spiritual journey connection which enriches the whole friendship! Wow!

Another thing maybe synchronicity ? When I found my quote this morning to lead me into this blog/pages I later looked over and saw that the quote is on the last page of chapter 9 Recovering a sense of compassion, and the next page is the beginning to Chapter 10 which I was guided to yesterday for a quote and guidance within that chapter dealing with Recovering the sense of Self-Protection. Is spirit guiding me here, is there something more to look at when I am not even too that part of the path on the Artist’s Way. Asking my self was I feeling some danger along me path, have I felt out of control, with my creativity, my photography? Was I self blocking or about too? Could my reaction to situations that I have no control over caused me to shut down and block myself if I had not written about it here? That the closer the new exhibit becomes my fear may be gaining ground, since I have not thought about it in a concrete way. Meaning to organize, examine pieces I wish to have printed, or consider where the money is going to come from to mount this exhibit of ten pieces. Or it is just that I am seeming lackadaisical about the whole event because I have a handle on it, that I know in my heart it will all work out. I have belief that it will. When I think about it.

Our baby shoes

Wow I can’t believe I wrote this much! That this experience has been so freeing, and supportive. When I had wrote the  pages I always ended with; Thank you! I Love You!  and I have heard those words once again desiring to be brought forth here.

Thank you! I Love You!

Growth Question: Are  you aware of your blocks, can you name some of them? What do you do to get through them?

I am Love, Jeff


10 thoughts on “Learn By Doing!”

  1. The older, and hopefully the wiser I become, the more true it seems that ultimately we all are our own teachers in this life. We can be exposed to wisdom and knowledge but it is us who must understand or translate it into our own context of experience. Ironically, this process seems to have nothing to do with intelligence as we understand it and everything to do with being “teachable” within ourselves. Believing that we have knowledge is the greatest obstacle to learning!

    I really enjoyed your writing, keep it up!

    1. Thank you for reading the blog/pages and leaving a comment. Yes I agree “Believing that we have knowledge is the greatest obstacle to learning.” The cycle or rather spiral of our paths allowing us to revisit our learning as well as our knowledge to be teachable from a new perspective.

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Together with the growing light we travel another month and a half
    around the Sun, and on the longest day of the year we celebrate the Summer
    Solstice. It is the Festival of the North, because there is no night in the
    north of the Earth and the Sun will be shining for twenty four hours. Here
    the secret of the Sun is revealed and says to us “Behold, as you see me now,
    throughout the round of night and day, so I am with you always, even if you
    cannot see me.” The light of the Great Father shines in all its brilliance
    and energizes us with his masculine power. In the light of the summer sun
    everything comes to blossom. The highest point of the Sun fills us with the
    power of the animal spirits. The North is the place of the animals on the
    Shamanic Medicine Wheel, and at this time our animal allies and totems come
    to us with all their power. They help us to enlighten our heart so we can
    set our inner animal free so that its instinct, its clarity of action and
    knowledge may take hold in our minds. Our Ancestors symbolically lit
    bonfires at this time that burnt day and night, symbolizing the Sun burning
    all day and night in the North. The fires helped and can help us purify
    ourselves by thrusting our false thinking into the flames. Through this
    purification our Higher Self bursts from its cocoon of Lower Self and shines
    in the centre of the Heavens like the Pole Star in which all knowledge,
    logic and power of mind are integrated.

    We start to respect ourselves and the role of others; if we call upon the
    sacred four and fourteen for help– they talk to us directly on this day. We
    can throw of our ego and unite with our animal nature and our ally in the
    realm of the animals, who will give us guidance and direction during the
    upcoming descent into the dankness. For in the ensuring days ahead our Great
    Father Sun will leave his lofty throne and begin his descent into the depth
    of the dark realm. Thus, at the Sun’s highest point, we are celebrating also
    the reappearance of darkness.


    The Celebration of the South

    (Winter Solstice)

    In the Natural Cycles of the Year this time is the beginning of the Year and
    the first of the Eight Yearly Festivals. This Holy Night is the longest
    night of the year. The Earth and all life on it are immersed in the deepest
    darkness of the year, the fluid blackness, the audible silence of the cosmic

    Courageously, The Earth Mother surrenders to the secret of the
    longest night: she withdraws entirely into her own darkness, concentrates on
    her own depths to dream in the realm of the not-yet-revealed and gathers the
    necessary strength to lead her forward into her next cycle.

    This primordial gesture of the Great Mother is a symbol for the
    child-man who, in Celtic and Norse Mythology is known from the Epic of
    Gilgamesh, the godlike enlightened one. Who must descend into his own depths
    into his own darkness of his soul, to meet his brother Enkidu, who is
    likened to the black shadow.

    In Native American (Lakota) tradition it can be likened to Nagi, the Ghost
    and shadow self.

    Everyone loves Gigamesh, who shines like the Sun and wants to avoid Enkidu,
    his gloomy brother. But both are halves of the whole man, and both have to
    unite to become one- because where there is light, there is also shadow. We
    can only understand and comprehend light if we think darkness at the same

    Brother Enkidu is celebrated by the childlike being in the South of the
    Medicine Wheel.

    The South, with power of the sacred three and thirteen, joins the soul of
    man with the Power of the Plants and the Realm of water. The familiar custom
    of erecting the Christmas tree and decorating it with lights reminds us of
    this. We are reminded of innocence and trust displayed by the plants at this
    festival time. In the same way that they, as seeds, feel safe in the
    surrendering to the darkness of the Earth and feel that it is their source
    of growth that will lead them to the light. We as people have to immerse
    ourselves into the abysmal darkness of the soul—

    1. Wow Lou, Thank you for sharing the journey of Father Sun and the power behind all that richness of ancestors.
      I am going to get back to you on this…

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Jeff – The woods, Muffin & Riley, mayhem in the bushes, art sales, gratitude, candid street photography, budding friendship, synchronicity … I enjoyed reading every word of this chock-full post.

    Growth Question: Are you aware of your blocks, can you name some of them? What do you do to get through them?

    I have one major stumbling block: Stuff. Clutter. Material chaos.

    I personally have very few things. The few things I do have, each have a place and are in them. However, I’m married to someone who has that perspective at a different place on his priority list.

    What do I do to get through the block?
    I have a writing space in our home that I can shut off from the rest of the house if/when I want to.

    1. Laurie,

      So thrilled that you “enjoyed every word of this chock filled post”! I enjoyed composing it or allowing spirit to flow through me to have it show up here today.

      It is good to have our space to go to when we if and when we want it. Most of the time it is just getting out of our own way.
      I like the line you use to describe Len’s perspective, great boundary for your sanity I would guess?
      What do you mean by “Material chaos”?

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Listening softly and quietly with love as you experience your day and put your Morning Pages onto this day lily of a blog. Your process sounds so much like mine has been for years and years. You know what it seems to have shifted to lately? When the dryness comes up–or whatever–sometimes it’s not as much wondering why any more. Instead it’s simply letting the dryness be. Letting it express itself. Because is there really a self which is experiencing dryness? Or is the Universe just simply experiencing dryness through us? That shifts things to just being present to the dryness without attaching to a personal element.

    Oh yeah. Don’t think I know how to do this with everything, though, Mr. Jeff! It just seems to be happening much more. The “why” and the “personal” seem to be drying up. And then what’s left is just witnessing…

    Thank you for your morning pages which have allowed this expression to come forth.

    1. Kathy,

      Wise and wondrous words you have shared here. For you and your blogs here and on Gaia back in the spoke to my heart, resonated with creativity and honesty. I followed your example. Life does not happen in a vacuum.
      I am grateful for your comments and friendship!

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. Jeff, I am so happy the Universe is showering you with so many gifts! I love synchronicity and I love your photography – it’s amazing to me how you take a simple flower and turn it into a meaningful piece of art. You’ve got an eye for the moment and somehow focus on things I know I would not have seen otherwise.

    Laurie, I was trying to think of a stumbling block and then I read yours about stuff and clutter… Well, I’ll just say that I’m in the same boat! I often say I married a pack-rat and gave birth to three more of them. Wouldn’t trade him for anything, though, and, like you, I have a sacred place that is as neat as a pin.

    1. Barbara R.

      Ah capturing the moment in a photograph or on the pages is a creative tool I have had to practice. The gift was shared with me but I had to refine the technique. I am grateful I could share these gifts with you!

      I am Love, Jeff

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