A Celebration of Gifts


“Realize that  you are the child of God, and embody it. Live and act passionately from your divine center of Love.” Andrew Harvey

It is one of those days where crawling back in bed with a good book seems to be the order of the day, weather wise and emotionally. It is gray and chilly. I have been craving sugar for three days, ice cream mostly, which would include many of the items of are not part of a whole foods life plan. Sugar, milk, and ingredients that would not be good for what I am trying to accomplish. I just had to put this out there, it may have nothing to do with anything and then again maybe it does?

Yummy Breakfast

I did not write yesterday I got caught up in yard work, and the blanked out the rest of the day it seems. Was I creative, was I present? I know I over reacted to with the dogs, not listening, Riley especially I think he is have difficulty hearing, or has a mind of his own. Muffin cowards when I yell… The spring like coolness seems to make them more energetic and they have been running off changing everything, groundhogs in general, so many times I don’t know in which direction that they have gone. I have found myself yelling for them and at them when they don’t respond to my call. Ok, I am being an overprotective father/mother!  And again telling on myself because I do not like that reaction of anger and loss of control.

Unconditional Love, (Riley)

Today is my 21 year of sobriety !! Imagine that? I remember I could hardly wait for one year, and then when I reached five years what a big mile stone that was. Not for the past fifteen it seem life is not as dramatic, or full of stress, that I learned and incorporated the tools of recovery and use them as often as I remember too. The third and seventh step prayer are never far from my mind or lips in silent affirmation of turning my will and life over to a Higher Power. That I alone have not done this, yes I made self attend meetings, to help others find their path, studied and worked/practice the program with my whole being, it is was and the witnessing of miracles of people so broken, angry, hurt, confused rise above their ego, their self-centeredness to create a whole life. One of action, one of faith in something more powerful than their addiction, more powerful than a our own mind, the mind and power of surrender to the Divine source within. To create self-love, self-worth, self-caring, to be Whole Beings present for life, present for God/Goddess to live the miracle of a sober/clean life.

Heavens above

Oh this did not end with just putting down the drink and walking away for a life of drunkenness. This blossomed into a journey beyond imagination, the search for self-worth, self-love, self-caring did not just happen over night, and is an ongoing journey, a journey to face the fears, the shame, the shadows and even more the real dark of depression, loneliness, to only come out with the strength to walk in the light head held high, with a bright smile on your face. To embrace life from a perspective that is a full view, whole world view.

This blog, these morning pages are a recent occurrence within this journey of awakening, to bare my soul, shine light on the shadows, for I think and I hope I am done walking through the darkness of depression, self doubt, of fear… God’s grace will inform of such silly notions of visiting there again.

Blooms and buds

I ask earlier here is this creative, have I been creative? The answers is yes, each day I am creative, I create my world, I create my happiness, or my sadness due to the reaction or response to a situation or moment. I create with my art, beauty, I create with the meals I make healthier ways to live, I create Love by being loving to myself and those around me even when angry at the dogs, or confused by my own lack of attention to my self care.

Andrew Harvey in the quote above suggest to “Live and act passionately  from the Divine center of Love” if I had not lived that way this whole time I would not be here to write this now, I would not be here to celebrate 21 years of sobriety, I would be here to live one moment at a time fully present, fully breathing in the joy as well as the sadness of life. Full breaths are healing and a continuation of Divine Love in this realm.

I am Love, Jeff

Growth Question: When did you realize you where a child of God?


10 thoughts on “A Celebration of Gifts”

  1. Jeff – I so appreciate the way you share from your core; your essence.

    I so appreciate the way your share your artwork. Each time I scrolled down to read and saw a new photo, I thought “this is my favorite.” This post is filled with “THIS is my favorite!”

    Growth Question: When did you realize you were a child of God?

    Without a doubt, age 7.

    1. This blog/page really really did just flow… once I got out of my own way! Thank you so much! I was not sure if the Photographs were too big but I went for it in celebration of creativity for today.

      21=3 does that mean now that I have build my pyramids something more mystical, magical will and can happen. I certainly don’t wish to bury my treasure there!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. One more thing … Congratulations on 21 years of sobriety!

    Numerologically speaking, 21 = 3. Three is represented by a triange — the strongest geometric shape there is. Pyramids were built on this principle. Many other things — spiritual and otherwise — are represented by a trinity: “Maiden, Mother, Crone” “Body, Mind, Spirit” some would say “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” “Father, Mother, Child” and so on …

  3. Jeff – go to your local library and see if they have any books on “Sacred Geometry.” Or you can maybe do some research online. Trust me, once you start looking into this, there’s a whole world of unleashing … unfurling. No lights are hidden under a bushel basket.

  4. Jeff, I am so SO so SO proud of you!! Twenty one years! That is quite an accomplishment. Like Laurie said, this blog did flow. And your photos are great! Even the one of breakfast. Yum. Love food like this. It is kind of synchronistic that you are celebrating 21 years of sobrietry today and I felt a strong commitment to curb one of my more challenging habits today. Knowing that this day is special to you will help me keep my commitment. Love! many blessings and may you have 21–42–84–more years!

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you so much !!! It is an accomplishment created with the assistance of many and of course Higher Power. Surrendering self will, and ego allow the flow to run, to open new vistas.
      What ever you have to step aside from just allow your self the knowledge of one day and a time!

  5. You are so very present with who you are, Jeff! You are very clear about what you are creating in your life and I think you are acutely aware of your being in the world. I suspect that Riley has a mind of his own . . . perhaps some selective hearing issues. My cat is 15 years old and often acts as if she does not hear me, but she can hear me open a bag of cat food (the expensive soft Tuna Supremo, Chicken Incredible, etc.) on a completely different floor than where she is sound asleep. Also, I think the big pictures are perfect — you need to express your largeness in a world where we are incredibly small.

    1. Barbara,
      One the last things sometimes is to know ones self as present, clear and acutely aware of their being in the world. Yet you are not the firs to say this to me, I had a male friend not long along tell me that is why he liked hangin out with me. Imagine!
      The big pictures are very nice in their effect here, I don’t know if they express my largeness or not but they express the quality of the photographs!

      Thank you so much!

      I am Love, Jeff

  6. I love the big pictures, too! Especially the rose buds and bloom. Beautiful work and deep thoughts, Jeff. It’s always encouraging and inspiring over here!

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