In the furnace that purifies

Like Sunshine!

I believe that if it were up to artist to choose their own labels, most would choose none.” Ben Shahn

For my “artist’s date” I have been trying to convince myself to go to NYC to the MoMA to an exhibit of photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson “(1908–2004) is one of the most original, accomplished, influential, and beloved figures in the history of photography. His inventive work of the early 1930s helped define the creative potential of modern photography, and his uncanny ability to capture life on the run made his work synonymous with “the decisive moment”.

In the moment

This is a powerful selection of candid or “decisive moments” on exhibit and the opportunity may not present itself again for a awhile. To view this work would be like entering a place of worship, to view, to learn, to experience photography from a master photographer.

So my situation is that to go I would most likely have to go on Sunday, I was thinking tomorrow, because then someone is home to walk the dogs, any other time during the week there is no one here put me to do that,  until late in the evening. Plus the money situation is a bit tight, I went to “Whole Foods” and spent $60 to create healthy delicious  meals for the next couple of days, I could not find Tazo Green Tea anywhere else. So I have $40 to last get me there and to get into the museum, yet that would leave me with no extra for food or any other item or situations I may need money for. So I am trying to visualize all of this, be affirmative about getting to see this exhibit. Staying positive that this adventure will happen.

yellow rain

The weather here has been frightful, hot and humid, and all one wants to do is find a cools spot, maybe I will lay under the Magnolia bush/tree with the dogs? So things have been slow. There has been a promise of thunder storms for days now and they just blow by or never even come close. We don’t use the air conditioner if we don’t have to, I personally would have turned it on days ago, but it is not my choice.

One of the other task this week was to “time travel” again to make a list of champions of our creative self-worth, only three, yet I am having difficulty just finding one. Most of the creative self-worth champions are newly attracted beings who have come into my life in the past five years and none seem to jump out at me from another time a space. Hmm? There was Matthew, a fellow artist, radical faerie, who was my first supporter of my photography work, and there where men that attended Easton Mountain workshops that purchased some of  my first Photographs who were very instrumental in creating self-worth around what I was doing and being. So to those men I offer you your place in the Hall of Champions, Thank you for you encouragement and support.

Happy Yellow

In the Life Harmony program I am beginning to work in the area of self-acceptance and with that self the chakra that is useful in creating and maintaining self-acceptance is the Solar Plexus: the power center, according to Reiki And The Seven Chakras by Richard Ellis this area is “ruled by the elements of fire, this centre is the furnace that purifies toxicity on all levels within the surface bodies…. The chakra governs our power and will and so the solar plexus is where the elements of the lower chakras, earth and water, are brought to create willful action.”

So the next couple of weeks could and should be a powerful to time for me in the area of personal authority and integration of power. To watch my ego, to dance the dance once again of ego and essence, that these two integrate each other, inform and create the art, the personal power and acceptance of who and what I am at the moment. Also informing me of what I may choose to go, looking at my path creatively, abundantly, spiritually. That path includes introducing vitamin E and selenium into me diet, to continue adding my fresh local/organic fruits and veggies, longer walks, and more breath work and as well as a Solar Plexus healing exercise of breathing in judgement, breathing out acceptance, when and if judgemental thoughts or attitude present themselves.

So off to the farmers market for a few things, take some photographs, always fun to people watch.

Opening up

Growth Question: Are you in touch with your center, is it in balance or in need of attention?

I am Love, Jeff


4 thoughts on “In the furnace that purifies”

  1. Jeff – I love the way you wove the use of YELLOW photoraphs (self-definition, personal power, social wellness, solar plexus chakra) throughout your blog post with your verbiage — delicious!

    Growth Question: Are you in touch with your center, is it in balance or in need of attention?

    If I were any more in touch I’d be using the Braille method (cracking myself up!) …

  2. Jeff — you are walking a very clear path; this is evident in the clarity of your writing and your honest self-examination. Your creativity is building momentum in your life in a way that you might feel, but not see evident yet. The photos of the flowers are just lovely and poetic. I can see much of what is blossoming in them.

    1. Barbara,

      One of the guys at Easton once said to me that he saw the buds and was awaiting my blossoming. I think we are always in the effects of evolution, of trips around the spiral, ever moving out yet glancing at where we once were.

      Thank you for coming by it is always great to have your comments…

      I am Love, Jeff

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