Affirmations in actions

Affirmations are like prescriptions for certain aspects of yourself you want to change.” Jerry Frankhauser.

Sunshine Yellow

I always started with a quote on my first time through The Artist’s Way, I think it is a great Idea to continue the practice. Sometimes the quotes have something to do with what I right and sometimes not. In the first chapter in The Artist’s Way Week 1 Recovering a sense of safety, Ms Cameron suggests this; “Affirmations help achieve a sense of safety and hope.” They allow me to gleam some wisdom from other sources, other creative beings that  have travel this journey to success and abundance. Or they are just a nice way to remind myself where I have come from and where I am going.

I had breakfast of Kasha: “Kasha is a cereal commonly eaten in Eastern Europe. In English, kasha generally refers to buckwheat groats, but in Slavic countries, kasha refers to porridge in general and can be made from any cereal, especially buckwheat,wheatbarleyoats, and rye. At least a thousand years old, kasha is one of the oldest known dishes in the Slavic cuisines of the Eastern European cuisine.[1] this morning, I had bought it sometime ago, as another source of grain for meals, and it was interesting texture as well as flavor, nutty, grainy, and filling. I had it with some soy milk and Cinnamon plus a touch of strawberry preserves. I will definitely have more in the near future.

Not much to write about today me thinks, I had an interesting mid-week check in with Laurie and Life Harmony work about my relationship with my Mother, and was as honest as I knew how to be in rating our relationship from 1-10 and the scale being some where between 3 and 4. Mom is a source of support financially at the moment, and she is generally not here at the house because she is in a relationship with a Lee and they shuttle back and forth from Vermont, his home, and winter in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. So our relationship has shifted to one of acceptance and casual conversation. Her support for my creative work is one of sharing about it to others but not directly with me, and that has been her source of support for many years. I have accepted that.

My father died at 50 of Heart failure, when I was in my mid 20’s and just home from the Air Force. He was a man I never really got to know since as children, he work shift work and was often not around for weeks on end. We did have 3o day vacation is the summers of our teens and travel around the country camping and visiting family in other areas. So there was sometime to spend with dad and family, yet much of those moments are very vague. I once had a very strong intuition to research dad’s life and write about him for my own knowledge but also for future generations for my brother children never knew dad at all.  Maybe I will pick up that thread and weave it again?


This mornings first walk was chilly in the 60’s and the perfume of honeysuckle and wild rose was just as rich and fragrant as ever, mixed with the smells of green leaves and dying leaves. The second walk was a photograph session and a bit longer and much warmer a hot 70 in the sun, yet refreshing under the trees along the paths. Muffin and Riley just love to run about sniffing and digging, chasing the animals up trees, into borrows, up into the sky. As well as rolling in the grass, and splashing in puddles. I am amazed at how lush and green, overgrown everything is, damp with dew, finally some fungi and mushrooms to photograph. Finding those is always a fun discovery, but not an easy one sometimes.

First mushroom of the season

I am off to the food store after this to procure some items to add to the changing diet of whole foods and healthy eating. When eating more healthy a trip to the store is a more adventuresome experience, allowing to take in the surrounding, to touch and smell the veggies and fruit, choosing the freshest but also the in season items, as well local. This attention offers greater knowledge and creativity to my diet and food preparation. Yes I have to go to the store more often but it allows for the freshness, variety to enhance the menu.

Growth Question: What affirmations are you using to create safety and positive change in your life?

I am Love, Jeff.

P.S. I looked for a photo of my parents but could not readily find one, stay tuned. There is a photo of my mom in an earlier blog.

9 thoughts on “Affirmations in actions”

  1. My affirmation lately is:
    Be yourself!
    No one can tell you that it is wrong!

    I am signing up remedial training on the diet side!
    I first need to convince the hubby….

  2. Jeff – [imagine Twilight Zone music playing in the background]… I’m writing a magazine article as we speak titled, “Boost Your Personal Power with Yellow!” when I open your blog and find the beautiful photograph, “Sunshine Yellow.”

    I enjoyed how you shared about your family — including Muffin and Riley — and the healthy change in diet you’ve incorporated in your lifestyle. Just wait ’til the Farmer’s Markets are open and in full swing (not for a while yet where I live). Great post — thank you!

    Growth Question: What affirmations are you using to create safety and positive change in your life?

    My body is vital and healthy.

    I lovingly forgive and release everything in my past.

    I choose to fill my world with joy.

    I trust in my ability to transform the blank page into story.

    (The last one I got from Leanne Dyck who sometimes visits my blog. Here is a link to her blog:

    1. Laurie,
      It seems some synchronicity was surrounding this blog today, with you and me with the color yellow. And Terrill and Barbara, using the line “the long way home” !
      I am grateful that you have found depth in my meanderings of my morning pages! And you affirmations are Lovingly creative and effect!

      I am Love, Jeff

  3. Hello Jeff your morning pages run deep. I feel like just in this one post I have deepened my connection to you in ways that haven’t been possible in the past. I wonder why this is but have no ready answer.

    Your growth question: What affirmations are you using to create safety and positive change in your life?

    I am walking in the sunshine of my soul…
    holding a possibility of truth for humanity in each moment
    reflecting clarity in the present
    living in hills and valleys;
    feeling the sun on my back
    with the changing light nurturing my being
    as I embrace the world and those in it.

    Oh my… I haven’t revisited this affirmation in its fullness during the past year. Usually I stop at “I am walking in the sunshine of my soul” Hummm…. I think I will take the long way home today:) Thank you Jeff!

    1. Terrill,

      Beautiful affirmation/prayer ! I would think that allowing the words to effectively guide you through your day would be most beneficial !
      Even without your “ready answer” I am grateful that you have found some that has stirred you, I hope that is what you meant?

      I am Love, Jeff

      1. Yes Jeff that is what I meant… sometimes an affirmation becomes so ingrained for me that the words stop registering on my conscious awareness… your question allowed me to renew that body-mind-spirit connection.

  4. well, for someone who didn’t have much to write about, you certainly took up enough of my interest. I like your use of quotes and affirmations. I’ve not used affirmations very often, although my permanent mantra is: how will I bring my presence to life today? And then the answers become my affirmations all day long.

    I like the mushroom picture very much and am just a tad envious of your whole foods diet. It would be easy for me to eat whole fresh foods as I work about 10 minutes from a Safeway. It is “food for thought.”

    I am just a little bit creeped out right now, too. I wrote my blog on Eternal Presence before coming here and have read Terrill’s post above. We both had nearly the same closing line. Laurie up there with her Twilight Zone music is not helping.

    But enough about me! Your blog should be about you. Your writing is so easy going, like the walks you took. Very casual and light, even when writing about touchy subjects like Mom and Dad. Morning pages seem like they are good medicine for you.

  5. Barbara K.

    I am touched by your words here, I am glad that you have found my writing as easy going as a walk in the wood. I feel sometimes I am too serious and not very causal or light, yet glad it is shining through for you!
    Not to worry of the synchronicity of you and Terrill, choice of thoughts, of taking the long way home… Meaning I gather is that for Terrill is to say her affirmation all the way through, and for you to consider your paths?
    Morning pages are a place of clearing, a place of safety, a place and action to juggle the mind from useless thinking/powerlessness, to useful creative thinking/powerfullness …

    I am Love, Jeff

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