to stay in the light

Pink Mountain Laurel

Well it is still morning here on the east coast… I have caught up with myself, had green tea, toast with organic peanut butter and Strawberry preserves (Polaner’s sweetened only with fruit juice). Part of my Life Harmony program is to shift my diet, so moving more into organics and whole foods… What a place into my body is just as important as how I think and respond to the world around me. Creating healthy attitude towards foods/diet as well as the consciousness around what I am preparing in each meal, not just blindly, making the coffee, drinking that for the first two hours of my day, and not eating until lunch, was not a very energetic supply to run body, mind and spirit. So now it is organic green tea, and usually oatmeal, with fresh fruit in season, some ground flax-seed for omega’s, nuts or seeds for flavor and protein! Broke the coffee habit about 2 months ago. Fresh water (filtered) is always handy.

Tiny Blue

One of the important things in this practice is to breathe, to consciously get full breaths from your belly, in through your nose, out through the mouth. Now that we have caught up with all of that. I am now here to write my second “morning pages” in less then 24 hours because I allowed myself to get distracted yesterday and the writing did not happen until 9:30 pm last evening. Better than not at all.

I used this mornings wandering around on the internet to inspire, to infuse, to cultivate some creative juices rather then distract me, from this wondrous paper on Tibetan Art of Healing which I shared on my friend Laurie’s blog Speaking from the Heart in which we have been discussing energy healing. I great source of enlightened practice there.

Yellow and green

Then to my friend Kathy’s Blog:Lake Superior Spirit in which she share about why she writes her blog, to record what she is doing, to capture the essence of time with words and Photographs. There is a paragraph that Kathy wrote the really resonates with me, she writes,”I have been learning to take photographs during the past year or two.  Learning to look closely at the details of lives.  The photos so often flesh out the story of the day.  Whatever photographs present themselves…thus the particular story of the day blows its wind across the lake of WordPress.” I have watched her grow as a photographer, learning to be more comfortable with camera, challenging herself in a fresh way each time. Her words and action resonated because I picked up the camera for much of the same reasons. To capture the everyday, that we may miss, as Kathy also wrote in an earlier blog to” capture the ordinary and make it extraordinary” or something to that effect. Thank you Kathy.

Dandelion Puff

Then there are comments from last night blog that have placed a new creative adventure into my path. The suggestion of posters and or book of nature photographs with inspirational quotes, or poems which I have considered sometime back. My Brother and sister-in-law own and operate a Christian book store in Glassboro NJ The Way Station. In which such items would be salable but I have had some second thoughts about that because I am not fully comfortable with some of the Christian beliefs, causing me to consider if I would be shifting my own beliefs to sell my work? Just a thought.

Yet a book would be great, I can create it and sell it through Blurb which I will truly look into later today. If anyone has any poems or quotes, affirmations that they would like to suggest please do so. Also my Photography is available here .

Last night in my sleep or dreams I kept thinking about this blog and this “morning pages” that I did not link everyone because I was tried and didn’t want to jump through hoops to create the links, I am grateful for all the creative juices that flowed to me over the week, the people that I came in touch with that are sharing their gifts of art, of performance, writing, creating, dancing, singing, or just hugging!!! What special people you all are. I am grateful to the universe for place me and them in the same energy field to vibrate with all the juicy creativity that makes the world go round!!! Wow What a Honor!!  That includes all you folks I mentioned here today.

Moss pods

So as I was saying there is no wrong or right way to do “morning pages” just to get them done! Julia Cameron suggest “There is no wrong way to do morning pages. These daily morning meanderings are not meant to be art. Or even writing. Writing is simply one of the tools… ” So I am using this blog too as a tool to get to the other side, “the other side of fear, of negativity, of my moods. In doing that I may find a quiet center, the place where I hear the still, small voice that is at once our creator’s and our own.” (paraphrased from The Artist’s Way)

I know this is most likely not three pages, it is only maybe 900 words, yet it is what is! My meanderings, my thoughts, my creative juice cultivating my creative recovery and in hopes that other creative recoveries may occur due to my posting this practice.

I also came across this this morning as well and it fits the theme of my blog/pages today!

To Stay in the Light
To stay in the light, one must remain close to it. To stay in the bliss, one must do the same.

That is why you are urged, while living with your present Illusion, to do whatever else it takes — meditate, exercise, pray, read, write, listen to music, whatever you find that works — to ignite your awareness daily.

Then you will be in the holy place of the Most High. And you will feel high, and think highly of yourself, and of others, and of all of Life.

Then, too, will you be able to create and to contribute to Life as you have never contributed before.

Communion With God
Neale Donald Walsch
Pages 201-202

Growth Question: Are you aware of the Light that you are walking in?

I am Love, Jeff


6 thoughts on “to stay in the light”

  1. Jeff – This is a wonderous post; I’m basking in the “gloriosity” of it before I head to the airport to pick Len up.

    You’re going to laugh tomorrow when you see the photograph that I’m using in my post (I won’t tell you why just now, you’ll see soon enough). Let’s just say we won’t do any compare/contrast when it comes to the art of photography…

    I wouldn’t worry about the “three pages.” You are, after all, supporting everything you write with photography as well. That goes way above and beyond! And then you also created all of those links (lots of extra time/effort there). Thank you for pointing to mine.

  2. Gloriosity! Wow!
    Thank you for coming by, and commenting before leaving to the Airport, I am sure you will be glad to have Len back in your daily adventures.
    Your most welcome (to the pointing).

    I am Love, Jeff

  3. Jeff, I loved reading this. It was like a deeper glimpse into the fragments of your life, which shined like jewels. The green tea, the toast with peanut butter, the coffee discussion, the breathing, the creativity, the way you linked some of our blogs…this was a breath of fresh air. I love reading this kind of stuff! The everyday fabric of our lives… Thank you for sharing your Morning Pages here. Perhaps you will inspire others to share too!

    Love to you, Kathy

  4. Oh, my! I felt healthier just reading what you ate for breakfast! I will have to spend an afternoon wandering through your photo gallery and if I should come up with nifty witty and charming affirmations, I will write them all down and zip them along directly to you. I like your quote from Neal Donald Walsch. Playing online, writing my blog, connecting with you, Laurie, Sandi, Kathy and others is my way of bringing my awareness to light. Now, I have to go ponder the Light I find myself walking in . . .

  5. Kathy,

    What a breath of fresh air you are, shining light on my path the way you do. I am most grateful for your stopping by, I know your busy with all the facebook blog activity, yet you have moved on down other paths, playing with your camera and interacting with Nature.
    I was going to photograph rocks too, I know I have some around here somewhere!

    I am Love, Jeff

  6. Barbara K.

    I am sharing these things as you know because they are my morning pages but also to inform my self of the effect/changes that are possible when we actively heal our lives from the inside out!
    Food, thoughts/words, and actions all play a part in that healing…

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    I am Love, Jeff

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