Arts in Bloom

A Shock of Color

This morning I was to write my “morning pages” and the day kept getting later and later because I had breakfast first, and was checking emails while doing that. So one thing lead to another and the day got away from me.  Here I am now at 9:34 pm EST putting into practice what I wrote I was going to do. I wanted to load the photographs I took yesterday at the Arts in Bloom event in Woodstown NJ. Which is a Salem County event that has artist in venues such as garden, greenhouse, etc, through out the weekend inform locals and gather tourist to the area to experience art and plants in real time. Our Venue was La Rosa Greenhouses in Woodstown NJ. Fellow artist Sharon Fanning was there already painting when I arrived at 3 to walk about taking photographs, talking to the interested people about the Salem Art League which I am member. Fellow Photographer Terry and Jack where there as well, at one point Terry ask if I wanted to get closer shots of the flowers, that I could use his macro lens, I was like Wow, sure, I would love to. So I switch lens and off I went, to see what I could get into. The first thing was to become comfortable using the lens, feeling it out, testing the shots, adjusting the view and vision through the macro lens. I was thrilled and delighted with the work I got.

Pale Pink Gerbera Daisy (macro)
Peach Begonia (macro)

To load the new set of photographs I had to move old shots from iPhoto on to disk, and dump some useless documents that where clogging up my space. I have way too many photographs on my computer in iphoto. Time to buy a back up source or more disk.

I had photographs from Thursday evening when I went to an event at the William Way center; The Arts for All Ages: A Creative Conversation sponsored by Creative Arts and Aging Community. It was an interesting mix of people mostly women, a few men to add a little flavor and down to earthness. (made up word). There where four panelist, who discussed their relationships with the arts and the elderly at senior centers throughout the city and suburbs of Philadelphia. I was asked to photograph the proceedings, and if  there was anything they could use they would be submitted to the William Way Center news letter. I better get to sending some of them soon.

The Arts for all Ages:

Therefor I had about 800 photographs to load up and view once I got done checking emails, responding to blogs, fooling around on Facebook. And a couple of walks in the wet misty day with the dogs through the wood where the fragrance of Honeysuckle and Wild Rose is just lush in the nose it is perfumes everything so wondrously even with the sent of diesel fuel from the FedEx truck service station that butts up against the wooded area we walk each day. The power of those little walks are a blessing for me and the dogs. Our walk in the morning is one of the first things we do, before breakfast and computer/communication time with the world. The time feel the presences for the wood spirits, to sense the trees, and wild animals, to be amazed of the changes each and everyday. The wood is my muse, my photography model, my source for inspiration, more so my source of connection to my inspiration. For it was and is nature that inspired me to begin to photograph her, to offer the world a view of our planet from the ground up. My journey is to photograph the that which we my not see, that nature wants to be seen, shared, honored, Loved. This is my purpose, my commitment to nature for the gift of photography through spirit.

Blue Mist (macro)

Morning pages accomplished, new challenges completed, new adventures to seek out, to behold.

Growth Question: Are  your arts in bloom? What do you have to do to cultivate them?

I am Love, Jeff


6 thoughts on “Arts in Bloom”

  1. Jeff – You’ve wowwed my socks off with the photographs! And I’m thoroughly impressed that you did your morning pages–regardless. That’s the stuff! I like your made-up word, “earthness” and I’m jealous as all get out that you get to smell honeysuckle every day.

    I’m getting ready for bed. I’m so glad I get to carry these photographs in my mind’s eye as I drift off — thank you. Good night.

  2. Laurie,

    Your most welcome! Thank you so much.
    Part of not getting this written this morning was because of the photographs, not being able to load them, until I cleaned up somethings first!

    Good Night!

  3. Well, when it is 9:34 p.m. here, it is morning somewhere in the world. Works real well with “earthness”! (very cool made-up word) The flower photos are amazing. They are the kind that I imagine would get enlarged to poster size along with a nifty little inscription of inspiration. I wonder if you have ever thought about compiling your nature photos into a book with an associated meditative writing for each. From my perspective, such a book would be an excellent source of peace.

    Are my arts in bloom? Only my writing so far and that is not as far as I want it to be.
    What do I have to do to cultivate them? Decide where I want tospend my attention and choose my writing.

    thank you, Jeff! It was a great morning pages.

  4. Barbara,

    Yes you are correct it is always morning somewhere! Of course Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way offers, to just get the pages done, does not matter when or what your write just to write them and let the energy flow out and through!

    Yes, Barbara I have thought if enlarging a few and adding inspirations to them or poems, mostly because my brother Ken, and Sister-in-Law Donna own a Christian Book Store, and my thought was to place them in the store for sale. I also am a member of Blurb which is an only line photography book site, to build and create books of artistic work.
    Thank you for stirring this energy in a creative way.

    Your Arts are in bloom, or at least being cultivated by your blog and the personal work you are doing!

    I am Love, Jeff

  5. “Blue Mist” is my favorite! So exquisite! And it does seem like a verse of poetry would fit nicely in the lower right hand corner… I see lovely coffee table art books in your future, Jeff! I love the woods, too – you’re fortunate to be able to be there every day. Even if we do sense civilization close by… At dawn the energy from the trees is strongest, for me, anyway. Those are special hours…

  6. Barbara R.
    Thank you for coming by this morning! What a wondrous surprise ! Blue Mist is an exquisite shot, thank you so much.
    By the way these were premiered here first, You all are the first to view these photographs except for me.
    Yes a coffee table book would be a lovely inspiring creative venture! Thank you the support in this venture…
    The early morning walks are the best the energy is higher, the air is fresh with the new dawn…

    I am Love, Jeff

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