The purpose is…

The purpose of this blog is to write this blog, to connect with people, sharing my thoughts and journey in writing and photography, as well as other creative opportunity’s that may present themselves.

I have truly lived up to my “reluctant bloger” name this past week or so. As much as I wanted to blog/write I could not concentrate, my mind and thoughts were distracted by distraction of the constant TV in the

Constant TV

background, even with ear pods and beautiful music playing the sound and energy of that idiot box was drowning out any sense of well being I would have to free flow write or to have a continued thought.

The space I share is the dinning room table to be able to hook up to the internet which the TV room is not more then five feet behind me with the sound coming directly into my hearing. So for peace and to write my morning pages, I have either gone to my room or when the weather is nice outside in the yard.

Magnolia Confetti, under the bush.

One would wonder what is difference is today: my intention, me ability to go through the challenge, and thus far no TV on!!!

Growth Question: What do you do when confronted by a challenge? What are your methods of extracting yourself, to find peace and serenity?

I am Love, Jeff

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8 thoughts on “The purpose is…”

  1. Jeff – I love your photograph “Magnolia Confetti” – I can just see you laying on the ground to get that shot.

    Growth Question: What do you do when confronted by a challenge? What are your methods of extracting yourself, to find peace and serenity?

    When confronted by a challenge
    I love a challenge! When confronted, I get toe-to-toe, hands on hips and face it head on.

    Methods of extracting myself
    I remove myself from the equation. Whatever I am not changing, I am choosing.

    Laurie Buchanan

    1. Laurie,

      Thank you for your visit today, I know we just shared about this so I did not really expect a response. Glad of it though!

      “Magnolia Confetti” Is a selected feature in the New Jersey group! I was playing on the ground with the dogs when I noticed the view… and there it is!

      LOL! I can see you standing there too, confronting conflict toe to toe! Great image!

      I am Love, Jeff

  2. Oh Jeff, I could write a book in response to your predicament and your question! But I’ll try to be brief and not too boring…

    Since 2000, when my last child left the nest and my father fell and started his never-ending decline, I’ve had my sister staying with us 2-4 nights a week. Her job is down here, but she lives an hour north of here with her husband and our father, and the commute is too much for her to cope with every night. I love my children dearly, but I am not one of those women who suffer from empty-nest syndrome – I had plans and was very much looking forward to the next phase of my life, with it being just my husband and me here… We made my sister welcome and comfortable, though, in our daughter’s old room, thinking this would be a temporary arrangement… but it’s been ten years now! Thwarted only begins to describe how frustrated I feel! And it seems absurd that I travel north to help her husband with my father (and my 95-year-old aunt) while she’s down here so much.

    Anyhow, last year it finally dawned on me that my sister’s odd hours (she teaches at a college and her classes are usually from 7-10 p.m.) were disrupting my sleep and routine. I’m an early bird. So I came up with a plan to move her down to the basement family room where her activity hopefully wouldn’t keep waking me up. We offered a pizza feast to a group of my daughter’s friends and spent a couple of days having them move furniture from room to room, up and down stairs, until the whole place was drastically and completely rearranged! I’ve now got my daughter’s old room to myself for sleep, Reiki, and sanctuary. It’s not a perfect solution, but things have much improved. Wish I had thought of it sooner!

    Sometimes we try so hard to make the best of things we stop looking for ways to make things better.

    I love the magnolia confetti! The way you shoot pictures from ground level is very appealing, it makes me feel grounded and closer to Mother Earth. Thank you for sharing them!

  3. Barbara,

    Thank you for sharing your journey/challenge. The re-memberance is to take care of our needs first, and learn to shift with flow, yet sometimes we get in the jam up of bottled need or unconscious desires that we maybe unaware of at the time!
    Sending love and healing to you and yours…

    I am glad you enjoy “Magnolia Confetti” as I just wrote to Laurie above, the photo is a selected feature for the New Jersey group on There is that sense of groundedness there is there not!

    I am Love, Jeff

  4. Growth Question: What do you do when confronted by a challenge?
    I absoluetly relish any challenge, as it makes me feel alive and actually in the moment!

    What are your methods of extracting yourself, to find peace and serenity?
    When I find myself seeking peace and serenity, it can be at any time.
    Sometimes it is a fleeting moment, other times I need a week or two.
    Breathing, taking a walk, getting a drink, petting my dog, sit and read a book
    or write. I might talk with friends and family, or take time with my husband and
    or kids. There are also times that i may go shopping or out to dinner to a quiet
    restaurant. Usually is is just spending quiet time, taking a bath, little a few candles or
    put in somem music or a guided imagery tape.
    I also love to go on retreats either silent or spiritual.


    1. Kim,

      Thank you for taking the journey with the reluctant bloger! How wonderful of you to be so responsive to the Growth Question: I see you have many avenues to confront challenges that may come upon your path! Blessed Be!

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. You are much nicer than I would be. I watch TV sporadically and if it were on all the time in my home, at some point, the TV would develop a mysterious reception problem . . .

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