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shot of my work space

There was this wondrous paragraph in the Artist’ Way that stuck me to the core so I think I will write it here to share with people and the path that is now beginning to unfold for me. I have been working the Artist Way path for the past 11 weeks or more, I missed a week, somewhere alone the way, but I was always aware that I wanted to go through the process completely once. My intention is to begin again when I finish week 12. I am on week 11 now, and that is where the quote that I wish to use tonight come from: “ Creativity requires action, and part of that action must be physical. It is one of the pitfalls of Westerners adopting Eastern meditation techniques to bliss out and render ourselves high but dysfunctional.” This is really what hit me, for this is so where I have been. The paragraph goes on, “We lose our grounding and, with it, our capacity to act in the world.” For me fear and mistrust in the world has caused me to doubt  myself, doubt if I had a place in it anymore, my spiritual knowledge and wisdom, confused me and I could not feel comfortable around others any more.  Julia Cameron offers a remedy for that once we wake up again. She states, “In the pursuit of higher consciousness, we render ourselves unconscious in a new way. Exercise combats this spiritually induced dysfunction… “What we are after here is a moving meditation.” She is talking about walking 2o minutes a day,

Sunset, over suburban NJ

I have been doing that for years now… who knew. And I do it several times a day with the dogs and my heels, and my camera in hand, we travel in our little wood, my mind calms, I listen to the trees, I hear the birds about the din of traffic from the NJ Turnpike less then a mile away. Yet here in our little wood we can enjoy the sound and sights of nature, sit under a tree, route for mushroom, and flowers unseen under the growth of sticker bushes and such. All this time I was in a moving meditation. Now that I am more conscious of this practice, and a practice it is, because I can readily walk through the trees unseeing and un-hearing, unaware of anything else but my own concerns and worry’s and that is not why I went out side… “The goal is to connect to a world outside of us, to lose the obsessive self-focus of self-exploration and simply explore. One quickly notes that when the mind is focused on other, the self often comes into a far more accurate focus”

fresh green spring

Growth question: What is your moving meditation, are you going to begin a practice of a moving meditation now that you can consciously begin to see the benefits of the practice?


10 thoughts on “Moving meditation”

  1. Jeff –

    Having gone through The Artist’s Way, I have a special resonation with this beautiful post — thnk you. I enjoyed all of the photographs, but I especially love “fresh green spring.”

    Growth question: What is your moving meditation?

    I get up at 4:20am seven days a week to practice Tai Chi — moving meditation. We’re almost (not quite) to the time of year when I can move my practice back outside.

    Laurie Buchanan

  2. Thank you Laurie for stopping my the reluctant bloger… great answer to the growth question, I am very aware of your Tai Chi practice.
    Yes I think you have seen the other two photographs before, the “fresh green spring” is a new photograph! I am glad you have enjoyed it!

  3. Hi Jeff. I’ve gone through the Artist’s Way as well and have learned something new each time. And I do moving meditation most days…and did it for 365 days in a row last year. What is interesting is that meditation sometimes has the effect that Julia describes, but sometimes has the opposite effect, as well.

    Meditation, for me, puts me squarely present with what IS. In front of the face. In front of the mind’s eye. In this moment. All the highs and lows, the negative and the positive. So, in that way, meditation has brought me back to the earth in a way that dreaming/shamanism took me into blissville.

    Having said that, the last couple of days I have been trying to spend even more time outdoors walking and feeling the energy of the earth and the lower chakras and feet. Yesterday spent two hours outside; today maybe seventy minutes. Am trying to slow down enough to feel a larger expanse of time/space/connection.

    I like your sunset picture the best. Isn’t it great that we have our cameras to lure us out?

    1. Kathy,

      Thank you so much for coming by and leaving your wondrous words the enliven the path that we so long to journey on…

      Yes I have notice from your blog that you have been seeking to be out and about in nature, in the world to listen to the sounds, feel the energy, touch its textures, which you convey all so beautifully!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. Lovely photos, Jeff. I especially like the perspective on “fresh green spring.” It almost feels like one can see photosynthesis being illustrated, the leaf-eye view of its life-giver… It looked even more striking when I clicked on it and got the full size version!

    I’ve never read the “Artist’s Way” but it sounds, from what you and others say, like something that might be helpful. “A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity.” I’ve always been keenly aware of my spiritual needs, but never considered myself a creative person, although I deeply appreciate the works of artists and musicians and writers of all sorts. Do you feel like you are discovering or recovering your creative self? Thomas Armstrong, in his book “7 Kinds of Smart: Identifying & Developing Your Multiple Intelligences,” said something to the effect that if that one feels very strongly that he or she is not musical or artistic or linguistic or athletic, etc., it is likely an indication that that form of intelligence was repressed in the person for some reason. Kind of goes along with the idea of recovering a creative self.

    Moving meditation… So that’s why walking in the woods feels so refreshing! On so many levels – and I thought it was only the endorphins making me high!

    1. Barbara,

      I thought I had responded to your post here? Gee I so sorry, I have gotten extremely distracted by the life around me…
      Yes the one place I find peace is in the woods, walking, smelling, feeling, photographing.
      The Artist’s way has offered me many new insights into how I can rediscover, or at least uncover the creative in me.
      I have been considering to make my blog my Morning pages, it allows me to commit to another 90 days of walking the path on the creative journey. As well as some what responsible for showing up.

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. Jeff I know I read your blog – and I thought I had answered it but must have got distracted… and came looking tonight for a new post as hadn’t from you for awhile:)

    Growth question: What is your moving meditation? It is walking mindfully mostly in the woods but sometimes in the city as well. I like to walk alone or with someone who is comfortable being mostly quiet. I like to walk and then sit for awhile and allow all that is around me seep below my skin so that there is nothing between my outside and my inside.

    p.s. I really like your “growth question” … I have found such a format is a nice step up into your post and gracious invite for conversation.

    1. Terrill,

      You got distracted! Wow I wonder what I have been? I am most grateful for your venturing over here to my blog and reluctant is what I have been, distracted by distractions. A mind that feels like mush, instead of flowing and creative…

      Terrill, I am grateful for your comment on my “growth question” I borrowed the idea from you! You are correct it give a reader a format to be thoughtful as well as co-create conversations.

      I am Love, Jeff

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