The Passing Through

Magnolia NJ spring path

I was truly being the reluctant bloger today! I thought about what I would write all day, even now I am not sure what will present it self here!

We, the family, my sister Arden, her husband, Jim, and Mom attended our cousin Teresa viewing this evening, she transitioned on Monday her  83th Birthday . 8 weeks after she found out she had cancer.

She lived and Loved well, she was a constant companion to my mom, they shared many travels and paths together around, lost of husbands, and children. Yet always ready for a new adventure. So now Teresa adventures have sifted to the other realm, her travels not over but only just begun to emerge in the state of angels, ever gracing those around her with joy and caring.

So I guess our path today is our journey home, are complete trip from this form to the next. Where our Oneness is truly One, or is it, maybe once we get there we desire to come back to a planet and try life one more time? Who knows? In our dreams, in our intentions, in our intuitions, which are full of wisdom and knowledge, does the answer lie there?

Just musing about life and death about Oneness, and our journey Home? Or are we already home? And have just forgotten?

Seems I have created more questions than answer. But as long as I am still asking the questions the journey continues, continues here anyway!

Spring apple blossom buds

9 thoughts on “The Passing Through”

  1. Very very interesting…you mention a journey home. It seems to be a message coming up for many, Jeff. Take a look at my last blog post! [made you look!]

    And– I’m so glad you overcame your reluctance to blog; because I found that on A New Gaia -thanks to Sylvia’s comment, I think; and now your blog is on my Blogroll [NOW I’ve made you look or no?]

    Fun to meet here; and so happy that I’ll be able to see your photography here.

    1. Meenashi,

      What a thrill to see you here! Thank you so much for connecting and commenting! I will view your blog as well. I was going off to bed but I won’t pass this up!

  2. Jeff I am very moved by your musings and pondering and the transitioning of your cousin Teresa. You have a warm light about you that I sensed right off when I first made your acquaintance – some time ago now. The questions you ask have been on my mind a lot lately and like you I have no answers… just more questions:) I think your blog is a good place to contemplate. Thanks for reluctantly sharing… as Laurie says “from your heart.”

    1. Terrill,
      Thank you so much! I was not so sure of this message, but I just let it free flow and there you have it.
      I am grateful your comments, gladdens my heart!

  3. Jeff – What a beautiful post you have written; thank you.

    As human beings we are energy. Each of us has a personal energy signature. One of the fundamental laws of physics states, “Energy can be transferred from one form to another, but neither created nor destroyed.” As such, birth is not a beginning; it’s a continuation. That lends tremendous comfort because we then understand that equally true, death is not an end; it’s merely a continuation. In either case, it’s a change from one form to another.

    Rabindranath Tagore was Asia’s first Nobel laureate by winning the 1913 Nobel Prize in Literature. One of the writings that he’s best known for is, “Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come.”

    Laurie Buchanan

    1. Laurie,

      Because I truly “listened to my Heart”, this blog flowed from me without thought but from spirit!
      I am grateful for your thankfulness, and you wonderful comments! Bless you!

      I am Love, Jeff

  4. One of the gret things about blogging is that we can kind of use it as an Artist’s Way tool–let the spirit within speak and share what IT wants to share. I love your thoughts about your aunt and the Great Beyond. Also that photo of that red flower is magnficent. What is it? A lily or something?

    1. Kathy,

      You are correct I find this process of creative activity very creative… allowing the flow to stream through my fingers, without a lot of thought, spirit wished to express to spirit… so I let.

      Yes the red flower is a Burgundy Calla Lilly, there is a collection of them on http/

      Thank you for the visit and comments!

      I am Love, Jeff

  5. Thanks for sharing Jeff. The journey does have its laughter, tears, joy and pain, but most of all an undying Divine Love that is there guiding us along and keeping us going.

    I also am in awe of Lauries comment about death and life being a continuation, I believe it is also an eternal presence that is ever flowing, just as the atoms (those protons, electrons, and neutrons-(ok go to UOL ( if you need to know about this one ) of energy flow and we cannot even see them. They also tend to make up there own minds on how they come together and flow.

    Keep sending the terrific stories Kim

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