There are so many paths

So which one do you take? The one that mothers and fathers suggested for you, or how about teacher and or mentors, did you like their suggestions or have you always walked your own path. A path that maybe not seemed very popular with others, especially your family, and friends? Following our own path is sometimes wondrous and blissful yet sometimes lonely causing thoughts of whether we have taken the right path, or has this all been a waste of time?

Five years ago while living in community at Easton Mountain Retreat center I found a path I did not know I was looking for. I found my self immersed in nature, many of the comforts of the outside world where missing, the distraction of TV, and social life. We worked hard, we communed together in ritual and hospitality… Yet I found the human relationships difficult and painful causing many contemplative moment alone in my walks with Muffin and Riley, the two golden retrievers that I befriended, who were and still are my constant companions. In the mist of the mountain I pick up a camera and began to photograph my daily walks, I became very personally acquainted with the evolution of the planet, and my bliss was peaked, my wonder never varied.

So it is only that path that I still wander, self taught photographer and Nature lover. You will find me in the wood, much smaller then Easton but just as live and thrilling of each and every walk…

I am Love, Jeff

One of the many paths at Easton Mt Retreat!
A local path in my wood

12 thoughts on “There are so many paths”

  1. Jeff I can’t help think that the difficult and painful relationships may be the blessing that has given rise to your photographic express which I enjoy so much today. So I for one am thankful that you sought solace in the woods with your camera and found you have a gift to share with us in the process…. beautiful images and lovely stroll.

    1. Terrill,
      Much of me is still reeling from the experience! Yet I have to buck up and be in the joy that was shared by nature on my path the where I am today! The gifts I have today came forth because of my experience while living in community!
      Thank you beginning this walk with us.

  2. Hi, Jeff! I tried to take the path my mom and dad and society laid out for me…but it seemed the Universe had other plans. I love that we can sometimes find enough courage to abandon society’s plans and to embark on our own journey into the Truth of Who We are. Isn’t it grand that we’re doing this?? It’s a cause for celebration!!

    1. Kathy,
      It is a cause of celebration even while you think they think your mad… and need help! Ha…
      I was just on your blog too. Thank you for stopping by!

  3. Hi Jeff, I just popped over from Kathy’s blog and enjoyed your post. I was very rebellious and did the exact opposite of what my parents had planned for me. In many ways it was a jump from the frying pan into the fire… But a lot of good eventually came from it, too. I’m much happier now than I was as a young adult. It’s wonderful that you’ve found a purpose and a passion after a long struggle – that makes being able to live it all the more precious. I like to take walks in the woods, too, only with a blind cat. In fact I just posted a blog about him tonight, if you’re interested… Your photos are beautiful! Best wishes on your new blogging endeavor!

    1. Barbara,

      Thank you for walking along this path and sharing part of you journey with us… I loved your story of Bernie how sweet!
      Thank you for enjoying the photos too!

  4. Thanks the great story Jeff
    I have really taken my own path, as I have always been pretty independant
    I have always been a planner, and planned my wedding, family, career. I sometimes think I will be early to my own funeral, just to make sure everything is ok….Now they have planners for that…

    I have to share that I have always taken a pretty much conservative view of things up until 2 years ago. I had worked for my company for a long time and was ready to hit 20 years. I discerned long and hard where the path was leading me. I completely changed my path after finishing a degree in management and then going for my MBA in Health Care. Well to make a long story short….I left my job the same day, ratheer than giving 2-4 weeks notice, very unconventional nowadays! Gave my resignation letter which said my last day was that same day, had all my stuff ready to go, and my director walked me out, extremely dumbfounded to say the least! They say I am now legendary at the company!
    Everybody knew me and I was always very upbeat, positive, a hard working individual. I had just had enough of the indecision of HR about ongoing problem employees as a manager, and also unfortunately was facing a struggle with manic depression which I was taking medicine for. My husband was dumbfounded, but deep down I had laid hints for weeks before.
    Well I also believe things happen for a reason and 3 months later I applied for one job and the company called me for a job they just opened up, actually opened up because they saw my resume-Regional QA Manager, and I have worked there for 2 years now, am very happy with the freedom and flexibility I can set my schedule, travel a bit, not have employees under me, and my boss is in Kentucky-in another state. I also recieved a 30% raise when I started with them, enough to pay my daughters tuition at college! Talk about a blessing.

    Well Thanks for sharing the pictures. See you soon on the path in the woods..Kim

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