Ah ha ! Here we go!

I started this blog a few days ago, and got lost in all the tech stuff… finally had time to look around… so here I am again.

My blogs I hope will be about Photography and Nature, or the nature of photography and the spirit that drives me to photograph and to write this blog… in some ways it is another form of getting the message out about the photography that I do as well as allow others to view and hopefully be inspired by nature, to become conscious of the world around them and how they are treating and how it is treating them. This blog will also be about healthy living, through fresh whole foods, active social community, meaning friends, family, and support systems.

Through the coming weeks, months, years I hope to take us on a spiritual photographic creative journey of our planet Gaia through my experience of emotion, feelings, and most of all Love…

6 thoughts on “Ah ha ! Here we go!”

    1. Laurie,

      Thank you! I left you a message on your Gaia community page about this blog… I am a glad you found it anyway.
      I will look into the subscribe widget… thank you for the encouragement and the support!

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