“There is no silence, for even in the silence there is a sound waiting to be heard, a creation waiting for a creator, action to be acted upon. Embrace yourself in that silence !”

Shadows in the rain!

In the dripping rain-soaked walk at the break of daylight, the silence spoke. for silence was what I sought, from the constant noise about me, the constant distractions that move me away from creativity whether my own or the creators.

As I finish up the last details of my new collection for exhibition, shared exhibition at the Galleria in Deptford NJ,   I am pleased to be invited to exhibit in the space, sharing walls with 7 other marvelous photographers. My collection is an eclectic mix of my work, of nature, or artistic objects, and darkened spaces… all which hold interest to me, and I hope express my range of work.  None of them new works for I thought I would save my self some money yet reexamine work that has been exhibited before yet not in this space, and or collective expression.


Have I heard my own voice as of late. Yes. I have heard my own voiced raised still in rage and in confused anger, most time in my own head, sometimes to the dogs, when they are acting like disobedient children, or maybe just being themselves, and I desire to control them.  In the past week this aspect of self that has been emerging has not reared its darkness as often yet lingers there in the shadows, waiting to catch me off guard.  Which is being unprepared for things or what seems like being so. Usually arrived at from not having eaten properly and my blood sugar shifts me into the orge, ranting and raving. Not a pretty creature, but one that is part of me.

I have done what I have been taught to do, in those instances when shadow wants to come out to wreck havoc about me… stop and breath, ask myself what the heck is going on, take myself away from the situation, as in a walk with the dogs, taking photographs on the way. Call someone who will listen, get to a meeting as soon as possible, give and get some good hugs… remember this too shall pass.  Oh yeah have something healthy to eat too!

The process works, being creative allows for the energy to shift, focused the heart and mind, as one of of the basic principles states in The Artist’s Way, “When we open ourselves to exploring our creativity, we open ourselves to God: Good Orderly Direction.”

Beauty in its passing

The good orderly direction was to follow the voice that said to write this morning, that had my admiring the Light breaking through the clouds to the east, had me embracing the warmth of the morning air, grateful that it was not 30 degrees, but 60, that gave me the affection of Muffin and Riley grateful for their morning walk…

Growth Question: Have you heard your voice lately? Where did it lead you?

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