You may not be a Picasso or Mozart but you don’t have to be. Just create to create. Create to remind yourself you’re still alive. Make stuff to inspire others to make something too. Create to learn a bit more about yourself.” ~Frederick Terral

blooming buds

I am writing to write, I am creating to create. Creating this blog to inform, to enlighten, to challenge the person and artist that I am and that I am becoming. To many days go by, almost silently, without much thought of creating or conversation. Blogging allows some of the steam to evaporate in the field…

This my venture of getting out of the house to be productive, or at least to experience something other than the sameness of everyday. Setting in Barnes & Noble, with the chatter of people taking in the Starbuck’s cafe, I had made tentative plans to meet a friend, yet she maybe caught up with her life today, which is fine. I need to shift my own energy, plus twice in as many days I have come across the phrase, “do something good for yourself”. Well meeting friends, hanging out, writing, maybe taking some photographs or viewing some photographic magazines, or art books is all part of that process.

Down close

News on the exhibit: Because of my hesitation behavior the 13 piece exhibit will be June/July. Which will run along with the exhibit at Balance, which is only a 3 blocks away from Bonte’s! So it will be great to have all that work in the same area going on at the same time. My hesitation allows me more time to gather the finances to put this collection together properly, to choose the correct pieces, and feel more connected to what I am doing and being with this exhibit.

looking out or in ?

My hesitation was all part of my growth, part of the process of recovery, of sense of identity, and self-worth as a person and an artist. In chapter two of The Artist’s Way  Julia Cameron suggest or states this: “One of  the things most worth noting in a creative recovery is our reluctance to take seriously the possibility that the universe just might be cooperating with our new and expanded plans. We’ve gotten brave enough to try recovery, but we don’t want the universe to really pay attention.” Here is the deeper thought which struck me, “we feel too much like frauds to handle some success.”

I said yes to this exhibit of 13 pieces finally after much thought and realizing also I did not have any work out on exhibit at time. So I finally what for it, after having been ask to do this solo show since I joined the Philadelphia Photographic Society. Having work in what ever space in Philadelphia is great exposure, some I thought ready for, until it actually was to happen.

Shadows and light

I realized too that my lack of blogging, doing morning pages in the past few days was the fact that I was embarrassed or ashamed that I did not get to exhibit now, and I had told friends, I wrote blogs about it, and now I had to fix it. I had to admit my fault or character defect. Yet the universe allowed me another opportunity and opportunity that seems more beneficial than if the exhibit had gone up today.

All of this is about focus, about conscious choice, taking care of self and the artist, learning what is correct opportunities, because more and more I keep placing myself out there, I keep asking the universe to show me the path, and along that path I need to nurture my child, my artist. Along that path I need to learn to ask for help, support and encouragement.

“Create to learn something about yourself” The quote that begins this blog suggest. So I have, and I do, it is not just about the photography, it is also about creating a fully conscious authentic being as well!

Growth Question: Who do you create for?

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